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Note that the 27,792 total figure includes all CJ-8s sold overseas, for example: check out the Thirty One Alaskan Postals and Thriteen Overlanders on this page, two Overlanders and an Exports on the '83 page, and three Overlanders on the '85 page).

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 1984 Jeep CJ-8 Registry Page
Picture on file Last 6 of VIN Factory Options Owner and State Freestyle incl. links & Most notable Mods
  002420 4cyl, 4-speed Brian Crabtree The original top finally gave out in '99 so I replaced it with a full soft top and added a back seat for the kids. I bought my scrambler in 1990 at a dealership in Atlanta for $2500. It had 72k on it when I bought it. It was my daily driver for 6 years until the engine quit on me with only 191k on it. I rebuilt the original one and now have 218k on it. My Scrambler is a family hierloom that I will never part with because it has become known as Daddysjeep.


002511   Brad, AK Has four, total including one postal
  004036 4cyl, 4-speed Christian Young,NC 2" shackle, 33"x14.5 super swampers, Xenon extended flares, 8000lb Ramsey,  Metal Flake Forrest Green, tan hard top.
  004134 4cyl, 4spd   It is now midnight navy with a 92 4.0 and a t5. Front reverse shackle with wrangler springs. 1" body lift and 32x1150 ssr's


Yes Pic2

004150 original factory soft top, roll bar, spare tire carrier, driver and passenger seats, stock rims Andy Cardenas, CA I found this CJ 8 Scrambler in Hollywood at a friends house. I met him ten years ago and the first time I went to his house, I saw the Jeep and said, "I want that!" Over the course of our friendship, I offered to trade him my truck, asked many times if wanted to sell it, yet he said No every time. It sat in his driveway for 12 years, and as far as I know, it was only moved three times in that time. When I finally persuaded him to sell it to me, it took two weeks to get it down the hill from where he lived. (Hollywood.) It had two flat tires and had not been started in three years. We hooked a new battery to it, put some gas in the carburetor and it started right up. After several trips up and down the hill and one lane road, we finally got two good tires on it and did a quick tune up and change of wires and plugs and it drove right out the drive and down the hill to Long Beach, CA where is was worked on for three weeks. The work consisted of all new hoses, belts, heater core, muffler, shocks, radiator flush and heat system flush. The brakes were checked as well as the rotors and nothing had to be done to them. It was delivered to me in Palm Springs on a windy night and two weeks later I took it out on it's first off road excursion. At the time of the purchase, PJ (his name) had 16,212 original miles on him. He has a 4 cylinder AMC motor and a 4 speed transmission. He now has almost 21,000 miles on him and has had to have a few more things fixed, like an exhaust manifold flange, and new gas tank fill hoses to stop the gas from leaking out when I put it in at the station. I still have the frame for the factory half-soft top and the original top with the Jeep logo on it. It is missing the back window and is in rough shape from being exposed to trees and LA smog for many years, but it should be able to be repaired. Both are for sale. I have since placed a full soft top on it as I live in the desert and need the protection from the hot sun during the summer. This is my first Jeep and I plan on keeping it a very long time, unless an outstanding offer comes to me for it that I just could not pass up.


005187   Dick Elgin, OK I own two 1984 scramblers 5187 and 8177 - one is running and did not have top or doors it must have been in a wreak has bondo spot with fair paint job over it . I've been working on carb to get it to run better. the other one is a one owner, but had an engine fire and wiring is melted last owner had engine rebuilt but the guy took 5 year and didn't finish job so she got it back and I bought it. now the fun begins I got to learn all about jeeps now hahaha. well that's my story
  005678 6cyl,4 spd, AC, PS, PB Raymond & April Wynn  Never left the pavement, just purchased, many plans
  005680   parts Salvage Jeep junkyard, Statesboro, GA. burned. (912-587-5918 or fax 912-587-2338)


