Swapping an AMC 360 V-8 and TF727 automatic for a 258 6 cyl and 4spd manual.

Details below.

Also check out the Flatlander's Article, it's basically the same thing rewritten for my Jeep Club.

The top part of this page deals with the driveshaft interference with the transmission oil pan as a result of my decision to swap in a 727 auto.  The second half is the swap itself, complete with part numbers needed.

OK. The two problems I've had are driveshaft interference and I melted two shifter cables.  The first was pretty much solved with 5" lift (4" spring, 1" shackle). The second problem is addressed further down the page.

To illustrate the shaft contact problem, I "ramped" it twice, first time with one 6x6 (below), second time with two 6x6's (these pics are below the first ramping) (note: I did this prior to the MORE Shackle Reversal/buggy spring install, which helped a little.  I could fix this with a taller bumpstop or cutting a corner out of the tranny pan.  I will most likely change the powertrain anyway, but I'll leave this page up for others to reference.)


mini ramp.jpg (258550 bytes) right tire up.jpg (236898 bytes) not quite fully articulated. This may have to do for now.  2" between the 33" BFG top and the bottom of the fender flare.

727 shaft2.jpg (172541 bytes) the stripe is from the pre-lift interference, as is the dent in the pan (ouch!) that explains the leak :(

 727 shaft1.jpg (152832 bytes) tranny pan2.jpg (232332 bytes) front of transfer.jpg (37618 bytes) the distance is 7/16".

Second ramp:

 Here are a couple pics to give you an idea how twisted it was

second ramp left side.jpg (227518 bytes) second ramp right side.jpg (239465 bytes) second ramp front.jpg (230697 bytes) second ramp front2.jpg (236917 bytes) bump stop.jpg (218785 bytes) right side stock bump stop

front shaft compressed.jpg (204654 bytes) front driveshaft compression

shaft to pan side.jpg (197953 bytes) it's closer, but not hitting yet.

shaft to pan.jpg (261487 bytes)

The cable problem was solved by using a 4' cable, header wrap (good news for the proportioning valve too, boiling off your brake fluid is bad) and a small heat shield.

shifter cable.jpg (199019 bytes)

Parts I used for this swap:




These are pictures of my '82 CJ-8.
I've recently dropped in the '81 Wagoneer 360 V-8 with Edelbrock Performer cam, manifold, valve springs, carb, Holley electric fuel pump;
'81 Wagoneer 360 V-8

6 cyl ready to come out... no turning back now!

My cat, Ginny, says "I've double checked everything, it's ready to come out!"

Gee, there seems to be something missing ....

Here it is!  Ready to go.  It still doesn't look like it's gonna fit... you can see the yellow 727Special in the background with the fan blade tips painted the same color.

I'll be darned, it did fit!

couldn't help it, had to take it for a drive! Yeah!

B&M Truck MegaShifter.  Only difference between the Truck and regular is the little stand it's sitting on.


Below is the '81 Wag's Torqueflight 727 3-spd auto (w/ lockup torque converter) which I rebuilt with a TCI Streetfighter Super rebuild/shift kit. It's cool! btw, I painted it Yellow!

'81 Wagoneer TorqueFlight 727 Automatic Transmission

The Scrambler was originally fitted with a 5 speed, which a previous owner blew up.  I got it in a bucket!

What's left of the '82 Scrambler T-5

The previous owner put on the paint, and the stainless steel front bumper.  You may have noticed the 3 (three) shifters below.  My custom Dana300 split shifter thing. Didn't have $130 to buy one. It works pretty good.  OK, I finally caved in and bought one from Currie - don't know how I 'wheeled without it!  If you don't know what it does, the Dana 300 has two shifting rods that stick out the front.  One runs the front prop shaft, the other runs the rear.  You can hook each to their own shifter, and run in 2-Low.  Why? Well, if you're rock crawling (love it!) and have to turn sharp, your choices are to bang the tranny into 2 High and slip the clutch, leave it where it in 4Low and hope you don't break something, or have one of these and flip the front drive line into Neutral for the turn.  Oh, I suppose you could get out and turn one of your hubs to 2, but the guy halfway up the hill behind you might get a bit tired of it!
Scrambler Interior, before engine swap

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