Brochures sent by Michael Gilders from Australia.  These CJ-8s are included in the 27,792 as well.

I've gotta get one of these!

Additionally, Dan Morrissey from Alaska (his website) sends his photo, below, of Alaskan Postal Jeeps which are different than the Overlanders.

Rick Hamel has told me that there were 172 made, all sequential VINs. See his website for more info.

Nick Wilson Overlander

Richard Hamel, Postal

84fowlerpostalmud.jpg (84139 bytes) Garrett Fowler, Postal

Dan Morrisey, Postal (he has four)

Dan found this fine specimen at the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry.  Here are his pictures:

AKPOSTAL1.jpg (44924 bytes) AKPOSTAL2.jpg (46881 bytes) AKPOSTAL3.jpg (42762 bytes) AKPOSTAL4.jpg (67460 bytes) AKPOSTAL5.jpg (71107 bytes)

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