005696 6cyl, 5spd Doug Zobel. IL Previous owner swapped in an AMC 360 V8, TH-400 automatic transmission and Dana-20 transfer case.  I am now restoring it to driveable condition.  Details at
  005722 6cyl, 5spd Jim Bothwell, CA now 999 Auto Dana 60 and 44 with Detroits and 3.73 gears 33 x 12.5 on 15 x 8 wheels 4" Superlift w/ 1.0" body lift and full cage
  007070 4cyl, 4spd Fred Amidon, VA New fiberglass 1/2 top made by AJ's; web site on the way


008177   Dick Elgin, OK I own two 1984 scramblers 5187 and 8177  one is running and did not have top or doors it must have been in a wreak has bondo spot with fair paint job over it . I've been working on carb to get it to run better.  the other one is a one owner, but had an engine fire and wiring is melted  last owner had engine rebuilt but the guy took 5 year and didn't finish job so she got it back and I bought it.  now the fun begins I got to learn all about jeeps now hahaha.  well that's my story  


008237 6 cyl Ron, OH There basically is nothing left that is factory. I will give you a quick rundown on some of the mods. Chevy 350 crate motor,700R4 GM auto tranny, hedman headers,4" BDS suspension lift,2" body lift, 35 x 12.50 Dunlop radials, shackle reversal, Fiberglass tub, full hardtop.


009825   Brad, AK Has four, total including one postal
  010340   Jim

I am the third owner.  I have the previous owners addresses and all are from California.  I am a new Jeeper and I am in the middle of doing an off frame restoration (which I am an amateur).  Still removing parts, almost ready to remove the body, still not sure if I will keep it all stock or do some upgrades.  My Jeep Scrambler as of today's date is all stock. My desire is to restore to provide me with a dependable desert Jeep to continue with metal detecting in the desert. 

  011257 6cyl Jay Craswell, MN pretty much stock except the plywood top (now, that's what I call a Hardtop! :)
  011266 64,000 miles Alex Melnyk II Snow plow, serious body challenges <grin>
  011666 6cyl Lee Dykes Brown, 6cyl, all stock
  011667 Tach, Clock, Pickup Hardtop, Side Rails

Ray Brown , TX .

Owned since ’99; Rust Bucket. Purchased at auction in OKC. Off body restoration done in March ’03. @ Toy Box Jeep Daytona Beach , FL. 4.2L MOPAR FI 3/auto trans. Detroit Lockers – Tri Cty. Gears Yellow w/full soft top

  013016   The Maitlands, New Zealand We have been looking at your website from New Zealand.  We have 2 Scramblers.  We would like to register with you. We are unsure of the year of manufacture on them.  We think they are both 1984.

1. Metallic Green, 4" lift kit, 305 Chev, T176, 33 12 1/2 dick cepek tyres, Fully restored by myself, RHD for export, Vin # 013016.

#2 below

My father in law also have a Scrambler that I restored for him. Will send vin # later on this one too.  Green, 258 Engine, T176, 1984, RHD. All these vehicles were originally Beige in colour.  Let us know if you want any more info.  There is the odd Scrambler down here in New Zealand, including a local one that was exported from Alaska (Postal).  We mainly 4WD on sand dunes at a West Auckland beach.  We have alot of fun with them and we certainly get a lot of looks when we drive down the road.  

  013464   Rhett, GA

70K miles; Very good shape; resides in Nashville, GA

  013466 ps/pb/ac/½ hard top, 6cyl, 4spd Amancio, TX My baby has 151k original engine and still running, bought brand new in El Paso price 10 K and at the time I thought I paid to much. Now, I think money well spent.
  013468   Billy Danford, West Columbia, TX It has a Chevy 350 V8 and runs great. The body is in good shape except for the passenger side lower panel has some rust. I plan on replacing the panel and giving it a paint job. I’m the third owner and know very little of its history. The speedometer shows 36000 miles but I doubt that is accurate.
  014122 4cyl, 4spd Victor Russell, AL I have upgraded to a built Chevy 350 V8. Also the truck has a 3 in lift with 33in thornbirds. It still has original paint which is silver with red stripes. Some rust though. I love my truck!
  014997 L6 ,T-5, ½ hard top, Laredo Jeff Hutchinson, CO 3" Black Diamond Lift, 33" BFG Muds, Jacobs ignition, Armacoat entire inside plus roll bar, Black Paint (I think the original was blue)


