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1981 Jeep CJ-8 Registry Page
Picture on file Last 6 of VIN Factory Options Owner and State Freestyle incl. links & Most notable Mods
  009333   Muse Watson, TN I live in Los Angeles, but my Scrambler lives at my hide-out in the foothills of the Smokies in Tennessee, USA. Lots of upgrades......9" Ford rear-end, Dana 30 front-end, Rancho shocks, computer fuel injection...pristene cosmetically. It's perfect. I travel so I don't get to drive it as much as I would like......go to and you'll be able to see why I am out of town....LOL
  027904   GA originally brown but repainted silver w/ a 258 6 cyl. Parts jeep, Salvage Jeep Co.


030111   Dennis, CA Dropped in a 304, retaining the automatic. I found an 86.5' Dana 44 and wide trac Model 30.  Added an Aero Tanks 33 Gal. tank. After a year I had to find a donor tub. I found one in pretty fair shape. Had it dipped and painted. I and a friend performed the assembly complete with new hood, fenders, one new hard door, and new super seats. After this we moved to Sacramento, CA. Here came the spring over, shackle reversal, custom bumpers, and 35's. After a couple of attempts of re-engineering, Scott of Extreme Gear Off-Road (Orangevale, CA) has put together a very sweet workable package. He built a 44 for the front w/ARB after I blasted the 30 at the Moab EJS. &We added Ford Explorer rear disc brakes w/custom axles. Jumped to 4:56 gears. There's a Detroit locker in the back. Here came the AtlasII (4.3). The only original parts are the grill, one hard door, the glove box door, the wall and short hard top, steering column, dash pad, and tail gate. The frame will be changed soon.  It's thin and cracking. Planning a 350 TB and 700R4 at the same time the frame is changed out.
  030319 Tilt, A/C stevan prochnick, canada I have the entire jeep to the frame and building it up, putting 38 tsl on, soa with buggy springs in the back, total of 10 inches of lift, tj flares, 4.56 gears, 727 auto, 258 might make it a 4.7 stroker with np435 or t-18 tranny, shortend the back end 11.5 inches, using rancho 9012 shocks, frame is all beefed up and rebuilt, half soft top, going to get full soft and hard top made, all polyurethane bushings, 8 inch driving lights, going to paint it endura black, lots of work getting done, will send pictures when done, in about a month

Pic1 Pic2

030921   Doug & Patty, CA 25k original miles. Purchased from the original owner, used it to tow behind a motor home, has been in storage for the last 12 years.....258 6cyl, she is factory stock in every respect, runs excellent, wonderful daily driver, haven't had it off-road yet, can't wait. Has a hard half cab.
  032242   Lee, Beaufort, S.C. I have owned my 1981 Scrambler for the last 15 years while it was still in it's infancy. I drove it for 5 years then gave it to my son who drove it for another two years. I dumped the original 4 cyl. and replaced it with a 1969 corvette 327. The engine was matched through advance adapters for motor mount which the first three sets broke and had to be beefed up to handle the torque of the engine. I kept the 5-speed and installed a centerforce clutch assembly. The jeep was re-wired and a new top, doors and engine compartment paint job was done. There were some other modifications as I have started a build sheet which I can't seem to find.....I need some body work and want to get a decent paint job done this summer. Since then, which has been 3 years I have done nothing to it and it is driven daily. I am planning on finishing the job in the next few years when I can get time or retire in the process.


042951 6cyl, 4spd, full hard top Stewart, UT

Purchased from the original owner, it has been parked for 5 years. I am just starting to work on it. Thanks for all the pictures and great ideas.


042979 6cyl, 4spd, ps, pb, tilt, 1/2 top Alan Dougherty, LA I got my jeep from a friend that I work with he said one of his friends left it at his hunting cabin about 15 yrs ago and never came back for it so he bought it from him and left it there until nov 1999 I got it for $500.00 dollars u.s. it now has 056751 miles on it.  stock but not for long I don't know if the mls are orig but i tend to think so the motor is strong but im gonna rebuild it soon a spring project all i had to do to get it running again was just minor tune up nothing big

Pic1 Pic2

043124   Alvin, TX owned for 1½ years, rebuilt 258 ci (less than 2000 mi), rebuilt carburetor, new PS pump, rebuilt T176 trans, 300 transfer case, Procomp 3” lift and steering correction linkage, new distributor and ignition module, new shocks, silicone bushings on springs, new body bushings, 33 x 12.50 Vagabond AT’s on 10” Centerline wheels, bright yellow low back seats, back seat has “My Toy” stitched in seat back, new black carpet, Grant steering wheel, Painless wiring, new gas tank, Kayline full soft top and full soft doors, many other new parts, just look at the PICS! (Also has another 81 and an 85)


046294   Carl Schmidt We've had it probably bout 3 months, for the most part its been sittin in the garage with the top off, also took the motor apart and cleaned it up. its all stock, the leaves are so worn out it rides like my 98 TJ.

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

046352   Lynn Family, PA For the past 17 years, I have owned a 1981 cj8. I bought it used, and drive it almost everyday. Recently I changed the engine with a rebuilt 151. It has been painted 3 times, each time a different color. However, the body is showing it's age and I am going to replace the body with Fiberglass. Could have sold this CJ many many times over the years but just could not part with it. Nothing fancy, option wise, just meat and potatoes. I have a business repairing washers and dryers and the bed is the prefect size to hold 2 of these at a time. It has paid for itself in this capacity alone. All 3 of my kids have played in this jeep over the years. My 22 year old, my 18 year old, and my 3 year old is following along too.

Pic1 Pic2

046379   Dan Cole, CO The engine is a '79 258 rebuilt, the Tranny is an '83 T-5 and the transfer case is an '84. I bought it sight unseen (saw pictures of it). My pal JC Oliver in TN picked it up for me in Bristol, VA., then I flew to Nashville and drove it back to Colorado from Dayton, TN. It unbelievably ran great and I had no trouble at all, 1400 miles. It was gray but we put this really interesting paint job on it (good 'ole It will be orange with a black hard half cab (shown). A gazillion mods so I wont list right now. See my '82 that is also registered here. My web site is  come by and sign my guest book, thanks.
  046466 6cyl, 4spd, ps   Spring over lift, 36" super swampers

Pic1 Pic2

046467   Dave Smith, Ontario, Canada It currently has a 4 inch suspension lift, a 360 5 speed, 33 inch tires, fibreglass tub and fenders

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

046468   Dave J, Ontario, Canada My scrambler was customer built from the frame up.  It has a new Matkins 3/16" frame, new reproduction steel body tub, power windows, stainless dash and inner door panels, stainless tilt steering column, tuffy speaker boxes,  tires are 33" Goodyear wrangler mtr's,   4" suspension lift, 2" body lift.  Power trains is stock with a 258 straight six engine, Dana 30 front and AMC 20 rear with a 4 speed SR-4 transmission.  Jeep build took me 5 years to complete. 


047256   Dave Baker, CA
  047526   Dennis Skinner, ID  I found this CJ8 on the side of the road in Arlee MT last year, I happened to have a trailer that could be loaded to haul vehicles (purely by coincidence). The for sale sign had the price and phone number. I purchased the jeep with cash from several banks in the area from credit cards, drove it up on the trailer and took it home. It is a first year model that needs complete restoration. I will deal with the rust and use the original frame. I have been looking for this model for 5 years.
  047934   Dan Bergin I just purchased a 1981 cj-8, 126000 miles, body is bad, has a swapped in 304 that runs awesome, th400 trans, and damn quadratrac. 4.11 axles due to 4cyl original motor. 1/2 cab. Have owned it for 48 hours and have most plans for rebuild done. Just finished, 2001 TJ sport, built to wheel, have 86 Cherokee 4cyl, 4dr 5" lift bad a** wheeler and have had Comanche, cj5, 87 Cherokee, 79 Wagoneer ltd and many other jeeps. Besides the tj, the "8" rules.
  047966   Robert Masters Spicer MN Parts all over my shop. Frame at frame shop for repair, sandblasting and painting. Looking for parts. I need to replace the body. What do think fiberglass or steel ?
  048319   Jayson Housson, TX This is a 1981 CJ-8 Scrambler that was bought and kept the entire life by a professional hunter in Kerrville, Texas. His name was Trapper. He replaced the original 258 with a Chevy Blazer 350 with matching transmission. It is in the original shape except for the engine and tranny. I would have preferred to have the 258 and original tranny but Trapper put the 350 in for the speed and power when hunting white tail and exotic deer in the Hill Country of Texas. Trapper owned this Scrambler until I bought it in Sept. of 05. My sons love it and never want me to sell it. I would sell it if I could replace it with a CJ-8 that was in good shape and had stock equipment. p;

I had a friend, Ganado, Texas where I went to high school.  [He} had a black Scrambler back in 1983 and I loved it. I spent the next 22 years searching for the right Scrambler that I could afford and I finally found it in Kerrville Texas in 2005. It is a shame that Jeep did not see and still continues not to see the value in the Scrambler.

I guess we have identified one more Scrambler and I am glad to be apart of this Jeephead group.

  048376 I think the FLOOR was an Option. 6cylinder 4 speed. and am radio.


Eric Gignac, Montreal Canada Purchased for 50$ Can. needs a whole lotta Money, Time and Love. The only thing keep the jeep together is the magnetic cross on the dash and the aftermarket 8-TRACK.


048758   Justin Griggs Equipment 350 chevy, ranger underdrive, sm 465 tranny, 205 transfer rotated and indexed, dana 44 front dana 60 rear, both with 4.56 gears and air lockers 35 inch bfg's and and spring over lift with chevy half ton springs 12000 lb warn winch and a lot of spare parts
  048760 6 cyl, SR-4, tilt, pb, ps, ac, 1/2 hardtop John Amouroux, CA 73000 orig miles (3rd owner), original paint, very shiny - almost no rust! Have done: Rubicon Express 4.5" extreme lift, Goodyear 33x12.5 MT/R's, Warn 8274 winch, Off-again brake booster, Off Your Rocker rocker protection, LOTS 'o maintenance. Still need to: auto tranny swap, ARB or OX-trak lockers, 4.56 gears, dual battery setup, one piece rear axles, roll cage, rear seat, maybe EFI
  049173 6 cyl, 4spd Ed Lowe, TN It was a 258 Super six with an sr4 tranny and model 30 and model 20 diffs when I got her. She is a soft scrambler has never had a hard top on her. With low back seats And 272 gears in the diffs. Now she has a 304 with a T4 tranny and the same model 30 in front but a model 44 in the rear. Also a spring over lift. With 373 gears and 35 12.50/15 mud tires. Has S10 high back front seats. And some cancer in the body. I plan on full make over in the near future. I live in Cleveland TN. Keep the old one's alive and drive the rare one's too. Ed Lowe

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4

049205   Matt Work, CO I bought this from a friend who said he bought it from a farmer who stored it in a barn. Long story short the barn caught on fire and the Jeep burned with it. He replaced the stock engine (6-cylinder I believe) with a Chevy V8 and Turbo 350 auto.  Since I've owned it it's gone through 2 lift kits and tons of parts. New wiring, dash, interior, tires, wheels, and roll bar. I'm still working on finding the time and money to finish the rear roll bar. I love it I just wish I had the time to make it right. Slowly but surly.

Things to do: Dana 44 front and rear, lockers, new 350 TBI plant,  low max 4:1, led tail lights, rear seats (does anyone have a line on jump seats?), rear roll bar, full hard top?, bigger tires, heater upgrade, maybe spring over. A man can dream!

Pic1 Pic2

049208 Came with the Laredo Package, which was basically Chrome Bumpers, Grill, & Wheels. The Motor is a 258 6cyl Jerry, BC Canada I bought this new in June of 1981. Pretty well still all original, including Engine, Transmission, even the same Paint Job (could almost use another Paint Job maybe, but not that bad, and only minor rust. Still runs great, using it everyday, but not a lot of Highway, or four wheelin anymore. I just do my best to keep it runnin good. I am by no means a Mechanic, so seem to always getting little things done. I had the Full Soft Top put on in 2001, and I also have a Bikini Top I just got in 2004.   It has 197, 000 KM on it, which is approx. 120,000 Miles, so just broke in EH!!! I checked Gas Mileage at Christmas when I drove up Vancouver Island, and worked out to be just over 25 Miles to the (Canadian) Gallon. I sometimes think of selling, but, would seem like loosing a Family Member.


049660 4cyl 4spd,pb ½ hardtop Don McCray, VA Green,  winch - new info from Don - "80500 actual miles and runs great"
  049661   Aaron Bell, ME Aaron from Limestone, Maine.  No mods as of yet but this summer should definitely bring a paint job for the old girl.  Mechanically it is completely sound.  With only 50,000 miles I am lucky enough to be able to just pick at it when I want to and still use it as an everyday driver.  I will email some pics later.


  049664 4cyl David Stickley, WY 78000 original miles. I believe this one was a Forest Service Jeep. Green in color the body is in very good shape. No rust anywhere. It runs great, the normal loose steering sagging springs, and shocks. My plans are to return it to near new stock condition. I think these are too neat to go way over board with all the after market additions. I live in Laramie Wyoming this is where this Jeep has spent its life. My other Jeeps 1979 CJ5 just refinished,and a1980 CJ7 that has never been touched, looks like new. I drive it daily.

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049722 6 cylinder, 4 speed(SR-4), PS, PB, Soft Top, Maroon exterior, Black Interior, AM radio, low back seats, heavy duty cooling, radio delete Kevin Dwyer, CA Current owner: Planning 4.0 L replacement, T-18 swap, Dana 44 rear, 4.56 gears, 4” BDS lift, ARB lockers front and rear, rear disc brakes, 12.5x35” mud terrains.

From previous owner:

Just completed redo.  Jeep has 89K original miles.  

