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Why Convert to Propane

How's the conversion going?

August 03: Reconsidering the 4.56s ... maybe 4.10s instead, I sure like driving this baby on the street.  I ran out of gas at the end of the first tank - it was running really rich, I didn't expect to run out so quickly.  I have found a better tune setting, and will install my fuel sender before I run out again.  Overall drive-ability is excellent, starts better than my 4bbl did, and when warm will run to beat the band!  I'm sure a new timing computer and timing curve will wake it up even more - but that's later on - it runs, I'm happy.  I will be finishing up the body work once I get my garage unpacked enough to get the Jeep out of the rain.

May 03: On the road to our new CP.  Body's pretty close to being right, needs paint, pictures to follow.  The water pump blew out on her first major outing, with a 'major component separation' in the very car parts store which provided the parts for the V-8 conversion a few years ago.  Anyway, an all-night wrench session got it back on the road -er- trailer.  This thing is running strong, but the engine is pretty well worn out.  Time for a new long block at some point later this year.  Maybe even an overdrive automatic when I go to the 4.56 gears.

Apr 03: The Scrambler is running on Propane.  Jeephead HQ is on the move, so the project is on hold for now.  I've installed the body lift and 4"x1/4" angle iron rocker protection.  This stuff is welded on - it's not going anywhere.  Notice I only needed one jack to install the body lift :P  

angletest.jpg (195759 bytes) bodyliftl.jpg (173907 bytes) bodyliftr.jpg (176367 bytes)

boltrust2.jpg (183170 bytes) boltrust.jpg (185091 bytes) oldmounts.jpg (178653 bytes) Some of the body nuts were rusted so badly, I had to cut them out and weld in replacements.

lspreptoweld.jpg (177767 bytes) liftandangle.jpg (162209 bytes) Front of the rear fender, showing the angle and the body lift.

settingmounts2.jpg (152154 bytes) propanetankprep.jpg (193794 bytes) Propane tanks ready for installation, after cutting out two crossmembers.  One supported the bed, so it was replaced by 3"x5/16" strap, should keep it from collapsing under weight.  The 2"x4"x1/4" rear bumper will provide the strength lost by cutting out the rear frame cross member.

The tank system is 33.5 gallons - more range, more power, better off-camber idle and less smog ... cool!

This isn't everything I've got planned for the beast, more to follow ...



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