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Status update on Project Scramboneer:

(note - the V-8 swap notes are here, had to make a new page for it )

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12 APR 00 - Prepping bumper for 2 off-road lights and mounts for the towbar.  It's the daily driver because the '97 XJ is getting an external tranny cooler, synthetic motor oil and Slick 50 treatment.  Kinda busy changing jobs and getting ready to move. Again.

16 MAR 00 - Got my new front bumper - it's from M.O.R.E (check the links section) "Rockproof." Next step is to get it painted.  In other news, I finally get my wife convinced that 'wheeling in a V-8/auto/lifted Jeep is a lot less scary that a tired 6/4spd/stock one.  We get out there, it's snowy we have a blast.  Some of our friends show up, so I program our cell phones, jump in my friend's Jeep and my wife goes to head home in the Scramboneer.  Five minutes later, she calls "The Scramboneer's broke...and I think it's the rear drive shaft, because some guy just pulled up and gave it back to me!" Sure enough, the "strap style" yokes had given up.  4wd Harware to the rescue, all new u-bolt style yokes are going in.  Rear's done, front this weekend.  BTW, it doesn't stall anymore, either!

I've installed the off-road kit, in doing so I discovered that the floats were set WAY too high, no wonder it was flooding where the 600CFM did well! Anyway, with that done, it was incredible lean, so I went back to stock jets/rods - incredibly easy to do, don't even have to pull the carb - that's why I went with Edelbrock in the first place :)

Went off-road on December 31st! What'd you do for Y2K? <grin> Had a little trouble with flooding out, I'll install the Edelbrock off-road kit, should fix it.  Also tuning it 8% lean on cruise and power.  It's not "just right" yet, but close.
Y2K Wheelin' Y2K Wheelin' 2
We were out there to help John test his new Warn suspension... gotta save my pennies, cuz they've got one for Scramblers now too!  Yes, those are 35" BFGs under there.

John's Warn Setup

December 26, 1999: Back in the garage for a refit of the tranny pan which leaks, found a fuel leak too.

November 14, 1999:  Went 'wheeling after the club meeting, ran great!  Didn't drag the tail like before due to the lift, and just idled up most obstacles to include "driveshaft," "reverse corkscrew," "witches hill," etc.  LOVE THIS JEEP!

November 7, 1999:  Replaced 600 CFM Carb with a 500 CFM carb - it could be my imagination, but I'd swear it's more responsive now.  The parade was a great success, lots of cheers for the classic CJ-8 - especially when I discovered that when in 2-low at 2500 RPM, it chirps both rear tires when it hits second gear! YEEEEEHAAAA!

October 24, 1999:  Still running strong.  We've installed the 4" Softride lift kit, 33's, longer shocks, Currie TwinStick shifter.  I ran "tailgunner" on the easy trail for the 10th Annual Briggs Jeep Jamboree.  We had 17 stock to mildly built Jeeps, mostly Wranglers in our group.  The Scramboneer handled the task with ease.  Didn't overheat, no driveline noise, no complaints.  The only bit of "adventure" came when I was wandering up a 30 degree or so hillside strewn with softball sized rocks and it shifted into Second! Guess it was bored :)  Oh, and then there was the mudpit I went through in 2Low, front axle only because I forgot to shift in the rear axle!  I asked my copilot "Why didn't you tell me the other axle was in Neutral?" He said "I knew you could handle it!"  Next event:  Kansas State University's Homecoming Game - I'm supposed to be pulling a float or something!

August 28, 1999: Third cable installed.  It's the "superduty" cable, and it is twice the diameter of the last two.  It's also a 4' version, so it makes the bend further from the exhaust.  I also discovered a very slight exhaust leak at the manifold/pipe junction which helped lead to the demise of cable #2.  On the side of caution, I also put on header wrap on the exhaust pipes back past the transfer.  As much as I go in the water, I'm not too worried about rust or anything - besides, it's worth $50 a year to wrap anew.  The Scramboneer was well received at the annual Wakefield, Kansas parade - everyone around here is crazy about Kansas State University, and the Scramboneer just happens to be painted the school's color :o  -  I was running a bit late to get there, and found that the 360/727/33" BFGs can easily handle 75MPH despite the "aerodynamically challenged" CJ body style!  Many veterans of the parade noticed the slight rumble not present last year.  Many peered under the hood to behold the heart of the beast {:O

August 5, 1999: Well, I've melted the second B&M shifter cable, dagnabit.  The Megashifter comes with a 5' cable.  Which is a touch too long.  I thought by making a heat shield, it'd fix it and all is well.  But, instead of cooking the cable next to the exhaust pipe, it got it up by the manifold. I'll go with the 4' cable like I thought about the first time.  In other news, the 33's are on and it looks COOL! Just can't go "ontherocks" until I get the lift and front driveshaft in. Soon.

July 17, 1999: Replacing the wheel bearings in front, which apparently haven't been touched since Toledo, circa 1982 <sheesh!> anyway, back on the road soon.

July 10,1999: Now getting 13 MPG! and still hammering the gas! but it's on jackstands, I've discovered the front wheel bearings need to be replaced.  MPG got better by about 40% thanks to a step lean from stock on cruise and power settings. I sure like this Edelbrock carb! changed jets and rods without taking it off the engine!

June '99 - I've got a deal with a friend to buy his old Softride 3.5" lift and 33" BFGs.  It should help with the driveshaft hitting the transmission pan.

May '99 - I've driven it to work for the last week, it's hard to say what the MPG will be because I can't seem to keep my foot off the floor!! (insert Tim Allen grunt here)

March 30, '99 - The beast has a heart which beats loudly in the garage (with a total of 4" of exhaust pipes).  The V-8 writeup is here

Feb 2, '99 - The project begins, drained radiator this day.  It's on the way, no turning back now.

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