Specifications: 6 Cylinder 258 Cubic Inch Motor 4 Speed Manual Transmission 89K Original Miles Power Steering Power Brakes 

Exterior Improvements(All Made Since 3/2004): New Paint 2004- Original Color New Scrambler Renegade Decals New Stainless Mirrors New Front Chrome Bumper New OEM Rear Factory Jeep Scrambler Bumper w/End Caps All New Lights (Park Lamps, Side Marker Lamps, Tail Lamps) New Chrome Headlight Rings New Stainless Steel Hood Accessories (Latches, Tie Down, Footmans Loop) New Cowl Seal New Windshield, Seal and Wiper Arm and Blades New STC Soft Top and Doors(1/2 Cab in Black, 2 Piece Door Option) New Fender Flare Set New Emblem and Nameplate Spray in Liner on Floors Original Sideboards Redone New OEM Factory Jeep Frame Cover New Radio Antenna

Driveline Improvements (All Made Since 3/2004): Rebuilt Original Motor (Machine Work, Rebuilt Head, New Camshaft, Rebuilt Crankshaft, All New Seals, All New Gaskets, Etc.) Rebuilt Original Transmission Resealed Transfer Case New Premium Clutch (Clutch, Pressure Plate, Throwout Bearing, Etc.) New Belts New Hoses New Starter New Alternator New Water Pump Rebuilt Carburetor New Fan Clutch New Thermostat Major Tune Up (New Plugs, New Cap, New Rotor, New Wires, New Air Filter, New Fuel Filter, New Radiator Cap, New Gas Cap, Etc.) New Fluids (Oil, Coolant, Power Steering, Brake, Transfer Case, Transmission, Etc.) New Valve Cover and Gasket New Muffler New Exhaust New Motor and Transmission Mounts New Battery 

Undercarriage Improvements (All Made Since 3/2004): New Complete Front Brakes (New Rotors, New Pads, Etc.) New Rear Brakes (New Shoes, New Drums, Etc.) New Skyjacker Steering Stabilizer New Skyjacker Shocks New Mickey Thompson 31x11.50x15 tires (5) New Wheels Serviced Front and Rear Differentials     

Interior Improvements (All Made Since 3/2004): New Gauges (Speedometer, Fuel, Temp, Oil Pressure, Volt) New Radio (Kenwood KRC-1007) New Glovebox New Cables (Vent, Air, Heat) New Knobs (All) New Seats Dash Pad New Dash Lights (All) New Shift Knobs (Transmission, Transfer Case) New Shift Boots (Transmission, Transfer Case) New Dash Speakers New Dash Bezel New Sunvisors

Other Information: 4 Owners Owners Manual, Warranty Book, 4wd Manual, and Dealer Brochure Included. No Leaks Mileage at time of Motor, Clutch and Transmission redo was 89200. Licensed Current Inspection No Rust

  Yes 050041 6cyl, 4spd Randy & Pam Glazebrook, IA Purchased on Friday, registered on Saturday! Pam makes it clear that this is HER '8 !!!I have named my jeep the 'Puddle Jumper 2'. All kinds of replacements and improvements. I used gasket material to make large heart outlines and inserted them into my brake light covers. So, when I hit my brakes, large hearts light up! My husband, dad, and brothers just shake their heads and mutter something about a 'woman thing'. Update: My PuddleJumper2 is still sweet! Bit by bit I'm doing some updating. The more I find do to the engine, the more impressed I am that I was able to start it and drive it home. (She wanted to live!) Many parts were missing and a lot that was there was wrong or homemade. She still has the original 258 and I hope to keep it that way. I'm hoping to do a complete restoration and to keeping as much original equipment as possible. I'm constantly replacing and fine tuning. (she runs super now) New tires and suspension. And I still have hearts for brake lights! I'm going to start replacing all the "climate controls" and hope to update the duct work. next. Thinking about some transmission work. I'm not sure that it has original. Everyone at work will ask if I'm spending time with my 'baby' on the weekends - and they don't mean my sweet spouse! (I let him drive her once last summer.) I have spotted a couple of other scramblers in the Des Moines area. Always going opposite directions on a busy road, never where we can stop. We do just about fall out of our jeeps waving!
  050071   Rick and Sandie Jandrt, CO 258, 4 speed, fibreglass halfcab, wood rails, chrome wheels, tail gate spare tire holder. Currently stock but have several plans (typical) for mods. First will upgrade cooling system and ignition system just to get it streetable.
  050075   Alex Alcantar, CO I acquired my Jeep in '96 and it needed a LOT of work. I had the body totally redone (due to massive rust through), repainted dark GM blue (original color was blue with scrambler stripes). Replaced the wheels with chromed ones, refinished the original wood rails, replaced all the belts, installed a steering column stabilizer, reworked all the emissions gear and had the bed lined. Installed a rear seat (I lived in San Diego at the time), a Tuffy lock box, and chromed out almost everything (except the bumpers). Right now it's in the shop getting a new T-5 Transmission since the original T-4 ate itself up.
Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 050101   eBay, TX #270517629832 ended reserve not met bid $9,700 This is a completely rebuilt/restored 1981 Jeep Scrambler. This is a solid Texas Jeep that was taken all the way down to bare frame and built back from there. Entire frame treated with POR15, entire tub professionally treated with spray-in bedliner inside and out, rebuilt 258 I6cyl, rebuilt TH350 auto transmission, Howell TBI fuel injection, PS/PB/AC. Superlift 3" with 33s on Eagle Alloys, stock gears with Dana 30 in front and AMC 20 in back, Dana 300 TFR case, front winch, KCs, Tomken Machine front and rear bumpers with rear swing-out tire carrier and 2" receiver, custom side rails. Inside, Bestop front buckets, center console, and rear bench, fully carpeted interior with sound deadener underneath, in dash AM/FM/CD/DVD with sub. Full length Supertop by Bestop, custom tonneau cover. This is a great JEEP! Would cost $30K+ to duplicate.
  050724 4cyl/4spd ½ hardtop Kipp Karavanich, OR  
  050729 4cyl,4spd,pb, ½hardtop, low back seats McKay,TX wife's '8, says I may install our donor '87 Comanche EFI 6/5spd if I tend surface rust & paint pretty green.  31K showing, 3rd ? owner, originally from Oregon (Park Service), Warn 8K
  050737 4cyl, SR-4, pb,½ htop  Chris Kermath, CA 4.56 DANA 20 with Detroit locker, 4.56 DANA 30 with lock right, 32x11.5 BFG muds, 2.5" lift, fuel injected from a 1984 fierro
  051463 Possible factory 8403 winch Clay Whitaker, FL I know it was used for the Ocala National Forest Division of Forestry, pretty sure the winch is stock from the factory. I plan a full restore, back to original as ordered by Division of Forestry. 
  051477 Clock, padded "oh--shoot" bar, chrome bumpers Rob Reynolds
Ocala, FL
rubberized epoxy (bed liner) to the firewall, TFI ignition, 31 inch all terrain tires, new paint job, mostly done by myself
Future Mods:  fold-n-tumble seat, full soft top


051480 6cyl, 4spd, ½ hardtop David, FL well used, some rust
  051546   Richard, NC 350 chevy, original 4 speed transmission and rear end.  Superlift suspension kit, 1/2 hardtop, 31" Wild Country tires on Centerline rims.  Future plans include Rhino lining the entire tub and a full soft top.
  051552 6cyl/4spd.½htp Carl Watson  N.C In the process of replacing blown head gasket and replacing 2nd and Revs gears.


051553   Alvin, TX owned for seven years, 258 ci, T4 trans, 300 transfer case, almost all stock, low bucket seats, 31 x 10.50 street tires, silicone bushings on springs. (Also has another 81 and an 85)
1 2 3 051559   Steve, TX My poor old Jeep is in need of a good home. Clear title. Rear diff. locked up. Has V-8 engine Runs good. Needs lots of love. See pictures


051632 blue w/cab HT,258, 4-speed   4" lift, 31's (have 33's to install), Plow mount. Future plan- sand /salt spreader in box. I use this for my own landscaping/grounds maintenance company. [Also has another '81]

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8 Pic9 Pic10

051856   eBay, SC #230426303423 ended at $13,600 reserve not met I purchased this Jeep in September 08 from a close friend of mine (who owns 3 more Scramblers) with the intention to put a paint job on it and sell it. After I picked it up and tore into it, I decided to do a complete body off frame restoration and keep it as an "attention getter" to park in front of my shop. It was stripped to the rails, each part painted and reassembled. The frame off was completed in summer 09 and I have driven it less than 1000 miles since. With a wife and 2 children, a two seater just isn't very useful. I have also recently completed a mud racing Jeep and almost completed a rock buggy. The bottom line, I don't need 3 "attention getters" at my shop. One has to go, and the racing Jeep and rock buggy are just more fun. On with the details:

258 6 cylinder, Weber carb, aluminum valve cover, new belts and hoses, new plugs, wires, cap, oil changed, runs great; T-18 trans, new bearings installed, fluid changed; Dana 20 t-case, fluid changed; AMC 20 rearend, Dana 30 front, fluid changed, new brakes on front, rear brakes in excellent condition, stainless steel bolts on covers; 4" Skyjacker suspension lift and shocks; 33 x 10.50/15 BFG Mud Terrain TA KM on 15 x 10 American Racing 767 black steel wheels, stainless steel caps; Energy Suspension bushings everywhere; Stainless steel body bolts, dash bolts, rollbar bolts, and just about everywhere else we could; Flowmaster muffler, all new exhaust from stock manifold back; Complete interior and bed lined; All new factory gauges (the gas gauge has become tempermental - it works sometimes and doesn't sometimes - and yes the fuel sending unit is new also); Black high back seats, I think they are Bestop, a friend bought them new, sold his Jeep, and I got the seats from him; New fender flares; Stock decal kit from Collins Bros;
Body was turned upside down and painted underneath also, the body had very little rust in the usual areas when I purchased it, under the roll bar and in the floor pans. The little that was there was removed and then treated with POR 15.Stainless steel hinges everywhere; All new rubber everywhere, windshield, windshield frame, doors, tailgate; I spent a small fortune building this Jeep and a ton of shop time, not trying to get rich on it, just trying to recoup as much as possible. Thanks for looking. Feel free to call me at the shop with any questions.
  051864   Dave

I have redone with a fiberglass body, hood, and fenders. I put a AMC 360 in for the power plant, and attached it to a 727 automatic transmission. This has a 3 inch Tuff Country suspension lift, with a 2 inch body lift. My front axle is the Dana 30 with 4:10 gears, and the rear is a Dana 44 (jeep) axle with 4:10 gears and a 80-20 limited slip diff. To finish out with 35x12.50x15 mud tires.

  051892 6cyl, 4spd Dennis Swan, Indiana In sad shape but will be returned to road and trails in a few years.
  052209   parts Salvage Jeep junkyard, Statesboro, GA, Laredo package (912-587-5918 or fax 912-587-2338)
  052253 4cyl, 4spd Jon Nichols, WA 151 4 speed about 80,000 miles rebuilt engine at 60,000. Has factory in dash am fm CB still installed. Tilt wheel, factory sport suspension. Owner Jon Nichols of Belfair Washington, My father was the original owner, He gave it to me about 3 years ago. Goal: upgrade motor with 4.0, 6 cyl. Carburated vs injection. This is the Fourth Jeep I've owned number 1 was a 1957 CJ5 with a corvett LT1 350 with turbo 400 538 gears with manual over drive, number 2 a 1953 M38A1, number 3 a 1944 MJB complete with river fording kit and bullet holes that saw service in Guam fot the Navy.


052267     painted flat black, 35" boggers, S.O.A w/ 4" springs, 304ci auto, waggy D44front w/ cross over steering, waggy D20 w/ lock-right in rear, Full soft top, not pretty but goes anywhere! (also has another '81)

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7

052238 6cyl, 5spd Aki, Kanagawa, Japan Backyard rock crawler's mods / LT-1, B&M TH350, Megashifter, Revolver shackles, Warriors reverse shackle, JKS swaybar disconnect, Currie high pinion rearend  ( 9inch case, disk brakes ), Dana 300 twin stick shifter, Rock crawler II bumpers, Tom wood's long slide driveshafts, Detroit locker front, ARB air locker rear,  Skyjacker 4inch up softride, 2inch body lift, Champion beadlock wheels, Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 35x12.5x15, Warn winch, and more...
  052479   Tim Yellow, 4cyl 151,4speed
  052517   Morgan Mueller, AZ 4-inch suspension lift, 35-in. T/A's, full hard top w/rack, custom made h/d front & rear bumpers, Detroit lockers and the list goes on.  Am looking to put on a fuel injection system in the near future as I am planning to go to the San Juan Scrambler this summer.  Bought this in original condition and have done most of this myself over the past 2 years.  Still have the original chrome wheels and tires, seat covers (Bestop),  half hard top and the chrome grill from the original if anyone is interested.  We were living in TX when we bought this but now live in AZ (better Jeepin here).
  052542 6cyl, 4spd Scott, AR Offenhauser intake, Holley 390 cfm 4 bbl. His website

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5

052843 258 - SR4 (soon to be T176!) Half cab hard top Mat, MI Used to be purple, now it is Massey-Furguson Grey! Aluminum valve cover, new aftermarket stearing wheel (1 of the spokes broke on original, not safe!). Replacing the SR4 with a T176 soon. Plywood over the rusted out bed! Works for me. Not going to be an offroad monster, just a fun 4 wheel drive convertable for the summer! Maybe up to 31" tires, eventually with a minimal shackle lift.

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

052847 2.5L, 4spd Mike H, NC

an engine swap, installed a 1997 4.0 Fuel injection motor out of a wrangler, keep the original transmission, 3 in lift kit with 33's being installed next week. I have attached a few pictures before the lift kit.

  052895 SL (see free text) JB Houston, TX Full Restoration back to showroom condition (New Old Stock everything, no aftermarket) January 2006

SL, Black w/ Silver stripes, Black Interior w/ Silver Italian Purse straps on seats, 1/2 Hard Top, Air Conditioning, Chrome Package, Rear Chrome Step Bumper, Chrome Wheels, Automatic, Tilt Steering, Clock/Tach, AMFMCB radio, Wood Bed Rails, Heavy Duty Cooling, Heavy Duty Suspension, Console w/Pad, Grey Snap-In Carpet, Front Tow Bar (Spec. Equip), Side Steps, Black Rocker Guards, Chrome Grille, Chrome Mirrors, Rear Spare Tire Carrier w/ Chrome Rim and Full Spare, Chrome Fog Lights, Dash Ash Tray, Freewheeling Hubs, 6cyl 258, Dana 300

  053269 6cyl, 4spd Mark Hanson  




053278   Claus Langrock, Berlin, Germany He owns six total! He has two other '81s, an '83 and two '85s.  This one is: Marron Laredo short Hardtop, 6 Zyl., Automatik, all stock, body fair needs paint. UPDATE: here it is after his hard work
  053284 6cyl,5spd Jeffrey Phoenix, NY I just bought the Jeep so I don't know much about the history.
  053342 4cyl/4spd ½ hardtop Mark Sims, IA 130,000 miles on it, and original paint. It has never been garaged. I have covered the rust with aluminum body armor rocker panels and rear corners, and re-done the interior in marine plywood covered with indoor outdoor carpet. ( It looks a lot better than it sounds!) I have 30 x 9.50 x 15" tires, and hi-lift jack. I drive it 118 miles round trip to work daily. By the way, a bench seat from a 1981 olds cutlass works great if your seat frames have rusted. I've boxed the rear 1/3 of the frame rails where the rust always shows up on all jeeps, and replaced the ignition, radiator, carb, and heater core in the last couple of years. Oh yeah, the radio a couple of times because the windshield leaks.I'll keep it until it falls completely apart.
  053353 tilt, ps, A/C ½ hardtop Ken Noll, So. CA SOA Dana 60 rear, 4.56 Powr-Lok, Dana 44 front, 4.56 Tru-Trac,2 1/2" Rancho springs (sprung over), "knuckle over" steering, F350 shocktowers, T18, dana 300, AMC 401 v8 (to be installed), two rear CJ7 seats for kiddies. This "BLUR" shares the backyard with an '83 CJ7 and a '78 CJ5 (all with 401s, of course!!).
  053384   James Udry, Alberta Drove it a whole mile from place of purchase to garage for frame off resto. and upgrade. should be back on road in 2002.Will have 350 corvette tpi chev, nv 4500,new aluminum tub,33 tires, full top,4.10 gears, arb rear, true track front,4"lift,amc 20 rear warn full floater conversion, dana 30 front with warn hubs, both axles fully trussed with welded 316 stainless steel truss rods.316 stainless tie rods .All bolting 316 stainless steel.stainless gas tank skid plate, stainless 2" schedule 40 pipe front and rear bumpers and nerf bars. All stainless fuel lines and brakes. stainless rules and so do cj8.Have seen 2 other cj8 in calgary, one in good shape one not.cj8 still RULES!
  053651 L4, SR4, Hardtop Rob Fuhst, MI Installing a 258 w/ Mopar Performance F/I kit, Jacobs ign, TH700R4 AT (w/OD), fiberglass tub, 1/3-2/3 front seats, and top this Daily Driver off with a new Custom Paint and Pinstripe job!


