Rubicon V is done!

These are the pics from Jerry, of Rubicon V. - and here are some more

Rubicon VI is in the works! July 11-13th 2003!


Below is what transpired prior to the event, so you have the idea of what may happen for Rubicon VI.


Mark your Calendars for the Rubicon Scramble V -- July 12-15, 2002. This years event will head out on Friday, July 12 for the first leg of the trail and camp on the shore of Spider Lake. Day two will have us crawling to Rock Bound Lake for lunch and a group photo, then on to camp at Rubicon Springs. On Sunday, those unfortunately souls that have to go back to work on Monday will begin their ascent up Cadillac Hill and back to civilization. For the rest of us, we can watch the first group climb their way up Cadillac, screw around Rubicon Springs, or try and go back up Big Sluice for fun. Come Monday morning the last group will head up Cadillac Hill heading for home.


The message sent by one of the volunteer organizers:

Well the Scramble is only 2 months off and I was wondering if we had any more people out there that had changed their plans about going or not.

We will be hitting the trail Friday at 8:00am (that's July 12th), so you'll need to be there a little earlier than that. The meeting place is behind the Loon Lake dam on the granite slab. We will be on C.B. channel 8, and there will be several radios on. This is primitive camping.

Last year people were asking about hotels and shower there are none once we hit the trail Friday morning. The only showers would be the ones that people have on their rigs. I myself will be going up Thursday morning and I'm not sure whether I'll be staying at Loon Lake or Spider Lake Thursday night. I might go into Spider and come out early Friday morning to meet up with the group. Its kind one of those see how I feel when I get their decisions.

Judy and I will be heading up and out Cadillac Hill on Monday. (July 15) So here's just a short itinerary.

July 12th (Friday) meet behind the Loon Lake dam before 8:00 am, to hit the trail at 8:00am. Then wheel into Spider Lake and spend the night there.

July 13th (Saturday) to try to hit the trail by 9:00 am and wheel to Buck Island for lunch and a photo op. We'll try to get 2 shots, one with the whole group and then one with just the Scramblers. Non-Scramblers cooperation would be greatly appreciated. Then we will wheel into Rubicon Springs to stay the night. There is a $5 charge for camping at Rubicon Springs.

July 14th (Sunday) Some of the group will be heading up Cadillac Hill and on home.

July 15th (Monday) And those of us that stay Sunday night will be heading up Cadillac Hill and out on Monday. Then just a couple rules.

The Group will try to leave as close to scheduled time as possible. Don't be too late or you might get left behind.

Bring overnight gear (sleeping bag, food, water, and so on).

Participants are responsible for all their own expenses (food, fuel, repairs, fees, and so on).

We will try to stick together and help everyone, but with a group of this size it will not always be practical to delay the entire group for one or two people.

We are not responsible for you during this event.

No Whining. We're all here for a good time!


Go to Jerry's page for all the details:

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