015333   eBay, CT #200433163379 A labor of love I just do not have the time or the money for right now. Scrambler has 82000 original miles on it. I replaced the straight 6 with a small block Chevrolet 350/320hp V8 and the 5 speed manual transmission with a TH400 automatic custom built with the Advanced Adapters output shaft to mate it with the stock transfer case. Fiberglass tub, tailgate and windshield frame. I stripped this Jeep to the frame, sandblasted, relocated the factory body mounts to match the new tub and painted it. Original metal doors and nose. There is NO RUST or ROT on this Jeep at all! I have a Drexage hinge system to convert the stock steel nose to a custom one piece tilt. There is no carb because I was looking into a ProJection Fuel Injection setup. I have a bunch of custom LOKAR billet accessories and all the stock parts to reassemble this incredible 320HP Hot Tub! There is way to much to list, but it is all included.

I have about twice the "Buy it Now" price invested in parts, body work and time. If it sells I could use the money and if not I'll keep her right where she is and maybe one day........ Email with questions.

Here is a list off the top of my head for some of the items included with the package:

Racing Head Service Small Block Chevrolet 350/320hp crate motor, 4 Bolt main, Balanced, Harmonic balancer, Roller Rockers, Edelbrock Intake manifold.
Custom built TH400 Transmission with the Advanced Adapters output shaft and GM/Jeep Transfer Case Adapter.
Custom Rams Horn Header so you can run true dual exhaust under the chassis and do not need to modify the inner fender wells.
NEW 35" BFG All Terrain Radials on American Racing Aluminum 10" Hurricane Wheels.
NEW Trail Master 4" suspension lift. ALL SPRINGS NO BLOCKS.
Custom made Centech Wiring Harness that is GM from the fuse block forward and Jeep from the fuse block back.
Original bucket seats with the Adjustable Sliding Factory mounts and the passenger side seat flips forward to access the rear seat. The front buckets that have seen better days, so I have a set New Black Seat Covers. Back seat out of a CJ-7.
Original Factory carpeting in Brown. Custom made Black carpet for bed area. The Original interior is brown. I was going to change it to black.
AJ's Full Fiberglass Hardtop with sliding rear windows with screens.
4WD INC Steel Reinforced Fiberglass tub, windshield frame and tailgate. The Tub has been skim coated, sanded and primed. The interior of the tub has been painted but over time has peeled in the front floors. All the necessary hardware to mount door strikers and tailgate.
6 Point Roll Cage that goes through the floor and is welded to the frame.
2 Steel Dash Boards and factory gages which include a factory tach and clock.
Complete Original Factory Air Conditioning.
Original Factory Tilt Steering column and Custom made IDIDIT Brushed Aluminum Non Tilt Steering Column.
2 Luisi Custom Steering wheels (1-Leather and 1-Pleather) and Hub.
CUSTOM LOKAR Billet Aluminum Accelerator assembly, Brake pedal, high beam floor button, dash pull knobs and extended push button automatic transmission shifter.
New Factory Fender Flares.
  015701   The Maitlands, New Zealand RHD, postal shape (but rear door opens to the right) [Overlander], full hard top, Isuzu Diesel factory engine 2.4, T176, came to NZ from Shrilanka via USA