053653   Paul, OH 82000 miles, I am about to recondition after 10 years of sitting in my parents backyard. 4 speed 4cyl. nothing special....yet


053660 side boards,258, half top, decals madjp, OR this is my 8th jeep that I have owned. I've had (1)cj5,(3)cj7,(2) yj wrangers,(1) tj, (1) j10,(1)commanche, and now a cj8 that makes 10. we have 3 still
  053683 L4,SR4 Tim Roe British Columbia Chevy 5.7L,SM465, 4"lift,33x9.5BFG

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4

053940   Jay Stock, SC
1981 model - known as "The General").  Significant restoration and mods to include:  304v8 engine, 3spd T150 transmission, new dash/gauges/interior, rear TrailMax seat, Tuffy center console, Alpine XM receiver/cd; full BestTop soft-top & doors in winter, polyeurathane Wrangler half doors & bikini top in summer, new bumpers/mirrors/exterior trim. 31"x11.50 MTX Radials, white paint w/Laredo trim package.
1981 model. 4cyl, 151ci/2.5L "iron duke", 44,000 original miles, SR4 transmission.  Currently painted black.  Condition is still pretty much factory OEM, with a number of options including tilt & power steering, power brakes. Great candidate for restoration, work is underway as of January 2006


053972 4cyl, 4spd Cory & Cindy Brown Just arrived at our house tonight. It will be restified for my #2 son. First we'll get it street legal and inspected, then go through the mechanicals and finally do something with the body. He's 13 so I've got a few years yet.The Website
  054243 6cyl Ed, MS "limited slip, in process of restoring, too many new parts to list"
Yes 054287 ½hardtop Dan Hadrava, NJ Right now it is sporting a bikini top and my son and I added a rear seat. It is great for going to the beach. It's sitting on 31's and has a chevy 350/300 horsepower small block teamed with a turbo 400 transmission. Sounds great with its dual exhaust turbo mufflers. There are more pictures at this web address: More pictures at this web address. My son has a CJ7 and helped me find this and added it to his page.
  054308 L4, hardtop D&C Junkyard, KS Trashed, in Kansas junkyard. What a sad sight :(
  054323   Gregg, FL Rebuild in progress again
  054333 L4, 4spd Robert Undergoing "modified restoration" considering 304 swap.

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4

054359   Bret Webster, AZ 4" BDS lift, Full Kayliner softtop & Bikini top, Detroit locker in rear, 33" tires, fuel injected 4.0L, 1 piece axles, CD player, 2 rear flip and roll seats, more to come...  Updated Aug 07: The jeep now has 35 x 12.50 MTRs, 2.5” spring over conversion, 4” suspension lift, rock slides, full cage,  6 seat, customer bumpers, custom racks, 2” wheel spacers, KN Air Filters, custom doors, and several different tops (which I rarely use). 

Pic1 Pic2

054362   Alan E., NC

new carb, purrrrrrs now! needs new paint job hopefully this summer.  considering auto tranny, p/b and p/s


054375 SR- Sport Renegade, Nutmeg, 4cyl, 4spd Otto, WI Summer Daily Driver; All stock, not restored, runs well considering
  054381   Wyatt Wilson, WA About 15 years ago my dad bought it from a rich old man with a big driveway. All the man had used it for was to take out and bring in the trash. Now my dad never really figured out how to work on the thing so now that it's mine, the jeep is looking better and better.
Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 054878 SR package (IIRC) reference the steering wheel and padded passenger grab handle eBay, CA #220542534580 - sold for $9,300.39 You are bidding on a 1981 Jeep CJ 8 Scrambler The best part of the CJ8 is it is a California car and for the most part free of rust. The paint is original and has been waxed twice a year. She has seen the off road no more than a 1000 miles at the most. The frame is strait as the body. All lights, gauges and turn singles work. Four wheel drive locks in and works great. This is one of the only a couple of 1981 CJ 8 with power steering and power disk brakes and also work great. Also have a back seat that will come with the sale. The engine is a six cylinder with a two barrel carburetor. The carburetor was replaced last year with an new one. It leeks a little oil as all jeeps but runs good and has never been stuck. On the highway you will see twenty miles per Gallon easy. The tires are in great shape and the front end is also tight. The heather works great and runs hot and the car radiator was replaced five years ago. The gas tank was replaced last year with a new one and new rear shocks. The Jeep Scrambler was produced for only a five-year period from 1981 to 1986. Even so in the short duration that it was on the market it won over many loyal supporters and sold 27,792 units. Seriously undervalued during its production years, the Scrambler gained popularity posthumously in the 1990s. This is when people realized that the longer CJ model allowed room for lots of trick alterations. Smog check is the responablity of the buyer.  THIS IS AGREAT CJ 8
Pic1 Pic2 054892 304 V8

Joe, TX

Just picked it up, runs and drives good. Plan on working from the inside out, new floors, interior onto sealing top, doors and glass. Then I'll clean up the body the best I can and apply bedliner just to get it on the road. When the drivetrain suffers catastrophic failure, I plan on a frame off resto with a new tub.

Pic1 Pic2

055153   David Grubman, Lisle, IL USA Just purchased the Jeep from TN. Currently it is rather stock with a 304 engine upgrade and one piece axle shafts. Was originally dark red. Will restore it back to its original color and build it into a trail rig.
Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 055157   eBay, NC #260544441204  You are looking at one bad Jeep that has approximately 500 miles on a restoration. It has a rebuilt 304 (bored .60 over) with the D.U.I ignition, Flow Masters and much more. The paint is in great shape and well done. The interior has Tough liner to match with the bed. High intensity blue lights will light up any street or trail you may wish to run. It has a 4 speed manual shifting, with the first gear being a granny gear that I personally believe you could pop the front end of the Jeep with. I usually start the shifting pattern out in 2nd gear. In addition, it has 2 wheel high and low gearing as well as 4 wheel high and low gearing. The Jeep is sitting on Mickey Thompson 35x18x13.50 tires and wheels that are brand new. The matching spare is custom mounted in the bed of the truck on the roll bar in 'Baja style'. This is easily removed with 4 bolts (tire and carriage). The cab of the Jeep comes off and you can lay down the windshield on warm days. The windshield and all seals are brand new. Everything on the Jeep functions. It does have a trailer hitch hookup, but by the paint, you will be able to see that nothing has been hauled with this Jeep. In fact, it hasn't been in the dirt since restoration. The odometer reads 92,416 and is the original mileage on the Jeep. Notice the wood on the back of the bed, which has been refinished to give it that unique classic look. The body is dent free and this Jeep is a solid driver. Talking about a head turner! I frequently have people stopping to talk to me about it wherever I go!

A packet with details on the restoration parts, models. etc, that were installed comes with the vehicle.

I try to disclose all problems that I observe and market everything as I would like to see it. The driver seat does have some cracking near the left edge in the bottom middle of the seat itself. You don't notice it looking in, but it is in much better shape than what you would expect from a 30 year old Jeep. The bottom Driver Door hinge has a nick on it where someone was clumsy taking the door on or off.

At present there is a small bit of gear oil that drips down the transfer case. On most days, it doesn't even drop on the ground. I have had this looked at and I was told that it was over filled and comes out a bit when it is cold. I have been driving this in 30 degree weather and have not heard any noises or notice anything indicating any kind of leak. The reservoir is always full when I check it.

The cab has several drain points that are not plugged. Again, this is Tough Lined (spray in liner) and even though after running in the rain, there may be a small bit of water that gets in, it goes away.

I will add the disclaimer that I am not a mechanic, and there may be issues associated with this Jeep as it is 29 years old that they will all have restored or not. It does run like a champ, and I wouldn't hesitate to take it anywhere. It runs strong on the interstate and is great running around town.

Dual Lever Shifter Kit,
Holly Truck Avenger Carb,
New Process 435 Tranny,
Grower Racing Cams (Power Compu-Pro (Performance Lvl 2),
Pioneer Super Tuner III (DEH-12A),
new all weather speakers,
Sun Super Tach (mounted on steering column and accurately marked for engine redline),
Street/Strip HEI Distributor,
FlowKooler water pump (upgrade),
MORE JM301 BombProof Motormounts.
All manuals to include instructions for maintenance and details on upgrades come with Jeep.
  055173   Kimmel Family, IN Bought cj8 new--a real one owner--has 139,000 mi--scheduled for reconditioning in winter of 03
  055192   Kelly Walshe, CA Not much factory left Full hard top. Camero 305 tune port injected engine. NV4500 trans w/ Granny low and OD. Dana 60 Rear w/disk brakes. Rear spin off tire rack /w 3 gas cans and 2 reverse lights. 3" lift front, 2 1/2" lift rear. Biggest front bumper I could find. Top speed record 120mph.
  055860 6cyl Steve D, DE 258 with Swapped in a T176. Full Legnth Kayline, Rear Fold and Tumble, discos, PIAA 520 Ions, Hi-lift, 31's but mostly stock. Future mods, 1 inch body, 2.5 inch BDS Spring lift, 33" BFG Muds, 4:11 gears, Full roll cage, new floor boards, Duraback liner.
  055890 6cyl,4spd ½htp Toby Kelly, IN Rear locker,  ps,  pb, factory half hard top & doors, tilt wheel and wood side boards. Factory stock including smog system. 101,126 miles.
  055902   Claus Langrock, Berlin, Germany He owns six total! He has two other '81s, an '83, and two '85s.& This one is: Black Laredo short Hardtop, 401 V8, 727 Automatik, 4" Suspension, 36x16,5x15 on 15x15 Alcoa, in process now = frame sandbasted + firezinkbath, body sandblasted = ready for paint ( black again ), 100% ARB front and rear with 4.10 gears, onepiece axels.
Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 055933   eBay, TN #270518458584 - $4,450 reserve not met Runs good.  New transmission approximately one year ago.304 AMC V-8 with 4-Speed Transmission Body is in good shape.  Very little rust. Odometer shows 18,697.  I assume the vehicle has 118,697 but I cannot verify mileage. 33 x 12.50 Maxxis Mud Terrain Tires (Tires have been on for approximately 10,000 - 15,000 miles) Edelbrock Carburetor, Hedman Hedders, Street Lock Wheels (2 years old), Dana 30 Axles, good hard top, and comes with back seat that fits in bed
  057633 L6, 4spd Gregg & Lori Evans factory sherwood green, pictured under "evans trio"


057701   BB, CA It was said to be owned by a farmer in the central valley in CA. It is 100% original except for the seats and paint which were recently re-done. 45,000 original miles. I Live on the central coast of CA and use it as an around town vehicle, for drives on the beach and for hitting the trails around Pozo.
  057858   parts Salvage Jeep junkyard, Statesboro, GA frame and front clip only. (912-587-5918 or fax 912-587-2338)


057859   Cory, IN Just bought her 2 weeks ago for $1500. Only thing I've done so far is swap in a used transmission as mine was missing about 18-1/2 of the 20 teeth on the input shaft.
  057889 6cyl, 4spd George, PA Have owned it for about 4 months now and love it. Bought it from a man in Texas and had it shiped to PA. Want to keep it original but sure I will screw it up. I call it my "HUM-J". Live up in the mountians of PA, Blue Ridge Summit and drive it most every day.

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

058266 6cyl, 3spd Jeff Blondin, VA Up on 33's, 60,000 miles, runs strong.  Spent its life as a parks and recs GPV

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

058281   Clair, PA

My "baby" started out as a real project vehicle.  We bought it with a 360 and a TH300 transmission.  My son drove it for a year until the engine quit.  After swapping out another 360, nobody would inspect it (all frame mounts were rusted off the body), we pulled the body, repaired the frame, installed a new front axle, new 2 1/2" lift (4WD hardware), new fiberglass body, fenders and hood; and most everything I could think of, including brake lines, rear brakes (complete kit), new top, new front seats, high energy ign.(got rid of the Ford ignition modules and coil), etc.  We manufactured the front and rear bumpers and swing away tire carrier.  Need to update driveshafts, among other wish list items.  I won't tell my wife how much I put into it. It was a lot of fun (?!) and work, and is a real head turner when I take it out. 

Will always be a "work-in-progress".

  058319 4cyl, manual Mark Holden, NC Just found and purchased this Scrambler in NC in Oct. of 2001. It's pretty much original, been through a restoration some 10 years ago, but it runs and everything works. I'm planning on a new face lift in the near future to keep this legend on the road.
  058768 L4, 4spd J H, OH 6 cyl
  058772   Kevin Full & 1/2 Hard top, full soft V-6, 4 speed, 33" Tires, 2 1/2" Lift (owns two, the other's an 83)


058803 151 cubic inch, SR4 trans, Dana 300 T case, 1/2 top Ian Ryan - Duncan, British Columbia, Canada Modifications: 305 Chev, T5 Trans, 2" overstock suspension, add a leaf and shackles, locked rear model 20 axle, 33 x 10.5 Yokohama Geolanders, custom made rock sliders, front axle skid plate and truss. I use this for trail runs, I belong to the Island Rock Crawlers as well as for camping and a part time daily driver.
  059148 None left Larry Wernle, IL

Bought in Nov04 in Jackson , NJ , and drove her home to St. Louis area.

Specifications: 14K miles on built 350 LT1 360hp, TH350 w/cooler, NP205, F150 driveshafts w/long slides, Dana 30 Front w/44 axles, 4.56, Loc-Rite locker & Superwinch hubs, Dana 44 rear 4.56 w/Yukon Spool.  ½ hard top, ½ soft top, bikini.  New Complete Front Brakes (New Rotors, New Pads, Etc.) New Rear Brakes (New Shoes, New Drums, Etc.) 10 inches total lift, via SOA, Skyjacker softride, shackles, & body lift.  New SuperSwamper Iroc 39.5x13.5x15 on American Racing Outlaw1 Wheels. Dayton 6K winch.  Needs tow hooks, aero 33gal tank, disk brakes, cutout flares, and quieter exhaust.

  059174   Donald King, MO White with caramel top
  059194   Matt, Alberta Canada I have a midnight blue '81 CJ8 Scrambler with a recently rebuilt 258. Would definitely, one day like to upgrade and get some more power once I get out of university. I have a cab hard top along with a full soft top and a bikini top. Everything is pretty much stock other than some chrome brackets and some 8 inch rims with new 31'1050,15 BFG MT. The body was recently cleaned up and painted. I couldn't ask for a better vehicle.
  059572 6cyl 4spd Dan Labrie, LA One piece axle shafts, 3"lift, 33x15.5x15 TSL-SX Swampers, Aluminum valve cover, Half-cab fiberglass hardtop, steel doors.
  060475 258, Auto, ps, pb, TILT, AC, Leather wrap package, ½ Hard Top Keith Chalk, MS This 8 was my Father-in-law’s mid life crisis vehicle. Most of its life was spent sitting in the front yard; 4 years ago my sister-in-law started driving it, (at which time it only had 38,000 miles on it. I bought it from him a year and a half ago (57,000 miles on it) now in its 20th anniversary year it still has less than 72,000 miles on it. All the time just sitting took its toll on the springs. My trailer with no load on it is almost overloading it. Got big plans for it, just have to wait for my wallet to grow first.
  060489 SL Package, Hardtop, P/S Rich Moskala, FL '79 Cherokee AMC 360, TH400, Edelbrock intake,Holley 4 barrel carb. Dana 20, 2 1/2 inch lift on 31x10.5s.
Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 060525   eBay, NC #220547070969 81 Jeep Scrambler is rust-free. It has been stripped to bare metal and repainted and is not a complete frame off restoration. There was no need to do that. Pictures will show there is no rust in the jeep. The frame is immaculate. The drive-train is stock with 2.5 springs. The tires are brand new 31x10.50 BFG's on 10in aluminum wheels. Tires have less than 1000 miles on them. This is a daily driver-runs and drives great. Speedometer shows 44,000 miles.6 cylinder runs great-it seems to have a little ticking, it may be an exhaust leak. It has a new clutch, new windshield, new seats and all the heater controls work. This is a really super clean jeep. I have had this jeep for years and never had any intention of selling it but because of hard times i really need to sell but will not give it away.
  060579   Robert Miller, CA Jeep 4.0 L M.P.I., 3.73 gears, Power Locs, 33x12.50 BFG Explorer leather/elect seats, lots of "R.Miller custom" stuff - like 4130 Chromoly tierod, draglink, etc.
  060590   Dean Kolbe, WI My Father won in 81 a Scrambler at the grand American trapshooting championship in vandiala OH And I am currently restoring, Would you know if promo CJ8 is worth more than any other in same condition?
  060608   Dan, PA I think the only options was power steering and half hardtop. Needs restore desperately. Body is shot even the firewall is bad. I'm going to squareoff off a wrangler tub and build a diamond plate box for it. Have an 258 np435 dana 300 that will find its way in there. Going to run dana 30 amc 20 combo with detroits and 1 pc shafts and 410s. Will send pics of what it looks like when done.
  060614 6cyl auto Chris, Nova Scotia, Canada 127,000 kms; Lite Blue with white 1/2 roof Dana 30 AMC 20 with 273 open gears am radio Restoring to original but adding 4" BDS Lift and 33s on factory chrome wheels. I think I will sell as it was bought to use in their woods but upon getting it home realized it was too nice for that so I'm having it painted and rims rechromed.
  060616 6cyl, 4spd, tilt, hardtop Jay, Barrie, Ontario, Canada It's at a garage parked right at the moment - slowly rusting. but am about to start working on it.
Pic1 Pic2 060624 6cyl, hard top Scott, MT

bought it in Alberta Canada a year ago and about 75 % complete with frame off restoration, new panels, hood and floor, runs great and hope to have it complete by spring 2008

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3


Bill McKinstry

Dryden, Ontario Canada

I have owned this Jeep for about 12 years. It was fully restored in 2000. At some point an aftermarket carpet was put in and the moisture caused the floor to rot. That was about the only major body work needed. The windshield frame was also replaced and i have never re-drilled the holes for the roof to be put back on. Although the doors were painted during restoration they have never gone back on since. This vehicle is all original. The only aftermarket components are the stainless steel hardware that I installed. 

