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Note that the 27,792 total figure includes all CJ-8s sold overseas.

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      Jason, MN I have been lucky enough to purchase a 1986 cj 8 in MN. It is in fair condition with the exceptional frame rust from to many mn winters. It is light brown in color, with an rebuilt motor that runs like a top. It has a pro comp lift with con-fer shackles riding on 31 inch tires. I plan on restoring it this winter and should have it on 35 inch tires by spring.  Just thought I would give you an update on my '86 scrambler. I have it disassembled and have the frame almost done. I had to make my own frame from about the middle, back (due to rust). I am using 2X4 3/16 thick square tubing. The only thing left to do on the frame is sand blast and paint. The tub ended up a complete rust bucket that someone tried to cover up with body filler. I think I might go with a fiberglass tub if I can't find a decent used one. If you know of one sitting somewhere please let me know.
      was: John Jacott It was destroyed in a collision :( Then I heard it was sold to the Jeep Museum in Toledo. John says "Wrecked, fixed and sold."
      Hank, CA I have a bone stock cj8 with a full hard top and considerable tub rust. The frame has surface rust only.  It has the wide track diffs and 6 cyl and runs like a top (150k).  It also has a clock and tach.  This is a coastal California truck.  I don't want to sell it, just curious.  I plan to fix the rust, install a fuel injection, and lift it.

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    eBay, FL #220547306297 Claims to be an '86.  I've sent an email to the seller to confirm ... standing by.







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Production data by way of Jurgen on the Belgian Jeep Page
1981 : 8355
1982 : 7759
1983 : 5405
1984 : 4130
1985 : 2015
1986 :  128
total = 27.792 ex.

I'm told that CJ-8s were built on exported licenses until 1990.  I have at least one 1990 registered, built in Israel.

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