Here's where I'm going to put pictures of all the different types of Jeeps.  Here's a good link to check out the history of Jeeps. The best books that I've found are:

Note: I'm not the best at telling a bantam from ma, mb, m38, cj-2, cj-3s. If I've mislabeled, please let me know.


Gpw and Enola-Gay.jpg (22341 bytes)



Willys Wagon

49 willys wagon.jpg (64331 bytes)

Willys Jeepster

49jeepster.jpg (14027 bytes)

Willys pickup

daily56willyspickup.jpg (56332 bytes)

Forward Control (remember everybody that was doing the cab-over thing? Chevy and Ford did too) I'm also told that there was an FC-160 too.

57fc150.jpg (40009 bytes)

M700 Series


This is an M725 Ambulance.  There is also an M715, M724, and M726. 5/4 Ton, these are serious machines!


CJ-2 series looks like the army version, two piece square windshield.  I believe also has dents in body for shovel and axe to fit into.


CJ-3 series a few styling changes from the '2. One piece windshield.  3A has short hood, 3B has tall hood to accommodate the hurricane engine instead of the F-head.


CJ-5, note the door shape.

75cj5.jpg (18397 bytes)

CJ-6 long wheel base CJ-5, stretch between door and wheel

63roecj6.jpg (24482 bytes)

CJ-7 lengthened CJ-5 with bigger door openings, longer front clip, seats further from dash, etc.

cj7.jpg (19705 bytes)


From a Jeep Ad:ad scrambler.jpg (26065 bytes), stretch between door and wheel, wheel and tail.  Here's a link to an absolutely pristine Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler that's been sitting on eBay, waiting for someone with $50,000 to take it home!

Owner's CJ-8s, Stock: 84029159b.jpg (22391 bytes) 84ramey.jpg (199521 bytes) 

Owner's CJ-8s, Modified: duffyladdside.jpg (86663 bytes) JEFFSJP.jpg (62144 bytes) Mar19^04.jpg (83938 bytes)

The Overlander CJ-8: ovrlnd1.jpg (34368 bytes)

The very rare Alaskan Postal CJ-8:



85cj10.jpg (124389 bytes)

DJ - 2wheel drive postal

I got the following from a helpful Jeeper overseas:

hey guy

we have in Israel hundreds of cj 8  all the way to 1990

and  can get you some interesting info

cj8s = (s for short)  same wheel base short rear end

cj8L =( L for long)   same wheel base long rear end


1992 we got the YJL (long)

2005 we got the TJL (long)

see this

wana now ans see more - let me know

and ill get them to start coming to your site


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