Growing up the original owner used to fill up at the service station where I worked and I always told him that I wanted to own it when he was done with it. Without too many details he remembered this and now I do.



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061108 RHD Per Thomsen, Australia Overlander Chevy 4,3l V6, Original paint: bronze White paint. Excellent condition. Right hand drive Some minor work was left when these pictures were taken Location: Townsville, Australia

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4

061514 Hard Top, Tilt Leather Wrap Steering Wheel, Dash Clock Don - W7DAH, OR I bought my Scrambler used on 09-02-84 with 36,590 odometer miles, from Beaverton Datsun. Nearly 22 years ago now. Today, 05-13-06 it has 95,065 miles. A large percentage of that 58,475 mile difference has been off-road in the Pacific Northwest. The rest has been getting to and from the trail-head to leave the pavement. I traced this rig's history and spoke to it's original owner not long after buying it. He had purchased it as a dealer "demo" with 4,000 miles on the odometer. He used and abused it hauling a 55gallon drum, hunting dog cages, and pulling a 12' trailer before the Repo-man mercifully rescued her from him, returning her to a Mike Salta dealership in Portland. That dealership was closing, and she was wholesaled to Beaverton Datsun, where she and I first we met. It's been a love-hate relationship. Water leaks into the cab (it's been known to rain a bit in the PNW), the occasional ill-timed breakdown, and she even has a spot or two of skin cancer these days. But, just about the time I'm finally convinced it's time to say goodbye, some stranger will ring the doorbell, apologize for interrupting dinner, and darn-near beg me to sell her to him. That's when I say again that I'll probably be buried in her instead of a casket. ;-) There have been a span or two when she has sat, never started, for 6-months. I'll get in and the Optima Red-Top fires her up on the first try even though that battery's 72 months came and went long ago. Mechanics I've talked to say they've seen these old AMC 258 6 cylinders go 2-300K miles before giving-up the ghost. Who knows, she might outlast me. I need to lose that lousy Carter Carb in favor of the Weber fix, for sure though ... damn flaky idle gets on my last good nerve. I recall being in a rental-center a few days before getting married. I was there it pick-up whatever STUFF the wedding-planners couldn't carry in their cars. I pulled the Scrambler right up to the front to load, and another customer at the rental counter asks me if I built that rig myself. He'd never seen a "Scrambler" before. So, I told him yeah, it was a kit from Toledo, Ohio. Ever seen that bumper sticker that says: "Creeps Drive Jeeps"? ;-) I converted to an original Scrambler soft half top years ago and the hardtop is in storage. The canvas wind-noise is much quieter than the warn & loose hardware holding the fiberglass top, and the canvas probably leaks less! I don't have any recent pics of my Scrambler and today it's sitting under a tarp waiting on me to replace her water pump. The 4-speed broke down, and was swapped out for the 5-speed a few years ago and even then she ran ... the tranny mechanic asked in amazement, "you drove this from where? How far did you say?" Her tranny had a hole the size of my fist in the side but wouldn't strand me even then. The rear axle is still the AMC pumpkin, but with a Warn full floater kit installed, complete with rear hubs. The original gas tank was too small a capacity to be convenient for long off-roads so I had a custom 24gal. tank fabricated and installed. The radiator has been replaced with a high capacity/multi-core arrangement a few years ago. I think with something originally meant for Jags, can't really recall now. All the old pics I had lying around show the OLD Remington Wide Brute skins but those have been gone for more than 10-years now. The guy at America's Tire Company swore that I was lying to him when I told him that the BF Goodrich All Terrains he was looking at were 10+ years old; 'til I handed him the original paperwork and receipt from that same store, a decade before, and ask him to check a vale stem in one of 'em for a slow leak. I'm sure that 60-Minutes wouldn't approve of my tooling around in decade old, dry-rotted skins, but when the tread is still so good that the salesman couldn't see any reason to replace 'em ... before I showed him that receipt that is! ;-) And "chrome" ... that was a youthful mistake. Never again. Curses to "chrome". Hey I ask you, is there a better mode of transportation, on a hot summer day, than a topless (and door-less) Scrambler with Jimmy Buffett blaring, "It's a Rag Top Day" and fools askin' ya if you designed and built your ride? There truly is only one Jeep, and it's the Scrambler.  
  061868 High backed bucket seats; “carpet”; light kit; hard top; metal doors. Terry Earehart, KY I ordered my scrambler (from Russell Reed and Son, Cincinnati, Ohio) in May of ’81 and received it in June, four days after receiving it, we were sitting on the axels in a Timberjack track. I bought my scrambler to haul my dirt bike between my house and the dirt in order to avoid the Ky. State Police and the laws against dirt bikes on paved surfaces. I used the scrambler as my principle means of transportation for several years even after getting married. Five children do not travel well however and the scrambler is in dire need of refurbishment. I have replaced the four cylinder Pontiac 151 CID once and rebuilt that one. The scrambler is the only four wheeled vehicle I have ever purchased brand new. My youngest daughter is fifteen and would like to drive it if I fix it.
  061903 4cyl/4spd ½htop Steve, AK Totally burned from the roll bar forward - currently being dismantled for rebuild.
  061906   Ellen Smith, TX It's stock, 4 speed standard transmission, factory yellow with a Scrambler logo, about 46,000 miles on it, and it runs great. My dad bought it for me about 15 years ago. I drove it in high school. While I was off at college and living in New York City after college, people would always try to buy it from him, but he kept it for me. Now I'm driving it again and couldn't be happier.
  062195 6 Cyl, 4 Spd, PS, A/C Si Sanders, NC I just got the jeep 9/1/00 and have started to take it apart (flares, tire rack, trim, hood hardware, hard top, etc.) just enough to be legal. I'm using it as a daily driver, so I am having to do a rolling restoration best I can. It was originally Dark Blue with blue trim. Now it's Blue, Old Primer, New Red Primer, Metal, and Bondo Color. I believe that it had a 1/2 Hard Top originally. When I got it, it had a Full Hard Top (Nice) on it, with a Full Soft Top in the deal. I have plans to have it painted Yellow if I ever get done with the body work. Line the inside with bedliner and put a back seat in it. Then lift it about 4", 2" Body and 2.5" Suspension, and go to 33" Tires. The rest after that is going to be up to the budget and what my wife will let me get away with.


062245   Ken Williams, ME Restoring/Rebuilding now. URL for project is here
  062749 6cyl, 4spd Matt, TX AMC V8, 4spd
  062753 4cyl, 4spd Jerry A. Ash, IL Pres. of the Flatlanders Jeep Club IL chapter 1966 Chev. 327, bored 30 over, rv cam, double roller timing chain, converted cartridge to spin on oil filter, Carter avs carb, edelbrock off-road needle/seat kit. Pro-comp 2 1/2 lift & 1 3/4 connfer shackles. Lock-rite lockers f&r, moser axles, 3:73 gears, t-5. Custom made 3 in pipe double tube f&r bumpers, custom push bar in front, ramsey 8000#.& 31x1050 tires on the street and 33x1050 super swampers for the trail only. " White with black trim and top and has scooter on the side, I'm not sure if this was a option or a name someone gave it somewhere but it stuck with me. I purchased this Jeep from Briggs Jeep in Feb. 1993 and it was my daily driver for a long time. It trail guided the first Flint Hills Jeep Jamboree. I hope this is enough information, as I could go on and on. "

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

063625 RHD, Diesel! Frank, TN I have a 1981 CJ8 it is a right hand drive with a diesel motor I was told that only 300 were made and all sent over sees but this one. It has been setting along time with only 5000 miles on it and runs great.  I have been trying to find something about the diesel, and are there any others. It has been sitting at a dealer all this time and can with the certificate of origin, never been titled. I am sending some PIC. I am restoring it at this time and looking for taillight and backup light lens I plan on going to some shows this summer.
Pic1 Pic2 063718   eBay, TN #330397842383 ended at $3,361 reserve not met Newly rebuilt 305 Chevy motor.  newly rebuilt turbo 400 transmission.  New brake drums and rotors. Has later model Jeep air condition.  good leather seats, tilt steering wheel.  1200# wench.  Square tubing bumpers with front brush guard. No rust or bent places.  Doors, hood and front fenders need paint.  Body is trimmed with diamond plate aluminum.  Wind shield has a crack..** Dog box pictured is NOT part of the sale**

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4

063775 4cyl, 151ci/2.5L "iron duke", 44,000 original miles, SR4 transmission. Jay Stock, SC 1981 model - (known as "The General").  Significant restoration and mods to include:  304v8 engine, 3spd T150 transmission, new dash/gauges/interior, rear TrailMax seat, Tuffy center console, Alpine XM receiver/cd; full BestTop soft-top & doors in winter, polyeurathane Wrangler half doors & bikini top in summer, new bumpers/mirrors/exterior trim. 31"x11.50 MTX Radials, white paint w/Laredo trim package. Currently painted black.  Condition is still pretty much factory OEM, with a number of options including tilt & power steering, power brakes. Great candidate for restoration, work is underway as of January 2006
  063072   TN I am the second owner of this Jeep. The original owner had not maintained the jeep and she is rusted out and in dire need of TLC. ( The original owner patched the rust holes with roofing tar) She is all original and not real pretty but she runs and drives great. To my knowledge she was the first Scrambler that I have ever seen and it was love at first sight. I don't know why but I just guess that I might have felt sorry for her. I have no knowledge of how to "fix her up", but I'm going to try. (slowly) I would at least like to get her looking good enough so that people don't laugh at me and I'm not losing body parts while I'm driving down the road.
  063073   Bryan Montague, UT AKA the grinch due to the fact I painted it green and never got around to painting the red dash a different color so its kinda x-masy. It has a 258 with a motercraft 2100 carb, Borla header, full floater and trussed Dana 20 rear, Dana 44 front from a scout, lock rights front and rear, t 19 tranny, Dana 300 transfer case, 4" bds lift, 35" procomp mudders, major fender trimming, home made shackle reversal, wrangler springs, half cab, rhino lined interior, 1985 ford v-6 ignition system, probably a lot more that I have forgotten but oh well.


063625   Frank, TN it is a right hand drive with a diesel motor I was told that only 300 were made and all sent over sees but this one. It has been setting along time with only 5000 miles on it and runs great. I would like to find some info on it if anyone can help
  063748   Matt, CA someone hit four parked cars on my street. unfortunately my scrambler was one of them. insurance paid for the body repairs but I've had to shell out some cash to restore the jeep to the original rootbeer brown. I've also moved the spare, bought new wheels and tires and gone with a decal kit. it's an ongoing project so I've got a site to take a look at the process. 

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8 Pic9 Pic10 Pic11 Pic12 Pic13 Pic14 Pic15

063997 6cyl, 4 spd Patrick, FL Purchased early in August from a coon hunter in Kentucky off Ebay. Car was slightly worse then expected. Mainly the frame became the issue so it is being replaced with a Matkins Extreme Frame. Tub is in good condition floor is good. Body panels front, rear and corners will be new. Fenders hood and everything else will be useable. I have purchased about 5K worth the parts lights, hoses, gaskets,and any other item that it made sense to buy new then try and fix or restore. Body and axles are being sent out to be stripped and the engine has begun it's overhaul. I have the luxury of having mechanics as well as painters to help. This vehicle will be a fully restored vehicle, slightly lifted and custom paint. So I am hoping to have it done by October.


I want to update my Jeep info with pictures. I am now done except for the front and rear bumper. I just have not found one that is what I want. I have a couple of before and a few after pictures I would love to have posted. I sent you a ton. Weed thru and please post what you can. To say what has not been redone is easier: Firewall, floor and left fender and hood. Everything else is new. Modified Amp Running Boards, Pro Comp Cam, Engine rebuilt to a 9:1, Offenhauser Open Intake, 4bbl Holly Carb, K&N Filter, Painless Wire Harness, All New Gauges, Matkins Extreme Frame Borla Header and Custom Stainless Exhaust, Skyjacker 2.5 Lift, 33x10 Procomp Tires, ProComp Wheels, YJ Half Doors, Sparco Seats, Bestop Aqua Rear Seat, Bestop Bikini, Bestop Rollbar cover, Stainless Fuel and Brake lines, Paint is Chrysler Prowler Orange. I found out it was a 5 speed when I had the Transmission Rebuilt. I am now living in Florida and loving my ride.
  064474 258 with Weber, 5 speed Kerry L Bromley, AK Air Condition, Power Brakes,Outfitted with US Gear Brake System for being towed behind GMC motorhome Custom bumper with swing away tire carrier for 33" Bought on Ebay in 2002, shipped to Michigan from Texas and drove to Alaska pulling teardrop trailer (no break downs) Alaska Licence Plate CJ8
  064509   Dustin Cumberland, WI (He has an '82 also.)  I found these jeep in the woods of my neighbors while hunting one day and got them both for 200 bucks and I plan to build up one, but the bodies and frames are non repairable anymore
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 064769 6 cylinder, 4 speed(SR-4), PS, Hardtop, Softtop, Cameo Tan exterior, Nutmeg Interior, AM radio, 3.31 gears, trailer tow, etc Kyle Thompson, TX Just completed redo.  Changed interior color to black as I could not find decent nutmeg parts.  Jeep has 61K original miles.  This is my 2nd Scrambler, it is very similar in colors, but it is an automatic. 61K miles, Air Conditioning Power Steering, New Seats, New Sideboards, New Paint, Everything works as it should.
  065029 L6 258, 4spd Tim Tim owns three 81s. This one's brown.


