Scrambler parts for sale:
 I must say again - I'm just relaying the info, I don't know anything about the validity or value of the following info. K? <grin>

If you would like to post something here, email me with all the details & pictures.

Check these out, then go to and look at Matt's list... lotsa activity there.

Check out - no, really! There is usually something there! Search for "Jeep Scrambler" and/or "Jeep CJ-8"

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SCRAMBLER hood decals, made and sold by Tom for $45, see his website:

hooddecal.jpg (101551 bytes)

Bear Paws Off Road; 715 E. Main St.; Lander, Wyoming 82520; 1-888-757-2327 or 307-332-5159

David "Papa Bear" Mc Ilrath

Front Bumpers Starting @ $169.00 + shipping

Rocker Gaurds Starting @ $179.00 w/o step $199.00 w/ step + shipping

Rear Bumpers Starting @ $169.00 + shipping

Rear Bumper/Swing Out Tire/gas can/handyman Jack Carrier $500.00 + shipping

Can also make them for CJ-5, Cj-6, CJ-7's

mcilrath_back.jpg (33888 bytes) mcilrath_back2.JPG (449651 bytes) mcilrath_front.JPG (432142 bytes) mcilrath_fronthoop.jpg (42209 bytes) mcilrath_side.JPG (435893 bytes) mcilrath_sidedown.JPG (425893 bytes) mcilrath_swing.JPG (430482 bytes)

CJ-8  Scrambler Emblems.JPG (461200 bytes) CJ-8 on Jeep I.JPG (438556 bytes)

The Scrambler & CJ8 emblems are now finished and ready to order. Please see Initial order lead time will be approximately 3 weeks. I will accept cashiers check or PayPal (add 2.9% + $.30 for Credit Cards) and money orders. Please contact me for further information. Again, these are replicas of the originals and may not be exact matches to the OE. Hope you like them !!!!! I think they turned out great and look good on my '83. If you would like to order, please contact me at for instructions.

Thanks, Chris

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