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Rubicon V  Rubicon VI

What follows is the beginning of the Rubicon Scramble IV writeups.  This will change as I get time, but for now I'll post the pictures.

They have been submitted by several attendees, and are not in any particular order.

'Reno' Mark B.

Jerry L.


I did have a .zip file on here, but it's just too big.

We ask that you respect the owners of the Jeeps shown here and only reuse with their permission.

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Link to Jerry Ledbetter's webpage and Rubicon VI pictures



Here is an un-edited writeup from Mark B, followed by an addition from Jerry.

Writeup from Mark B

despite the numerous messages about rubicon scramble 4, it was just this
last w/e. we had approx. 15 cj-8s, from damn near bone stock to highly
modified bad boys. first day was from loon lake to spider lake.
radioflyer lost his rear driveline on the granite bowl and jefe (i
think) got him all welded up w/ some spare pipe, which acted as a sleeve
and slipped over the offending part and he was on his way. justin blew
a power steering hose the first mile of the trail. he has hydro-boost
brakes and this caused some troubles. (junk stuff for a trail rig) and
we soon all found ourselves at spider lake. good camp sites and awesome
swimming after a dusty ride. many new friends and the like. an early
start took us across the slabs toward buck island lake. some brave
souls took the old sluice box as an alternate route and we all finally
hooked up at buck island lake dam for a photo opportunity and lunch.
just after crossing the dam, rocklimo broke a right front spring
hanger. this is where a high lift really comes in handy. got him all
fixed and soon on the way. the trail then followed the lake and up over
a ridge and descended to the big sluice, which had its fair share of
gnarly obstacles and associated challenges. got to the bottom and found
some gal driving a late made tj couldn't start blocking the trail.
seems her fuel pump went kaput , however, thanks to some members of the
san diego 4 wheelers, they got her going again past the mud hole and
into the springs. camped at the springs and another good swim. good
food, drink and some silly jokes (you know who u are...) sunday morning
the scamblers left in stages. we had a big breakfast and went out w/
bezerk. jeephead and others and up cadillac hill. right at the tight
right turn, another rig from another group was stranded-- no
transmission. his output shaft was a goner. justin from fallon
pulled/winched him all the way up to the cement steep section. getting
around and thru "V" rock was a time consuming challenge. finally up to
the observation point for the required photos. just after leaving we
learned there was a huge fire coming our way that started at or near
hell hole res. the smoke was terrible and we finally broke out the dust
masks near truckee. ( these are great for open rigs). everyone it
seems got home. thanks to everyone that helped organize the great run.
i've never before seen so many 'blurs in one location. cool. thanks to
mike brink for the organization skills, for the smart guy that brought
the cool polo shirts and to everyone that made this tough run a fun
time. no major breakage made it even better. the furthest traveled is
a toss up-- some rigs from L.A., another couple from seattle and
rocklimo from redding, ca. looking fwd to pix promised to be posted
here, or at least a link thereto? c'mon other attendees, add ur own
observations. mark

Jerry's Turn

I think most of the bad jokes came from you Mark. He he.

You forgot to mention that one scrambler (scrangler) did lay it on its side
the first obstacle of the day. It was a light layover, but did damage his
door (way to go Howard).

The smart guy with the shirts was Paul Kingsley, who's wife has a embroidery
machine. If any of you who did or didn't do the Rubicon Scramble would like
a cambry, polo or T-shirt about the Rubicon Scramble 4 give him a email

Jeephead did seem to have some problems. He arrived about 1/2 hour late and
yelled out over his CB "Are you going to wait?" Good think we didn't, he
didn't pull in to spider lake until 10:30 pm. He was on the trail only 8
hours longer than I was. Don't worry Chris I didn't tell your wife that it
only took 4 hours to get to spider. Of course he troubles didn't end
there. Lake Saturday and Rubicon springs he rolls in with his hood in the
bed of his scrambler due to some fuel line problems.

Also a couple of the owners of Rubicon Springs (also Scrambler owners) came
up to watch us do the big sluice and later joined us for a beer at the

Thanks to everyone for making the trip so much fun. I'm glad that I didn't
have some of the troubles that others had. And I'm happy that those who did
have troubles did make it home or at least off the trail.

I hope that more of you make it next year. I'll definitely be there,
hopefully sporting a springover and 35" tires.


Jeephead's Writeup

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Trail Info:

The Rubicon is located somewhere near South Lake Tahoe, east of Sacramento, CA. Link passed along by Jerry.  Thanks!




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