065433   Dana, MA I just bought this jeep a couple of weeks ago in this condition. I plan to restore this Jeep to original condition. It is a 6-cyl 258 ci. It has an automatic transmission, fixed taligate and rear spare tire carrier, rear seat, and locking hubs. I think it is either an SL Sport or a Laredo because it has chrome front and rear bumpers, tachometer and clock, chrome grille, chrome-spoked wheels, and what I think is the leather-wrapped steering wheel. I plan to buy the correct decals eventually.
  065479 4cyl 4spd JB, CA Original owner. Original under hood and power train. Strictly off road use now. Never let me down or left me behind. Added rear seat as family grew. CA. plates read: 1981 CJ8


065492 4cyl, 4spd, ½ hdtop Kole Just finished a frame off rebuild. Beside the frame axles and the original Dana 300 every thing else came from aftermarket supply, Chrysler or was rebuilt sandblasted and painted one piece at time. 1964 Chev 283 bored .40 over and completely rebuilt. It has 86 305 heads with 195mm intake valves. I am using the intake off a 86 IROC Camaro, the electronics are from a 91. It is mated to a 700R4. Suspension is a Trailmaster 4", 33x12.50 Wrangler MTs. The f&r axles Loc-rites, 8000lb Warn, fiberglass body, half doors and a Wrangler front clip. 4.10 gears on the shelf to replace the factory 3.55s
  065877 6cyl, 4spd, ½ hdtop, ps, pb Carter Zorn, AL 360 V8, Ford T-18, 33"s
  066197 L4,4spd Brett Davis "Freakshow" Chevy V8, SM465, NP205, Dana 44 Lockrite, 14bolt Detroit, 4.56 gears, winch, 38" SX tires, seating for 6 (2 back seats), rust, club stickers, torn seats, etc.  I'm slowly refining this beast so that someday it will be suitable for highway speeds, in the meantime it does not object to rides on the trailer

Pic1 Pic2

066230 6cyl, auto David Seely, TX 110k miles engine rebuilt at 100k. I believe it came from Tenn. I have had it about 1.5 years. I repainted the entire jeep is covered in bedliner Yellow and black, the original color was black.3 inch body lift, Warn 9500, Bullet proof front bumper, Warrior rear bumper, CD player with remote, 33's with American racing wheels, CB, PA, toolbox, KC lights, Yellow top,100 amp alt, back seat, and more. Came with small hardtop I have attached before and after photos also can be seen at this website
Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 066231   eBay, IA #280456331954 - sold for $6,000 I bought this about 1 and a half years ago. I was going to turn it in to my off roader but the body has such little rust that I did not want to hack it up. I have been driving it around and saving the cost of Diesel. I can go down the interstate at 80 with no problems. It still has the computer controlled carb and distributor on it so it is a little cold blooded, but start it and hold the pedal for at 1500 to 2000 rpm for about 3 minutes and she is good to go. The defroster and heat work, Not the greatest but if you know anything about CJ's you know that. That dash lights work after I put in a knew light switch and the gas is the only gauge not working. I have not dug in to that yet. I put knew seats in they tilt and adjustable head rest, With knew sliders on both sides. It does have the Tach and the Clock, tach works but clock does not. I put in knew front turn signals, I have knew side signals but did not put them in yet. I put in a rebuilt steering box and works great. The radiator had hole so I put in a 3 core V8 one and put in two 11" inch fans and When I did that I install a 180 degree thermostat with a JEGs 185 on and 170 off relay kit so the fans only run when needed. It works great and have not had any problems with the temp. At that time I put on knew belts and hoses. I also put in knew front right wheel bearing and seals (the old ones where completely shot) along with front brake hoses (have the knew rear to go with it) The reason for these is the hose blew after I installed the knew master cylinder and was bleeding the brakes. The pads had lots of life on them so I did not change them. I put in a knew horn relay so it works but the old center rubber cover is hard and I didn't put it back on. The four wheel drive works great. It has got me around in the snow great. The transfer case does leak but you would too. It has power steering but manual brakes, I think they work very well for manual. I did put in a knew battery as well. Ok the engine, as far as I know it is the original. It starts and runs fine when warm, but low on the oil pressure, about 20 psi running down the road. I have a remanned short block that I had balanced at time of build that was $1200 and I have a 4.0 conversion head for it $500, also a HEI$100 distributor and a 2100 motor craft carb $280 built for it buy the guy in CO. You would need to order the Clifford 4 barrel intake and header for this 4.0 head. with this head and short block you would be around 9 to 1 compression and Titan engine are the ones who did the bottom end and I had them put in the middle cam (they have a stock cam a mid cam and a race cam) So with the compression and cam and head and intake and header this thing should run really strong. If someone is wanting the engine stuff just ask. The tires on it are in good shape, just need to rotate them. The spare well it needs a new one. Feel free to ask any questions and I will try to answer them after work. I was thinking $1400 for the engine stuff. Any and all shipping will be on the buyer to arrange. The short block is still on the pallet that I got it on so I could drop off at a shipping terminal.
  066268   Scott David  
  066494 PS and cigarette lighter Jared Leach, AR

this jeep was 1 of 2 purchased new in 81' to be used as snow plows at the university of Colorado, they were used for 3 years on campus then auctioned off. an elderly gentleman in evergreen Colorado bought this one to use for the bad winter months, when he got it home and his wife rode in it she claimed it was too rough and told him to get rid of it... so he parked it in a barn for 20 years.

the man i bought it from had found it in the barn and offered to buy it from the old man who claimed he was keeping it for his grandson, when his grandson turned 16 he offered it to him and it was turned down in lieu of a toyota 4x4 so he called the other guy back and sold it to him.

this man has a large collection of vehicles and his wife had started to nag him to thin the collection out, so since the jeep was the least used of the set he put it in the paper for sale for 10,000$.

the first day it ran i saw the add and went to look at it the next day and laid 10k cash in his palm, never even ask to haggle on the price.

i have every item that was on the jeep from the factory including the dummy plate over the radio and the factory springs and hangers and wheels. the jeep now has a 2 inch lift, custom wheels and a 1984 model am/fm jeep brand radio in it.

  066725   Rod Diaz, PA I rescued the body of an '81 Scrambler and have it up in running on a salvaged 84 frame and the drive train of a 78 CJ7 with Quadra-Trac with reduction unit (that's 4.10 in the pumpkins). It has a fresh AMC 360 V-8 with Holley Pro-Jection (2D) fuel injection. It rides on 31.5 x10.5 and an Old Man Emu 2" suspension with Currie greaseable shackles giving it about another inch of travel upwards. Thinking about 35's all round. It was a frame up restoration that took 2 years.
Pic1 Pic2 066826   Brandt, OK

My first Jeep was in 1985 when I bought a new CJ7.  I was hooked from then on.  I strangely enough was offered "A hell of a deal" on an 85 Scrambler at that time but I just turned my nose and went straight for the CJ7 with the 4cyl.  What was I thinking! I would only admit to other Jeep Geeks that the day I sold my CJ7 my eyes welled up as it drove away.  I thought I would be fine when I drove off in my 87 Cherokee (The Blue Ghost). I drove her until she had nothing left.  Then bought a Grand Cherokee.  I thought that I still needed to grow up.  Drove that one until I ran across the "Blue Turtle" that I have today.  Dumped my Grand Cherokee for an 81 Scrambler that was abandoned at a VoTech with its 258/6cyl in pieces in a box.  This was in May of 2000.  Right at that same time a huge tornado (F5) came through the town that I lived in and busted out the windows and stripped that paint off a 78 AMC Matador with a 360/V8, it was meant to be.  I'm still driving her today with that 360 in her (I think that must be making up for that 4cyl).  Since then I've had the motor rebuilt, trans rebuilt, Cleaned her up and kept her as close to stock as I could, I'm just old school. It's the classic case of my wife hates it, my daughter loves it, and you couldn't peel it out of my cold dead hands. I've come full circle and it's nice to be in a CJ8, the perfect fit for me.

  066832   Tony & Jan Khalil  San Ramon, CA 50,000 Original Miles, White,  No power steering, no power brakes, after market AC, 4 speed, currently garaged until I finish other projects. Great body. No modifications. Looking at buying a full size hardtop, and purchasing the factory repair manual

Pic1 Pic2

067137   Mr. Jeep, PA

amc 304 t18 w/granny gear 5.5inch lift. solid axles lockers front & rear. 15/35x15 super swampers

Always dirty.  Visit and 


067159   Scott Rutkoski, TX Completely rebuilt tranny, gearboxes & motor. Rhino lined tub and all new seats & accesories.
  067179, MO

It has the original 4 cyl engine with I believe 400k + miles, still starts, runs, and drives. The person I bought it from bought it in 1985 with 78,600 miles.  It still has the original hard top but it has I believe cj7 soft doors that do not fit at all. It's rough and rusty but it has a lot of potential.

If I keep it (?) I will lift it and put a v-8 in it. I am going to test the waters on selling it I think.

  067188 tilt, ps/pb, lsd Rodney Ward, TX Panhandle I am the original owner of a 81 CJ8 Scrambler, gray, blk half hard top, tilt, ps/pb, limited slip diff. 18 months ago installed rebuilt 258. Am currently preparing for a new white paint & want to buy a full soft & a full hard top.
  067505 6 cyl, auto, a/c,ps, tilt, clock, 1/2 ht John Nachman, VA Dark blue, AMC 360 w/ Quadrajet carb, 4" lift, Dana 44 rears (58" width), 4.09 gears, ARB's, 33x12.5 MT's, 1/2 ton power brakes, winch coming soon.
  067538 4cyl Robyn Day Pretty blue, black interior, Laredo package; Purchased 08/01/2001 w/ left front damage, under restoration to showroom stock using a 1981 cj7 Renegade. The CJ-8 int, top, doors, dash, cab separator all missing - desperately looking for a cab separator.
  067540 6cyl & A/C Shanan J Coughlin , WY  
  067917 6 cyl Ken Williams, ME I am restoring a 1981 Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler. Check my progress at
  067960   Ralph Robinson, LA, CA Have owned this since I ordered it from the factory. Swapped into a 304 V8 from a Wagoneer of the same year to make it smog legal.
  068300   Ron Olah, OH I have a scrambler that I am building to help me push at local race tracks around Toledo - Toledo Speedway and Flat Rock Speedway. I have put a 401 jeep motor in it and I have a turbo 400 trans. with a BM shift kit behind the motor. The rest of the drive train is stock. I put a fiberglass tub, windshield frame, fenders, on this CJ-8. The rest of the truck is steel.

Pic1 Pic2

068310 L4, 4spd, 3.73 gears w/ tracloc, ½ top Tod, CA Tod@SierraJeep.comJust brought it home to start my next build-up project.  The CJ has 49,000 miles and is in very good condition.  Updates will be posted on my website
  068504 L6,T176 Rdrjr1 "in the middle of a frame off resto"
  068569   Don Richardson Moser 1 piece; 4.56 gears; 35" tires
  068933 4cyl, 4spd Tammy and Jeff, IN Tan with nutmeg
  068942 L4 , ½ top Mark Morrison, MS "this is the sixth JEEP I've owned"
  068946 6cyl, 4spd Bill, ME It still has the original paint and proudly displays the "scrambler" hood lettering. I have modified a cj7 top to fit up against the factory half top. I did this so that i could sell my chevy and use this as my work truck.  I also got rid of the 235's and stock springs in favor of a lift and 33's. It was formerly owned by an elderly man who parked it for 15 years. (32k original miles) In Maine- which by the way is a great place for year round wheeling.(whos afraid of a little snow) I also own another rare breed of jeep- my first- a 1951 M-38. It has been heavily modified and is my primary woods buggy. (bouncing off trees is not too good for your work truck)
  068984 4cyl, SR-4, ps, pb, tilt, ½ top Matt Chilek, TX I bought my '81 Scrambler in august 01 from an individual in Scott's Bluff, Nebraska, where it was originally sold through the dealer. It's stock for now and lays down a smoke screen that would make James Bond proud. Frame is close to immaculate, minor body rust. Plans for a 5.7 Vortec V-8 are in the works.
  068957 258 I-6, T176 4 SPEED, HARD TOP AND DOORS CHRIS READ, NJ I lost the I-6 in a swamp in early 1987, and replaced it with a mildly tweaked 350 4 bolt with a Holley 600. I used Novak Enterprises motor mounts and trans adapter, and they are still holding together today. The 350 lasted 14 years, but finally gave up last year and started spewing oil from every orifice. I'm now running a T.B.I. 305 out of a Caprice wagon. The good old T-176 is still there, but the AMC 20 rear has been replaced by a Dana 44, and both driveshafts have been upgraded. The original 2.72 gears were tossed, and it now runs 3.54's with a Detroit locker in the rear. I used a 4" spring lift (under axle), 15x8 Keystone Vortex wheels and 33x12.50 BFG M/T's. The interior has black Think Jeep high backs, black Steel Horse console, Grant G/T wheel and a Sony AM/FM cassette. I have a Kayline soft top and doors, as well as a bikini top and soft half doors. The original dark green paint is still there, and it still has some shine to it, though you have to look between the branch marks. However, the old dog is starting to shows it's age, with rust coming through below the door openings, and under 1 rear fender flare. If I see a decent Christmas bonus this year, it'll go right to the body shop. The Jeep ain't as pretty as it once was, but every time I take it out of the garage someone asks if he can buy it. When a guy offers enough to pay off my mortgage, I might just think about it.
Pic1 Pic2 068998   eBay, AL 230430718838  
  069006 6cyl, 1/2 ht Michael Wilkie, Ontario Was going to be parted out but previous owner had nothing to do during the winter and did some body work on and slapped on a few parts from an old CJ7. It needs a bit of work new springs, manifolds, tranny and transfer case etc. I plan on keeping it mostly original except for a few upgrades to bring me into the 21 Century. It will be used for daily driving and off road.
  069395   Beedle99 4SP  31"tires, Chevy 304, 1/2 hard top, full soft,+more
  065489   Ray S. TX go to for details and PICS.  Ray also owns #077941

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5

069922   Josh, FL I bought this Jeep from a guy whose grandfather bought it brand new in 81.  When grandpa passed away, he inherited it and didn’t really know what he had.  He parked it in a parking lot here on MacDill Air Force Base with a for sale sign in the window.  I came along 30 minutes later and saw it.  Needless to say, I didn’t waste any time getting to the bank to get what little bit of money he wanted for it.  I am a third generation Jeep nut and have dreamed of owning a Scrambler all of my adult life.  My wife loves Jeeps too and didn’t hesitate to say yes when I asked if I could get it.  I can’t believe I found one in such great shape for a fraction of what it’s worth.  I will cherish it forever.  By the way, it’s not for sale.  The pictures were taken when the other guy had it for sale, hence the for sale sign in the window.  Anyone know where I can get a factory original radio (or good clone) for this baby?
  069950   CJCharlie, OK I bought the Jeep about 3 months from an old man whom I had known and talked Jeeps with for years.  He passed away 2 weeks after selling it to me.  Just been cleaning and taking care of leaks and safety issues for now.  I want to use it this summer and get to work next winter.
  070432   parts Salvage Jeep junkyard, Statesboro, GA. rolled. (912-587-5918 or fax 912-587-2338)
Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 070796   eBay, NC #250567773616 ended at $6,705 reserve not met One owner, Excellent condition with over $14000 in receipts. Original 258 ci engine with 4 speed trans. 4X4. This jeep has new paint and decals. Line X bedliner inside and out. Lecarra wheel, new seats. tuffy console, New radiator, heater core, weather stripping, hitch ,starter, hoses ,belts. new heater cables, windshield , waterpump, 235\75\15 tires. Mechanical work done by Tarheel 4x4 in Charlotte N.C.  Paint and body by SV Productions in Biscoe NC. More parts than i can list, Bid to own this one. By far the best example of a rare Jeep Scrambler I've seen in a long time. Most of these saw a rough life.
  071215 6cyl,4spd Jeff, OH white w/rust trim, Very solid frame, 31x10.50 at tires, putting 2 " lift with lift shackles, full length soft top, third seat in the rear to carry 6 people, tire chains for all four wheels( for ice and snow ) more chains and straps than i can carry in my arms, no electric winch but a well used come-a-long and hi-lift jack, home made gear rack mounted to spare tire mount and front bumper, also a spare parts jeep in the garage w/tilt steering wheel that might find its way onto my scrambler soon
  071224 6cyl Jeremy, VA  



071249 6 cyl, 4 spd,½ hdtop Sam K., WA 4" lift, 31" x 10.5, and just starting. An update of: lock-right's front and rear, and 33x12.5 M/T's, with a custom receiver and bumper/tire combo in the rear. I have ramp tested my drop-tek shackles and I scored 776 for the front and 881 for the rear. The backing up the ramp could have scored higher, but I need longer brake lines in the front and a set of drop-tek in the rear. I'm hoping to get close to 1000 when it's all done.


