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Revolvers done, M.O.R.E. Shackle Reversal System and Buggy Spring done:

Got a custom driveshaft from DriveshaftsNW in Seattle. Great guys, great workmanship. Then I bent it two days later :(

21 Mar 01: It's on the road with a new winch.  Still need to ramp it and measure for shocks and definitely for a new shaft.

7 Mar 01: need new shocks, prob. new driveshaft.  Must move axle back 3/4" because the spring bolt isn't centered between the two eyes (M.O.R.E.'s instructions explained that)  When I get that done I'm going to ramp it and take measurements for the shocks and shaft.

old pan.jpg (175860 bytes) pan and tap.jpg (151161 bytes) Since the skid plate was down, I dropped the old beat up pan (left) and replaced it with a straight one.  I tapped the hole for the drain plug sleeve then put the temp sensor where the plug went.

srs 3-4 shim post grind.jpg (173944 bytes) Here's the 3/4" shim in place, had to grind down the spring's center pin so it wouldn't interfere with the axle's spring pad.

 srs old plate bottom.jpg (140497 bytes) srs new plate.jpg (197964 bytes)srs new plate 2.jpg (222218 bytes)Because the axle (and therefore the u-bolts) moved back 3/4", the u-bolt pad had to be shifted too.  It was either drill 4 new U-bolt holes or one new centering hole. too easy. Sorry about the orientation of the pics.  The sway bar pin (welded into the end crease) is front.

bumper repaint.jpg (273030 bytes) Turns out the $45 quickie paint job on the front bumper lasted longer than I thought it would :)

srs front working.jpg (251314 bytes) srs front working2.jpg (247873 bytes) srs shackle.jpg (161426 bytes)

srs bump and front bracket.jpg (230089 bytes) front bracket and new bump stop. Wednesday.

srs bump and rear bracket.jpg (223789 bytes) bump stop and rear bracket

srs old spring perches.jpg (226441 bytes) blue axe strikes again! what's left of the old spring perches.

  ft. axle disconnected, coming out (221452 bytes) witness the carnage! (239485 bytes) can't bear to look! is it over yet? (238714 bytes) Rippin' it apart. Monday.


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