017747   Jason, TX I have an 84 that I found in a junkyard. It had been rolled and stripped, the only thing left was the tub from the firewall back and the frame. The driver side rear corner was crushed and the rocker panels had the tell tale sign of body flex, but no bad rust at all!!!. I am planning an aggressive build to enable me to drive it everyday as well as wheel wherever I like. I already have a 78 CJ that I am planning on using as the donor. The donor has a 304 V8, Dana 20 rear with 1 piece axles, a Dana 30 with warn chromo 44 shafts and u joints, both have Detroit lockers and 456 gears. The tranny is a T-19 out of a scout with the granny 1st gear matted to a Dana 20 t case. It sports 4" suspension lift and 2" body to clear 35" Goodyear mtrs. I have already built a custom roll cage, front and rear bumpers and custom rocker guards( to hide the body flex dents). The tub will have Line x on the bottom and inside the tub to prevent rust from ever happening. The fenders have been flattened and tubed. The outside will be Mopar yellow. I already have the yellow and black racing seats and belts all new gages, knobs and dash lights.
  017750 4cyl 4spd Cecil Stewart, FL SBC, NP435, Scout 44's, 35's

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

017756   David "Papa Bear" Mc Ilrath, WY I bought this Scrambler in August of 2002 from the original owner, verified by the salesman who sold it.  Paid $1600.00 for it and it was stock, rust free with some minor dents.  Since then I have added a Pro-Comp 4" lift with 33x12.50 procomp tires, shocks, and Micky Thompson Wheels.  Also added Steel horse Seats, New half Cab Hard Top, Tuffy Security Console, New Fenders and Flares, 1" Daystar Body lift, a new skid plate, and Rancho 9000 shocks.  Future plans include but are not limited to revolver shackles, Cab roll cage, half Soft top, bikini top, CJ-7 rear seat for summer use, County radio for search and rescue, off road lights, cb radio, new paint job, rhino line enterior and bed, flush mount tale lights and front parking lights, front and rear bumpers, with nerf bars, 4.0 jeep engine, and a winch.

I own an RV Park in Lander, Sleeping Bear RV Park & Campground.  Web page @

  017760   Miguel, TX Looking for some design for my restoration.

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4

018081 A/C Armando Jr. Gaytan, TX 1984 Scrambler, stock 258 I6, Rear D60 w/ Detroit locker w/ Cadillac Disk brakes, Daily driver! For more info or to join us go to 2 attached but more here...


018083 6 cyl, 5spd Stefan, OH All lifted with D44's, '91 FI engine, herculined, side boards, 36" SS's, lockers, auto....  Very nice, this one I'm not selling...
  019122 L6, auto, ps, pb, plow Steve Murray, MI 19,606 miles; plans include spring over axle (SOA), 33's, weber carb, custom bumpers
According to most of what I've read, Alaskan Postal Jeeps were built sequentially in 1984 only.  The quantities produced are up for debate, but generally I read 172.

As the VINs come in, I'll see if it holds true or not that:

  1) they were build sequentially (if I get a regular CJ-8 registry pop up in the middle or a Postal registry confirmed way out of sequence), and

  2) they were only built in 1984 (if I get a confirmed registry of a postal from another year), and

  3) there were only 172 built.

I consider "confirmed" a picture of the postal (to ensure it's not really an overlander) and the full VIN to confirm the model, year and serial number.

At this point, I have been able to substantiate that either the Postals were not built sequentially, or there were at least 226 made - the gap between the first and last Postal reported by VIN here is 226.

So, either there were at least 226 Postals built, or there were a few CJ-7s, left-drive CJ-8s or most likely, Overlanders for export that were built during that time.  As of Jan 2010, I've got 564 slots between the first known Postal and the first known Scrambler.


019627 Standard Postal w/ foam insulation Dave Ball, OR Frame up resro to begin July 2010
  019635 RHD Levi, AK I spend my summers in Fairbanks Ak. When I got up here this summer I bought one of the Alaskan Postals from my uncle's neighbor. I love it. I have heard that some of the front end parts are difficult to find, so I am making arrangements to purchase one that has been rolled over, for $200. I was amazed at how many of the postals are still being driven up here. I only paid one thousand dollars for it. It is definitely a keeper.


019642 RHD, L6, AUTO, PS, PB, full hard top Angie, AK Alaskan Postal! I love my Alaskan Postal jeep. I commuted with it for several years - 108 mi RT wearing bunny boots, scarf, hat, and mittens with snowflakes hitting me in the head. Since it's a right drive, it always looked like my dog was the one driving... It still runs great but is now retired and a member of our jeep collection.