071686 SL Package Werner Broer, Luenen, Germany I own the Scrambler since February 1997. It will be rebuild to stock in a frame off restoration. If I could close this project I will send you new pictures.
  072120 6cyl, T176 Jeremy Meehan locked, 2.73 axles
  072605   NJ Bound for a junkyard.


072628 ½ hard top Tim Wester, NM Bought this baby about seven years ago. She has an AMC 360 under the hood with an Edelbrock 650, RV Cam, Hooker Headers, Super Trap exhaust, MSD ignition. NP435 Trans. Dana 30 Front, Dana 44 Rear 4:10 R&P w/ posi-trac. Centerforce clutch, Rancho 9000 Shocks, BF Good’s 33x12.5, 12” chrome bullet holes, Leafover and shackle reversal, Half hard top and full soft top by Kayline. This picture is about four years old. It doesn’t show a lot of the new changes.
  072652 6cyl, 4spd Jay Flaming, AK Brown with "custom" half top: CJ7 hardtop shortened by cutting out the middle and fiberglassing it back together. Unknown mileage. Lots of rust.
  073416   Doug 1/2 Hard Top 350 Chevy with Howel Fuel Injection 2 1/2 inch suspension lift 33 inch BFG mud terrain Dana 30 wide track with Lock Right in front Dana 44 wide track in rear 22 gal fuel tank Dana 300 & T176; Future plans include: tweaking the motor for torque OX lock in the rear 4.88 gear front & rear terr low in the transfer case Spring over with YJ springs 35's


FACTORY OPTIONS: Power steering; Power DISC front brakes; Single exhaust; Original 258ci inline 6 cylinder motor; Original automatic transmission; 4wd; Standard black bucket seat interior; Standard half top; Stock 15" steel wheels with BF Goodrich 31" tires

Vehicle comes from New Jersey, where it has been serviced and used on occasion. The car has been amateurly refurbished within the last few years. The previous owner has painted the vehicle in his garage and sprayed rhyno liner to the inside cabin floors and the bed of the truck for lasting effects, and did some mechanical servicing that the car needed such as a newer exhaust system, tune-up and other minor things. When I got the car I sent it to my shop to have the body lightly wetsanded and buffed. I had the stripe kit and hood lettering applied, tidied up the interior by reupholstering the bottom of the driver's seat, spraying the inside of the hardtop and some other minor detailing. Since then I've used the car as my everyday run around driver and it has performed very well and never let me down.

Interior is in GOOD condition with only minor general wear here and there. Seats look good with general wear from coming in and out the car. Door panels very presentable (passenger side missing door pull). Dash pad has one two inch crack by the left corner otherwise looks great. No carpeting. Steering wheel is a little worn on one spoke. Hardtop is very good. Overall a nicely presentable driver quality interior!

Under the hood lies a 100% stock 258ci inline 6 cylinder engine with automatic on the column and WORKING 4wd with locking hubs. The car runs/drives beautifully and starts at the turn of the key. Runs great and idles nicely. Transmission shifts nice and smooth. Brakes stop GREAT. Steering is nice and nimble and the car rides absolutely fantastic for a Jeep and NOT all over the place like most of these older CJs and Scrambles feel like. You can easily FLY IN AND DRIVE THE CAR HOME ANYWHERE, it is that reliable. I've taken it around town and on the highway and it has never let me down.

Not working: horn, wipers (work on/off). Missing: one door pull, shift knob, radio, door weather-stripping. Outer door handles could use paint/replacing as they have some rust bubbles. Underside has a small oil leak but nothing serious and it leaves NO puddles on the floor. Outer rubber window felts could use replacing. That's about all I was able to notice. It may need a few other tiny things as any other used car, so please keep that in mind.
  073890   Rob Elsner, CO I have been looking for the right CJ8 for about six years, finally stumbled upon it last week. I have had several CJ5s and CJ7s but the CJ8 has been my dream. I am now about to strip it down for a nice clean rebuild/upgrade. Plan is to run the 258/T176(new)/D300, 4 inch lift, 33MTs, full family cage, rock sliders, custom bumber and tire carrier. My excitement cannot be contained. I am considering taking a month off work so I can dedicate the time to the Scrambler. Pictures of the current state will be up soon, and I am working on a project website.
  073899   Eric Dixon, TN  
  073910   Mike Givens, OR I have two Scramblers, 1981 & 1982. The 1981 has 60329 original miles 31000 of which I put on. It was factory equipped with a 1/2 hardtop, chrome grill, deluxe interior with high back buckets, tach, clock, carpet, center council, foam dash, Chrome wheels & bumpers, the original red oak side boards and beige tonneau cover and spare tire cover. It has the 258ci 6cyl with a 4 spd. It has a shackle reversal up front, 4" lift, ARB's front and rear, steel brake lines, Warn 8000lb winch, on-board air, 2" receiver hitch on the rear, 33" Pro Comp Mud tires CB,and new am/fm
  073926 L4, SR4, ½ soft top Paul K. '90 -AMC 360, NV4500, M.O.R.E. Shackle Reversal, Wrangler 2.5" Springs, 2.5" Lift, Rancho 9000, RE Disconnects, 33gal tank, 33" BFG M/T, 8,000# Ramsey & full Rhino Hyde


074926   Tony Griffin, LA I just bought a Scrambler with 67k original mileage. I had a friend give me a 4wd magazine which eventually led me to your site. I've never owned a jeep before, but in just a couple of days I have received several offers to more than double what I paid for it. I plan on fixing it up and when I do I'll send you a pic. Bestop highback seats, Bestop console, New SunVisors, KC lights/mounted on windshield hinges, Stainless Steel Mirror Package Stainless Steel Hood Kit Stainless Steel Entry Guards Sidebars with aluminum grip plates Smittybilt Front/tube/ winch bumper Warn Classic 8000lb winch/roller fairlead Smittybilt rear tube bumper Superlift 4" lift kit Skyjacker Nitro-Shocks 33" New Mud Brutes Chrome Bullethole Wheels Factory Fender Flares New header and exhaust New Brakes New Headlights/Chrome rings Hurculiner Spray-in bed liner Hurculiner Spray-in on the interior HuskyLiner Floor Mats As you can tell, I've done a lot of work on her. My wife and I are building a house and I need the money. Tell everyone who would be interested to e-mail or call me. I'm asking $10,000 OBO. Tony Griffin Home: 318-330-9029 (Leave Message)

258 I-6 with 59k original miles

Factory Options: Automatic, A/C, Laredo (clock, tach, leather wrap, striped seats, chrome grill, etc), Hard 1/2 Top

Todd Bailey, TN I recently purchased this Scrambler and will be taking her back to factory (except tires, wheels, suspension).  Rust free Texas Jeep!  Been sitting in storage for the last10 years.
  077941   Raymond S. TX go to for details and PICS.  Ray also owns #065489
  078217   Ed, MS Sat in my father-in-laws barn for 6 years after he passed. I recently got it from Alabama to Mississippi where we began to return it to service last Friday.  Should be drivable by mid May 06.
  078251 6 cyl, 1/2 soft top Christopher Bull I just bought an 1981 cj8. it was an orig. soft half cab but has had a acme full hard top now , 258 six, j20 trans and t-case narrow 30, and 20 axles with a 2.5" lift and 33" tires. i plan a full resto as soon as my cj7 is finished, I'm not sure just what I'm going to do with it. her previous owner didn't take very good care of her so I've got a bit of a project.

Pic1 Pic2

078763   Roger Phillips, UAE Whilst holidaying 3 weeks ago in Chiang Mia, Thailand, yet again, I found and purchased a 1981 Scrambler CJ8, As per attached photo in reasonably good condition, with transplanted Toyota 2.8 diesel engine and 5 speed box, right hand drive  with a fixed steel 1/2 cab top and air-con. Any info on the 1/2 cab would be appreciated as I have not seen this model before, to I intend to refurbish this CJ8 as the need arises and keep you posted of updates. My Jeep family is still growing, now 4, CJ5 in Australia, Wrangler/CJ8 here in the Emirates, and CJ8 and very modified CJ3B in Thailand, photos attached.


078828 6cyl, 4spd, 1/2 hardtop JIM HUGGINS, TX New mods: frame off restoration, 4" lift , 4.10 gears ,solid axles, new brakes and SS brake lines, AMC 20 with auburn posi rear , dana 30 front, rebuilt 258 w/ webber 2 barrel, bed liner inside and underneath, fresh maroon paint job, bestop neoprene seats, all new gauges, 33"super swampers on American racing alum wheels, lots of chrome goodies. Took a little over a year to finish...has been a blast to build and a blast to drive. Will eventually get auto tranny, but thats down the road a ways.


078830   Toby "Mr. Beep" Kelly, IN Also has an '82 and an '84. 258 ci. 6 cylinder is questionable, no trans or transfer, solid chassis, salvageable body, several boxes of parts. lots of pieces, but I believe it's all there.
  078894    Darren Wright Wilmington,  DE Mods:  AMC 360, T150, 4" Lift, 33" Tires
1 2 3 4 078919 258 4 Speed Laredo P/S P/B Tilt 1/2 Hard Top full Soft Top Chrome Wheels, Actually, What is the Laredo package? All Stock, Except Full Top and tires and bumpers Pete Malmberg, DE I've owned it about 7 years. replaced parts that have rusted here and there but always tried to stay as much to stock as possible (O.K., Maybe not the bumper). Needs a little body work as they all do , but this one seems to be in great shape for a CJ. Never had problems with the engine except just recently the water pump went, (original) so I replaced all the hoses, clamps, pump, and thermostat. I do own another '81 Engine that runs strong but needs new main bearings that I might be willing to let go for the cause. My funny story is I bought it after a big snow in Delaware wanting to go 4ing in the snow, it never snowed again over 1/2 inch in Delaware for 5 years ROFL;\. I see another 078*** in Delaware.
  078969 4 cyl/4 spd ½ htp Marley Claridge, NC "i JUST bought it ...  can't wait to get it off road" 
  079009 ½ hard top, tilt, a/c, ps, pb 4sp, 6cyl Benny & Audrey Stewart, TN 150K + miles, all original
  079056 6cyl, 4spd, ½ hdtp Bigrat30, South LA (not L.A.) it is under construction Planning a 3'' tailmaster lift and 33's  fresh coat of yellow paint


079090   Tom Mackey, OH It has the Laredo package, chrome grille, tachometer, factory installed air (i took the air out- its a JEEP, no need for air), factory 1/2 hard top. 33" mud king tires, a 2.5" bds susp. lift, an l6 w/ 390 holley 4bbl on an offenhauser intake, dual outlet header w/ duals, locked f&r axles, rear seat and full soft top. As you can see by the pic, this jeep goes where it wants!
Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 079142 6cyl 4spd Bryan, GA I have 3 Scramblers, all 1981 models!!  Great vehicle for riding in the North Georgia mountains.  Planning on new paint and new engine in the near future for this Tan Jeep.  This Jeep has soft top, short hard top, full steel doors and half steel doors.  Other Jeeps:  Tan Scrambler Laredo (not pictured), Red Scrambler (not pictured). 


079196 Auto, hardtop Bill Miller, Ga. 360 V8, Auto, 4" Lift, wide track conversion, 33x12.50 BFG ATs, Trailmax Pro seats, Tuffy console, tilt, full interior bedliner, Wrangler doors/mirrors, virtually all original parts replaced. It's essentially a 2000 Scrambler. Built by White Brothers of Suches, Ga., 706/747-1291.
  079219   Marco Streeter, MI 350 chevy,350 turbo,locked dana44s f&r; 4:10 gears ,B&M shift kit, Dual ratchet shifter, Chevy 6 lug wheels, Moser axles(Rear), 8000#Warn, Custom bumper brush guards,  35" Ground Hogs ,4" soa, Custom paint, Absolutely no rust, never seen a winter, Only 27.000 mi.
  079266   Dave Johnson, MO  



079322 6cyl,hardtop Mark Beguelin, NV mopar mpi warn 8274, on board air; dual optima batteries; premier power welder; custom roll cage; dana 44 up front, ford sterling 14 bolt rear; 4:10 gears w/ arb front/rear/ ; 35x12.5x16 goelanders; all CA4WD safety and recovery equipment; too many other extras to mention SEE 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine, readers rigs, July 2001 issue.
  079326 6cyl, 4spd P. Silfven, RI Tan, Original plus small lift. Rust-free. Due for complete restore.
  079345   Robert Ameeti, CA  
Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 079362   eBay, WI #260541131118

ended @ $3070 reserve not met

258 inline 6 cyl automatic with power steering & air conditioning, 94k original miles. Original paint with 33" new tires. 4WD works great! Typical Jeep rust but frame is solid. Hard top and doors included. The BAD one of the brake lines is broke , have the replacement . one of the transmission lines to cooler has slight drip, should be replaced. also the fuel lines are rusty and will need to be replaced at some point. please only bid if you are serious...please ask questions if you have any ... ...... I do not want to sell but do not have time to restore. Low reserve, taking a loss on this vehicle - so do not let the this opportunity pass you by!
  079398 4spd, hardtop Joshua Finkler, CA it already looks different (tossed the running boards, removed some superfluous chrome, etc) new 304 v-8, more chrome than I'm comfortable with, Sanford & son two-tone paint job
  079438   parts Salvage Jeep junkyard, Statesboro, GA Tub only. Frame missing.
  079459 A/C Web Skinner, TX Just lucked into this one. Found it in the local free paper. Everyone here seems to want it, and wonder where I got it. She's listed with 173K miles, but after changing a badly worn timing chain, distributor, radiator, water pump, alternator, fuel pump and rear brakes, I think 273K is closer to the mark. Now that I've blown my budget, paint and some minor bvody work will have to wait. With a primer gray front and copper rear, my friends think it's definitely my kind of vehicle.
1 2 3 4 5 079492 Cameo Tan Nutmeg Interior Dealer installed crusie control. 6 Cylinder AM Radio PS, PB, Auto, Factory AC, Smokers Package, 15x8 Factory White Wheels, Hood Decals Kyle T., San Antonio, TX USA Just underwent a minor freshening up. Repainted original color. Swapped interior color to black as I could not find replacement Nutmeg seats and center console.  Added 1983/1984 Renegade stripes as I like those more than the original stripes from 1981.  No rust- all sheetmetal is original.  Spray in Bedliner for protection- this is my run to Home Depot truck.  Used an add a leaf up front to make room for the 32" tires.  Atlas 15x8 wheels.  Everything works on this vehicle. Right now has 142K miles on the odometer. When I bought it it had been sitting for about 4 years.  I had it towed to my house and and 4 months of hardwork later and this is what I ended up with.  It is a great driver and an attention getter whenever I drive it.  I am in the process of completing another 1981 Scrambler the same exact color only 67K original miles and SR4(yuck) transmission.  I will post that information shortly.

