I got this from a 'wheeler so long ago, I'm not even sure which list it was on.
Subject: You Know you're a wheeler when......

 - You'll stop and look at any old rusty heap thinking "Parts  Vehicle....."

  - Your rig has more [farm/boat/military/other vehicle manufacturer] equipment on it than OEM parts

  - The weatherman says "Stay in, it's dangerous" and you think "Time to go  'wheeling!"

  - You're happy that you can't use 1st gear on the street.

  - A military convoy passes by and you only look at the axles, tires and antennas

  - You take your SO out to look at new home construction sites so you can drive on the unfinished roads.

  - You have enough straps, chains, rope, etc. in your rig to keep the Queen Mary docked during a hurricane.

  - You  can break down on the road, diagnose/fix the problem, and get back on the road without calling AAA.

  - You break down on the road, fix the problem, and get back on the road on a regular basis. :-)

  - The AAA guy breaks down, you stop and fix his problem and get back on the road.

  - You have a brand new set of tires, but you keep looking at the tire ads, anyway.

  - You'll drive 2 days at 500 miles per day so you can spend 2 more days driving 3 miles per day.

  - You get really steamed because you spent over an hour to go the 10 miles home for work on Friday, but are grinning ear to ear because you just spent 6 hours going 4 miles on your favorite trail on Saturday!

  - Your CB has never been on Ch. 19, only Ch 4.

  - You set up your rig to have a top speed of 65-70 mph - on purpose.

  - When you pull up next to a Corvette, all the 'Vette driver can see is tires and whatever is on the other side of you.

 - You challenge the 'Vette driver to a race... if you can pick the course.

- my contribution:  You spend three hours mowing the lawn contemplating how your riding lawnmower would look/handle with 3" lifted 4 link coilover suspension, ATV tires and having the engine bored/honed/blueprinted/balanced ... does Jacobs make an ignition for Briggs and Stratton? what about a K&N air filter?