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My Junk!!

My Propane Powered Scrambler "Grape-8" just went through a serious upgrade.

Check out the madness!

Look through all the other strange things I've done to my poor Jeep!

See what happens when I decide that Propane isn't explosive enough!

AKA jumping on the "hydrogen car" bandwagon

CJ 6 cyl to AMC V-8 Conversion

My first serious violation of my Jeep's "Right to Remain Stock"

Fort Riley Wheelin'

It's not trespassing if they invite you

Jeephead's "First-timer's Guide to the Rubicon"

I can't believe we made it without breaking ... everything!

My Better Half's KJ - "Kute Jeep" - The Jeep Liberty Support Equipment


Companies that ROCK!!!**

** these logos are property of the companies they depict.  My endorsement is my personal opinion, based on whatever criteria I see fit.

Shrockworks is a small American company making an excellent product for a good price - can't break 'em, can't beat 'em.  Now featuring Scrambler specific rocker slider armor!

Gale Banks Engineering - I've piecemealed too many systems together over the years to mess around.  Banks kits are the best in the business, and worth every penny.

When my Excursion beats a Mustang, Banks was probably helping!

These guys know trannies and saved my bacon!

Best prices on diesel gear that I've found anywhere, and believe me, I've looked!

The other company that has saved me time, money and my mind!

I've beat the crap out of their front bumper and shackle reversal. They stand behind their products.  Quality stuff, for sure!

I've beat their winches beyond expectations.  Their customer service folks really know their stuff too!




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