Pic1 Pic2

079532 4 cylinder, 4 speed, soft top  Kim Watson, Colorado Springs, CO Currently: AMC 360, with Fuel Injection, 727 HD Torqueflite transmission. Purchased as a project truck.  Replaced entire cabin floor and truck bed.  Essentially stock under the skin.  New American Racing wheels, shocks, top, springs, 4" lift, re-painted original Desert Tan color with after-market stripes, spray-in bed liner, lights, flares, hard and soft doors, 31" tires.
  079539   Tony Weimer, Rutherford TN Am now in the 3rd year of frame up rebuild. 350 crate w/4 barrel carb.... auto trans Both 1/2 hard top and 1/2 soft top Planned color..... blue w/gray interior..... Wife  wants lotsa stainless steel goodies.... who am I to disappoint her.... pics coming soon
Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 079542   eBay, PA #280455580607 Not street legal at least not in PA. I don't want to get rid of it but I don't have the time to work on it and rarely use it more than a few times a year. Rears are full sized Dodge Dana 60's with 4 wheel disc brakes. Rears have 4.10 gears with welded spiders and turn 38-15.5-16.5 Ground Hawg radials. Front rear is a king pin set up, I have the high steer installed for the steering arm, I have the rest of the high steer set up for the tie rod ( not installed). Buggy has leaf springs over axles. The front spring mounts have been outboarded to accept the dana 60 mounts. The frame is boxed and reinforced at the rear spring mounts. Drive shafts are custom made CV shafts. Motor is a 81 Chevy 350 with a holley truck avenger carb, block hugger headers, optima yellow top battery and a high torque starter. The tranny is a 79 TH350 with a ratchet shifter. The transfer case is a NP-205, not sure what year. Jeep has power steering with aux cooler and power brakes (could use a new master cylinder or seal). I have a aux tranny cooler with 10" fan not installed that I will include. The body is a cut down scrambler tub. The drivers side floor is shot as is the body mount under the drivers seat. The front fenders are cut out. I will include a strong running spare 79 350 motor, a rebuildable TH 350 tranny ( need clutch packs),extra hood (has some surface rust), a good NP-203 transfer case, and a good Ford Dana 60 open rear with 4.10 gears.
  079557 6cyl,4spd,tilt,tach and clock, chrome grill&mirrors, frame cover, leather wrapped grab bar and steering wheel, chrome wheels, underhood light, trac lock differential, half cab hard top, high back bucket seats, chrome bumper Eddy Peacock AL Mods: 2 inch body lift with 33x12.50 Super Swampers, grill guard, 100 watt off road 6" lights
  079564   Ray F., NJ I located and purchased this one near Atlanta, GA in 2000 for $6000.  I could tell that alot of money was put into it, but the owner couldn't provide the time to keep it up.  The body had zero rust (on top or below), was lined with Rhinoliner brand coating and had an aftermarket full hard top and doors.  The interior was completely customized with a newly design dash (all new Autometer gauges and aircraft switches), very comfortable Bestop seats and a Tuffy console with an Alpine stereo.  It was lifted 4", had a Chevy (ZZ3) 350 and a Clark 5 speed tranny with a Dana 300 behind it. The rear AMC 20 had the tubes stitch-welded to the diff, Moser axles and 3.73 gears with an air locker that didn't work.  The front gears still had the stock ratio R & P, so I couldn't use 4 wheel drive.  With old 35" Fun Country mudders, the front end shook so bad, I didn't know if I was going to make it home to SC (at the time).  Since then, I've done alot of front end work and restored the highway drivability to better than new.  It now sports 33 BFG M/Ts, a functioning rear air locker, a new front air locker and 4.56 gears.  The full hard top was traded for a half hard top and half soft top.  It is my third vehicle, but is driven the most, pulling double duty as a daily driver (70 miles a day) and still doing some moderate wheeling every few weeks.  I'm never getting rid of it! 

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8 Pic9 Pic10 Pic11 Pic12 Pic13 Pic14 Pic15 Pic16

079596 6cyl 5spd eBay CA #320480699105 2nd Owner; 99,900 miles; Cameo Tan Paint, with Nutmeg interior

This Jeep wears its original paint and decals! Its incredible to see how clean this Jeep is, for being 29 years old. Its in near perfect condition, as the pictures show. Would you rather have a Jeep that has been torn apart and reassembled or one that is original? This Jeep came with the Laredo option, the top of the line. The Laredo option came with:
Leather wrapped steering wheel, Front Frame Cover, Leather wrapped grab bar, Pinstriped instrument Panel, Courtesy lights, Special Door trim panels, Indoor/Outdoor carpeting ( Removed, didn't want any rust issues on the floor. Replaced with OEM Jeep rubber mat.) Chrome Front bumper, Chrome grill overlay, Tachometer and Clock(both work), Special Seat Upholstery, Hood Insulation

This Jeep has Options that were not in the Laredo package:
Air Conditioning(blows very cool), Chrome Rear Step bumper, Rear Trac lock, Marchal Fog lights-OEM Accessory, Rear Rubber bed mat, Rear Bed Cover, Padded Console

This Jeep runs and shifts perfectly. I replaced the shifter with a one piece Hurst shifter, the factory shifter is a 2 piece, piece of junk. The rear tire carrier has been removed, I wanted a cleaner look, but I have it as well, and will be included with the Scrambler. I also have the OEM stock wood rails, which are in perfect condition. Also installed are the door mount Wrangler mirrors. This Jeep just passed California emissions perfectly. Brakes are like new. In 1995 the Odometer stopped working at 99,100 miles, its was placed with a Speedometer from a Jeep wrecking yard that had 73,112 miles. The Scrambler had a 2" Superlift lift kit installed when I bought it, along with a rear sway bar. I have the full Carfax also, run on 1-26-09, which will show the mileage difference. No repairs, no rust. The bed shows some normal scratches, but it only takes one look to realize that this 2 owner Jeep has been garaged and babied its whole life. Non smoker, adult owned, never off road.
Here is your chance to own an original, smog legal Scrambler that hasnt been torn apart or abused. I have the title in my name, its registered and smogged. No games, no bs.
This Jeep has been driven less than 1000 miles in the last 14 years!

I've got an offer from a local for $18,000, reserve the right to end early.

  079625 6cyl, auto, ps, tach, clock, ½ hdtp George Steele, WA All stock 125,000 miles
Yes Yes 079688   Kory Merrill half top and tonneau from kayline, hoodlift system. Next is a spring over and 35x15.50 baja claws.  This scrambler was made in 1981, but wasn't sold until 1983. It was the display jeep for the Detroit auto show. Not a bad find. This will also blow your mind, I paid $2500 for it.
Pic1 Pic2 079942 4cyl, 4spd Jody Fryer  
  079950 6 cyl., 4 speed Brian Moore, TX It's maroon. Right now it's stock but future plans include a suspension lift, new paint, and replacement of all factory graphics.
  080035 6cyl, 4spd, ½ hdtp Shawn Jordan, GA basically stock I do run 31/10.50/15 on 15x10 chrome rims Update: after several persisting problems I have pulled my scrambler out of service and started frame out work.
  080155   James Shelley I have owned my cj-8 for 11 years. It is very much a part of the family. I have made many a modification to it. Some of them three or four times, you know how some don't work the way you had hoped others that just become inadequate as you use the jeep more. Anyways in its current form; it has Ford 9" with a detriot locker 4.11 gears trutrack locker in the front. weber, headers, 4" skyjacker, spring over in rear, shackle reversal front, AGR pump and box, flaming river steering rod, CV joints front and rear drive shafts, Custom made bumpers front and rear so the warn 8274 winch can be used front or rear, full rag top, painted with roll on bed liner, bushwacker flat top fender flares, 35 x 12.50 mud terrains on 15 x 10 steel wheels. The 258 is stock and has 159000 miles on it. mated too the T-176 tranny and dana 300 t-case. Also have one that was scrapped for parts.
  080165   Claus Langrock, Berlin, Germany He has six total! Two other '81s, an '83 and two '85s. This one is: Beige SR short Hardtop, 304 V8, NP435, 2" Suspension, 33x12,5x15 AT´s on 10x15 whitewheels, first paint + original decals, 100% Rustfree, outside fenderwell headers + sidepipes

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

080169   Kristy Wicklund, GA 4.0 L Fuel Injection / T-18 trans / 4.56 gears / TCD20 / Dana 44 front & rear / Detroit Lockers front & rear / 4" suspension lift / 3" body lift / reversal shackles / 35" x12.50s SSR / Custom exo & 6 point / 8000 lb winch / Corbeau 3 point harness / racing bucket seats working on: onboard air / more articulation / 

  097660   Judd Austin,CA I was looking at Wranglers when I stumbled on how cool the CJ-5 was in comparison, which led me to the CJ-7, and finally to the CJ-8. I dove into the Internet and found a guy selling this beauty 5 miles from my house. 106k, Stock Burgundy with Silver and Grey stripes stock in and out, rust free, 4.0 upgrade, new tires, ignition, three tops, everything's in great shape. Looking forward to owning this classic beast!
  152756   Dan Engerran, TX (SE) This one started out very clean.  I am the second owner.  It had 65000 original miles, however, it was a ranch truck in west Texas and never left 2 gear or 4 wheel drive.  The engine was tired.  I have stripped it to the bare frame, galvanized the frame, shackle reversal, body lift, total of about 6.5 lift. 33x12x15.  Linexed the bottom and inside of tub.  Right now it is being painted.  It will have a 350/700r4/d300 combination with D44 axles.  I will send you some pics when I get a chance.
  680588 fully equiped, has absolutely every option Javier Acuna, Santiago, Chile Still stock and original paint and miles. Only upgrade, weber and cliffornd parts.
      Tim Blue, 33" mudders, 360 V8, Dual headers
    T-5 Paul Burghardt, UT 2.5" Rancho lift,  Warn 9000lb winch,  a cutter 6=8 engine conversion with a edelbrock carburetor, 1/2 hardtop
    L6, 4spd, P/S, P/B, tilt, A/C Matt posi, Full Hardtop
      Herman Hernandez D44 front, model 20 rear from a narrow track wagoneer.  A 360 cid V8 with a 727 torqueflite 3 speed, 4" susp. lift
    "The works" Bill My first car/jeep. Been in my basement for the last 10 years.
    L6,5spd James Lotspeich  
      Klm197/California White, ½ hardtop, full doors, new tires, new seat for wife
    L6 Joe Glassmeyer AMC 401
    L6,Ford T-18 Darren Perkins Shackle Reversal
    info later.. Mark  
    L6, SR4, A/C James Adams 360 V8, Ford T-18, lockers, 4:10, 7" lift, more.
      Flatlander Jeep Club 360/Scout T19/Scout D300; D44front, D60 rear, 3.73s
    304V8 Don Ford T-18, widetrac axles ARB F&R, 4" lift, 8000# winch See it on under links
      Martha Urbino, CA  
      Robert Joyce running boards, hard, soft and bikini tops
    4 gears, 6 cyl, ½ hardtop Toni Kozul, Austria! yellow, sr4 trans
      Todd, NC chevy v8, 4" suspension lift, 33" tires,  AJ's full hardtop, and it is yellow.


  6cyl, 4spd Tom Keyes, CO 160,000 mi., ½ top w/ sliding rear glass & custom soft rear top, 3" tube bumpers
      Shawn 4" spring 2" body, 35's 20 rear w/ 1 piece and arb's 4:56, 30 front arb 4:56, 258 (soon to be 350 chevy), t-18.  reverse shackles, straight body except dents from rubicon, patched oil pan due to rubicon rip (thanks duffy). winch, plus lots more
      Jeremy Meehan also has an '82
    6cyl, 4spd Karin Mitchell 170+ miles, custom fiberglass full hard top
    6cyl Brad Wallace 727 torqueflite, hardtop, with padded dash ,ash tray, radio and carpet
    6cyl, 4spd, ½ hardtop Ken Tiu, Long Island NY 31" tires, also has an '82


    Chad Dixon, TN Ford 351EFI.
    6cyl  T.C. Tindall, AZ 2½" Rancho lift (304 is a building and will go in late winter or early spring)
      John Hargett, TX Central Texas Jeep & Off Road; San Marcos, Texas  512-396-0906
    6cyl, auto Dana Biagini, MA I am beginning to restore parts of it.  most of the body is too rusted to save. I am going to have to replace the "bed" with a wooden version, but not until I repair all the rot in the frame.  Hopefully it will live to see the trail again.
      Mrs. Joseph Jones, KY  
      Teddy, FL  
      Debra, IN i wanted a scrambler ever since the first time i saw one
      Kory Merrill Shown at Detroit Auto Show in 1981!!!
      Brian Calhoun, MS I intend to restore it from the ground up. about the only parts I will keep, are the aluminum rims, and the serial #.
      Paul and Kathy Three total, '81, '82 and an '85
      Bill Himelright, VA  
    4 cyl, 4spd, 1/2 hdtop Ed Mahland, PA The previous owner took of the roll bar disposed of it. I am having a hard time locating a stock replacement for it. I would appreciate any help in this problem. I am located outside Pittsburgh, PA in a smaller town called little Wsashington, PA. My e mail address is

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

    Dave Egan, IA  
      Ron Spivey, IN Sprung over, rebuilt inline 6 (289+/-), webber carb, headers old T5, arb lockers front and rear, 4.11, 33s
      Mike King, VA 120thous actual miles I believe I'm the 3rd owner it was originally bought/used by the national forest . It still has the impression print on the side of the door for now. paint job is only about 1 or 2 months away gotta finish the other goodies
      Kelly Leinen, CO It used to have the 151 but I have since put in a Chevy 350. I also removed the old body and put on a fiberglass body. Here is a before and after pic....
      JD Harding, NM I just finished rebuilding the transmission and put a 4" superlift spring lift kit, RS 5000
      LINERONPHX, AZ I bought in California when I was in the Marine Corps. I have really taken care of it, it has 205000 miles on it. I frequently get offers for it, as much as 7000 for it. but I would never sell it. It's the sportsmen who really want it because it's a Jeep with a bed.


    Woody Gunter, NC Fire engine red, soft top, 258 inline6, 31 in. bfgoodrichs, and a 2 in. lift.  Every time I take it out around town, People can't help but to stare at this little beauty
      Alex Gunter, NC {Webmaster: Yep, Woody's twin brother! How cool!}  33inch BFG mud turrains. 2.5 inch lift. New chevy 350. Dark Hunter Green. Rhinolined bed. Full soft top. Wrangler doors and seats. It is a head turner.
      Matthew Lutz Rhino-lined, rust-free body a great piece of farm equipment excellent mods. include propane tank front bumper, air cylinder rear bumper, roof deck over bed w/ hand winch. lots of aux. lighting. Just repainted green.
      James Coleman, CA beginning total rebuild
      Matthew Lutz  
    4cyl 4spd Flipper E. So far in 3 yrs. I've had 100 people want to buy or have me price it.  It needs a lot of work but I don't mind. My family & I love to drive it. I've got some pals that ride Harleys, so I sometimes call it the Harley Scrambler or Jeephog. Good to see others so I can get ideas for mine.
    4cyl, 4spd Brad Simpson, PA "bone stock"
      Brad Simpson, PA mid-rebuild


  4 cyl, 4spd Diane Hawks, CA This Scrambler is currently for sale (follow the link for details). Narrow track, Copper color, NO RUST, VERY CLEAN, VERY STRAIGHT, Totally Stock, 73k original miles, never been off road.
    6cyl Diane Hawks, CA This Scrambler is an SL model and currently has an Inline 6, T-19 trans, D20 t-case, 2" lift, 32" tires, mostly stock. It will soon get a 302 Ford V8, an NP235 trans, sprung over, 35x15x12.5 tires, wide track axles with 4:10's and a locker in the rear. I want to paint it black with orange stripes. (No Picture yet)
      Mark Chambers 4" Suspension lift, 2" body, 35x12.5 BFG Mudders. Detroit Locker in Dana 44 rear, stock Dana 30 w/ lock-rite front. Warn 9000. 258 bored 60 over, Clifford Performance cam, intake manifold, rebuild kit. Holley 390 4bbl. Front fenders professionally "Flat Fendered", original style lines along bottom of fenders raised (really cool effect) Painted 98 Range Rover Defender Yellow, bed liner sprayed throughout interior, undercarriage, frame - liner wraps around up onto the style lines along the fenders. 15x10 American Racing Aluminum wheels.
    6cyl, 4spd Cody Kiers, IA dual exhaust with all smog junk thrown off. It is maroon and has a half top. The body is in sad shape complete with rust holes but I'm hopping to some day put a fiberglass body on it. It has a 4-speed manual that came out of a Ford truck. The guy who I bought it from blew out the original 4-speed and put that in. It also has a factory track lock too. I live in the northwest corner of Iowa the land of no mountains and stinky pigs. My Scrambler gets out of the garage only a few times a year and once a year to  the Black Hills in South Dakota in Jan. to have fun there.
    6cyl, auto Travis Seifert, ND On Dodge 3/4 Ton frame
    6cyl, auto Travis Seifert, ND Stock


  6cyl, 3spd, ps, pb Selig Plapp I bought last year to turn into my daily driver I intend to restore it close to stock. This is the second Scrambler Ive owned (kicked myself countless times for letting the first one go) but I intend to be burried in this one. Im also enclosing the web page of my club you'll find pictures there of the first scrambler.
      Thomas Smythe, NV Purchased by me at an auction from Nellis Air Force Base here in Las Vegas, NV in 1992. 2.5 4 cyl. engine-SR 4 trans-3.55 gear ratio. Updated to 195 horsepower 4 cyl.-Keith Black pistons, Total Seal rings, Shot-peened & Bushed con. rods, Lightened & balanced rotating assy., Custom ground solid lifter camshaft, Harland Sharp roller rocker arms, Larger valves (.!00" long), Cyl. head fully ported, center exhaust port bridge area welded up to make 4 individual ports, high volume oil pump, 6 qt. oil pan, Offenhauser intake mfld., Holley 390 cfm carb., Clifford header, 2" Flowmaster exhaust, New World Products 5 speed trans & shifter assy., Richmond Gears with Auburn posi & 4.10 ratio, door panels & kick panels upholstery with carpet and getting ready for paint now with addition of stainless accys. Driven every day to work etc. for past 9 years-still passes smog & gets 18 miles to the gallon! Passes cars going uphill in the wind in 4th gear-no problem!
      Hank Nunes, Bay Area California I have had my Scrambler since it was new,back in 1981. I've been the only owner and it has been given me great pleasure for all these years.
      Donald King, MO Also has an '82

Pic 1 Pic 2

  6cyl, AC James LePage, MD Modified for rock crawling, 258, 3" super lift, 35" tires, locked rear, and a full roll cage.
      Scott Ripple, CO I purchased it 2 years ago and began a conversion to create the ultimate (for me and my family) rockcrawler. Having previously owned a 79 CJ-5 I wanted something with more room and more stability. I completed a full frame off "restoration" including many frame mods to create the basic platform. Some details include: 83 mustang 5.0 engine; NV4500 trans; Atlas II extreme T-case; Dual Dana-60s (5.86 gears, ARBs); Total gearing 143:1; Spring under suspension to retain the lowest profile possible for stability; (3 inch body lift, fender cutting); Revolvers at both ends; AGR Rock Ram Steering; Air bags at all four corners to allow increased stability in those REALLY off-camber spots Front 12000 pound and rear 6000 pound Warn winches 23 gallon gas tank; Engine driven air compressor with backup electric compressor (Roll cage doubles as an air tank) 39.5 TSL Swampers mounted on custom bead locks (Spare mounted inside to reduce overhang and decrease CG); Bedliner inside and under the body; Custom aluminum dash; The usual body armor including 3/8" steel plate under the critical parts; (weighs 150 pounds); GPS; done more, but I've never seen one like it.
    V-6, manual trans Kyle, Ontario  


    Brandon Joyce, WA It's am an 81 1/2 cab with 123,000 on the 258. Auto 3 speed. It has 30 inch all terrains on it right now. AM going to run these until they get used up. I am going to buy a winch in March and may find an auto 4 speed sometime. Not alot of plans for beefing it up to much, I like it the way it is.
      Jimmy Williams, GA Also has two 1982s and a 1984. Jealous? I am!
    6cyl, 4spd Robert Coleman 52,000 original miles Used as a daily driver and farm vehicle Lizzie is in excellent shape and is becoming a resto project soon, along with her sister Loretta (76 CJ-5).
    4 cyl, ps, pb, amc 20 twin grip rear diff Dan Asbjornsen my other friends who were building boat motors took a 3.8 (229ci) odd fire v-6 put 305 v-8  0.60 over pistons in it, balanced the rods, wrist pins and pistons, the extreme weight spread on the assemblies is 0.28 grams ! added a marine 4-bbl manifold, marine cam, hi-vol oil pump off a v-8 and a heavy flywheel to smooth out the idle somewhat, and put it in my neat jeep.. last fall The Boat Top Shop custom made a short full top and doors of sunbrella, green of course.. ( they didn't have camo in the heavy material.) Now it's a warm jeep to ride in even in the cold. It has rear seats, an extra 28 gallon aircraft fuel cell ( jump-tank) tires are 9.50x30  or 10 x 31, can't remember. this fall it also got all new springs (1" lift), shocks, new v-8 radiator, steering box and new ps pump. also re-converted from marine point ( no vacuum advance) back to gm hei with vac adv. a little nicer on the freeway and a little more low end...
    4cyl Buck I got it out of my cousin's field, and am going to restore\build it. The engine runs, the body needs work. it has hard doors, and is basically stock. I could have driven it home but towed it. I've had it for about 18 mos. and have fixed a badly dented front fender.

Pic1 Pic2

  4cyl, 4 spd, fact 1/2 top, ps, pb Gerald full kayline fastrack soft top, bikini top, bestop console, foldntumble rear seat, kenwood cd, full steel doors, soft half doors, 32" mud bfg's, warn 8500lb winch, diamond plating , stainless steel trim, hi'-jack lift, nerf bars.
    6cyl, 4spd, Laredo, 1/2top Greg Acme full hard top with sliding glass windows and a hatch. I have about 156k miles on it with no major motor work done on it yet.
      PA green with tan top; Stock 81 CJ-8,Its my daily ride. It has an after market full length hard top. I just finished rebuilding the tranny, exhaust, break master cylinder, front drive line u-joints, front axel u-joints, tie-rod ends, sway bar bushings, fixed clutch linkage. That's it for now I'm out of money.
      Phil Peterson, CA Copper color
      Paul Caulkett, CA owns two '81s
      Paul Caulkett, CA owns two '81s


    Brad, AK Has three 84's too, one's a Postal.
      "Beemer190", NY  

Pic1 Pic2

  Heat, 8-track Brandon Vaughan, NC

Toms Creek Farm & Nursery

Been in my family for its entire existence. We use it on our 500 acre nursery in the fields. Recently I installed new springs (1" lift) shocks, and wheels/ tires. Plans in the works to replace 4cyl with a V8 this summer.


    William Sease Owned since 1981. Under way of restoring some aspects.
      Mark, NY I got it new in 1/5/82 i put 200000 miles on by 1986 kill the 6cyl. put in a 350 with turbo 400 tran. 8 in of lift 35x12.50 x15 bfg. redoing the truck from ground up. we are up 350000 mile.
      Dodd Coleman, VA lockers, 5.5" lift, efi, 360 V-8

Pic1 Pic2

  6cyl, 4spd Steve This rig I can honestly say is awesome. First I scrapped out the 6 cyl and T4 Dropped in a 318 Grand Cherokee tuned port engine back it up w/727 auto freshened up the 300 w/4:1 terra kit, currie twin stick reinstalled w/go to guy engineering clocking ring. She is flat across frame made custom tube skid plate 27" from garage floor to belly pan. Then got DynaTrac 60 for rear w/4:56 and Detroit 6 lug. Presently building high pinion 44 w/ 60 outers w/ arb. built a custom full cage corbua forza seats, bobbed off roughly 12" retained factory rear roll bar hoop not the legs (too short) bead lock Enki wheels 37"x13'x15 boggers. Presently held up by 4" black diamond spring over shackle reversal Wagoneer 44 lockrite in the front. soon to be for sale complete. Presently stripped apart in prep for new color. Whole thing will be same color as wheels. Also has under hood premier power welder. recovery equipment is warn 95I pull pall, arb snatch and tree straps. Attached 2 photos one from turkey day 01 and a recent pic.
      Calvin Weichert, NH VIN Missing. year unknown
      Roger Phillips, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates I recently rescued a CJ8/ Wrangler on its way to the junk yard after it had spent the last year sitting in the desert going rusty, and will give you some brief info as far as I can tell so far, as I am carrying out a ground up rebuild with very long distance help and parts supplied by 4 Wheeldrive Hardware in Ohio. CJ8 frame and tub with YJ front end, 6 cylinder 4lt, 5 speed manual, Dana 44 rear & 30 front with discs. Assembled in Egypt for the U.A.E. military we think about 86-88 and then sold off to private industry and very missused. We have been unable to find a VIN number, only frame number 051552 Canada and engine number L705C12, other numbers we are finding as sand blasting and cleanup progresses. The only parts salvagable were frame, engine, gearbox and axles, hence a total rebuild with new fibreglass body keeping YJ front, suspension with 4 inch lift, wiring etc etc arriving from U.S. end of this month. Have located one other here owned by local Jeep agent, with full hardtop all in very good condition with VIN. If you or any of your contacts can help with identification or advise on rebuild I would very much appreciate it.
      Chuck, NC  
      Brett Mazzeo, DE 360... still working on it.

Pic1 Pic2

    Bailey, PA  
      James Rhodes, OK Had a Chevy 350 in it when I bought it. [work in progress]
      Leslie Totten, OR I have 2 Scramblers, '81 and '83. the '81 is in Resto' and the '83 is a daily driver. always looing for another one.
    6 cyl George Whigham, PA I have 2 (yes2) 1981 CJ8 Scramblers. Both are prety much stock. And used all the time. One is only used in the summer time (good weather).
    6 cyl George Whigham, PA (cont.) The other has a snow plow attached.
    6 cyl Jeff Kranning, IN
    258/sr4 Allen, Wyoming 31 spline 9" with detroit locker and moser axles, 3.73, wide track/ front still stock wide track with 3.73. 350 SBC w/ alu performer heads, roller rockers, TRW forged pistons, steel crank, Comp Cams valve train, holley off-road carb (for now). SM465, centerforce DF clutch. Alu radiator. 100 louvers in the hood (for cooling) and glovebox lid (just because). Home built rock bumpers front and rear, home built side bars. 4" Rancho lift & BFG 33/9.5/15 on Weld wheels. Oversize fuel tank.

Engine and trans are on engine hoist ready for install. Also have 14 bolt and dana 60 axels for a spring over and 35"s in the near future.







  Tilt Steering Dusty D., CA Unfortunately mine was wrecked and the wrecking yard pulled the vin plate (supposedly mailed it into the state of Montana since it was a destroyed salvage vehicle) and would not sell me the tub with the plate best I can tell you is it was an 1981 according to the vin before they drilled and removed it, it came with V-8 motor mounts (who knows if there was a swap at one time) along with a T-176 crossmember and floor pan for such. It also had the roll bar mounted tire carrier and a cut up and a battered renegade dash. It now has an AMC 401 with Edelbrock aluminum heads and Edelbrock MPFI; NV4500 tranny and D300 T-case; D-44 Front D-60 rear 4.88:1 gears; RE 4.5" Wrangler SUA lift; Modified Trailquest 24 gallon tank (more like 22 gallons now); custom cut dash; Ramsey 10k winch; it'll always be a soft top rig. the pictures will give you an idea of what it started with and what it is now. It runs and drives as of yesterday.
      Fred "John Doe" Parted out in Alaska


    Steve Novorr amc 304,3 speed trans,33" MTA, fiberglass front end, full cage, dana 44 w/ detroit locker in rear

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8 Pic9 Pic10 Pic11 Pic12

    Jack Nobles, GA For Sale:
The blue one is a 1981 6 cyl 258 4 speed, power steering rhino lined through out, 5 new 10" Micky Thompson wheels and tires 33-12.5 MTX  suspension lift new shocks New paint , new bestop seats grey New gages, all stainless steel acc.and bolts, one of the sharpest looking Scramblers left. Also have a matching trailer made from a Jeep cut in half with locking aluminum top with gas springs.  22000.00 for Jeep 24000.00 for both, 57880 miles.
Call 478-697-4623


    Jack Nobles, GA
The black one is a 1981 6 Cyl 258 Power steering and brakes, 4000.00 disasembled paint job, excelent original air conditioner, T4 4 speed trans.10000 niles on machin shop rebuilt engine, NO  RUST before restoration, just like the maroon one all stainless steel 37000 miles 22000.00
Call 478-697-4623


    Jack Nobles, GA
The Red one 258 6 Cly 4 speed Power steering and brakes, 5 New 10" aluminum bullet hole wheels, Rhino lined through out, very little rust 93000 miles 9500.00 
Call 478-697-4623 (year not reported)


    Gerd Heiner, Austria Bought a Scrambler out of Cullman, AL, will register it in FL, might eventually take it over to Austria, where I'm located right now.



    J. Lee, FL

71k original miles. Original Paint (front 2 fenders have been repainted. Very well setup. Dana 44 rear w/ Moser axles 4.56 gears. Lock Rites front and rear. 6 seater (4 kids). It has the 4.0 head on it, dual Flowmaster exhaust (I love the sound of Flowmasters), Header, intake hand throttle,CB, 8500lb winch on the front and all the other fun stuff. The only rust I can find is some slight bubbling around 1 of the door hinges. It is currently in West Palm Beach Florida (where it is completely useless other than to run to the beach).


I was in Moab with a friend and mentioned I wanted a Scrambler so I could fit my whole family in to go wheeling and he said I have a friend who wants to sell his. So I asked what he wanted and he didn’t know. So a month later we were in Moab again and his friend came driving up in this Scrambler and I thought “wow that is nice there is no way I can afford that Jeep”. So I asked him how much he was asking and he said “x amount” and my proverbial jaw hit the floor and I said I’ll take it no questions asked. Come to find out it has garaged most of it life and taken out 1 time a year for the Easter Safari. When I got it it had 67k miles on it. I can honestly say that this is the only off road vehicle my wife really like and will NOT let me sell. We love it., PA

304 v8; 33" mudders; 3" body & 2" suspension lift! looking for off-road fun in Lehigh Valley
      Joey, TX <see below>
      Mark, TX

I have an 81 scrambler in the middle of a frame off resto. I am from Gunter, Texas , The jeep will have a 4’’ lift with 35’’s everything else will be stock, I went to Iowa to pick this one up. Pretty rusty but I have just about got it ready to paint. My son has a scrambler to, its an 81 also , daily driver , Dallas Tx, his name is Joey



    José Luis Rodríguez C.

Hi Chris, receive a big hand shake from Nuevo Casas Grandes, at the end of the Chihuahua desert and the beginning of the "sierra Tarahumara", I have a ´81  CJ8, in regural conditions and no drastical modifications on it, and used to get up to the near mountains to give service to radio equipment.

        Total loss reported.  No VIN listed.






Post '86

My home pages start at:

Production data by way of Jurgen on the Belgian Jeep Page

1981 : 8355

1982 : 7759

1983 : 5405

1984 : 4130

1985 : 2015

1986 :  128


total = 27.792 ex.

I'm told that CJ-8s were built on exported licenses until 1990.  I have at least one 1990 registered, built in Israel.

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