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5

019645 RHD Ty Robison Postal! It has a full set of seats, extended shackles, aluminum valve cover, custom front and rear bumpers, and tinted sliding windows in the steel top. The rear tire carrier mounted to the barn door has to be reinforced or removed.
  019666 Postal Aaron Sworden, PA

I recently purchased this fairly unmolested AK Postal CJ8 from a guy in extreme southern Butler County PA. He bought the Jeep from a family member of the USPS while stationed in Alaska with the Army. He trailered it home behind a U-Haul truck in 2000 and drove it daily for 2 years before the tranny went bad. Those of you who see these sitting around and stop and ask about them, this is the postal that sat at a salvage yard on Saxonburg Blvd. near Culmerville PA, for many years. This Jeep had a poor floor pan patch job on the drivers (right) side previously, and the drivers (right) side exterior skin will need both panels replaced as part of a restoration that I have planned. The "other" (left) side will only need the B-Pillar back panel. I'd say this body tub is probably about a 7 on a scale of 1-10. It is worth saving as there really are no holes except the drivers (right) floor. Plans for the frame off restoration will include a late model 4.0 with a 42RLE OD tranny and the entire wiring setup, A late model YJ manual tranny steering column with cruse control, 2" complete spring pack lift, 1 world cab style window on "other" (left) side for visibility in blind spot,  TJ ARB Bull Bar, 4.10 gears, YJ under dash AC, late model seats and belts, FJ40 style rear jump seat, sprayed on bedliner in interior, ARB OBA compressor, at least 1 selectable locker (probably the front D44, probably a cable OX).

 I'm in need of a right hand drive dash pad for this. If anyone has one that is in good enough condition that I could get it refinished or upholstered that would be great. If not I'll will probably make a fiberglass one and get it upholstered. Mine fell victim to awful rust on WS frame and is warped and twisted beyond useable.

 I have parted 2 other scramblers, 1 1983 that I have the Vin reported here, and 1 1981 narrow trac that I don't know the Vin too because I never had the title, and never checked the Jeep.

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5

019668 RHD Ben Wyss, AZ It's a postal! 35" tires etc. undergoing modifications
  019676 RHD, L6, auto, ps pb Dan Morrissey, Anchorage AK right hand drive Alaskan Postal, half cab from CJ-10 Dan's Postal Website - extremely cool!
  019678 RHD, L6, auto, ps, pb Tina Heims, CA Alaskan PostalI am a rural carrier for a CA post office. My husband found my Scrambler for me because I needed a big vehicle for all the mail (mostly packages) I have to deliver (I had been using a 1973 CJ5 postal jeep that is now for sale, but that wasn't cutting it) , so Brutus (that is my jeep's name) was originally bought to be put to work, but once I got him painted and cleaned up I found out that this is just the COOLEST jeep!  I have a 1998 Ford Expedition (Eddie Bauer) that now sits in the driveway because even when I am not delivering mail I would rather drive my jeep!  It has 70,712 miles on it. We had all the rust taken out, replaced the frame around the window (it was too rusted to repair) and had it painted the coolest Metallic Midnight Blue.  I want to replace the bumpers, get new carpet for the interior, you know, all that girlie stuff =).   I'll let my hubby worry about the engine, but for now it runs awesome!


019717 RHD Kevin & Georgetta, MI Alaskan Postal We just got our 1984 postal delivered today. it was built in ak out of two postals, not sure what happened to the leftover parts. It has a 258 out of a amc car (not sure what was done to it), 4" trailmaster suspension, inch and a half shackles, and 31" tires for now. has some rust and the drivers floor was patched. this is the winter project. (sorry, the pic was from the camera phone)
  019730 RHD Dean Tampke, AK Alaskan Postal RHD rebuild photos as I can will be on my website

#1 is in the middle of a ground up restoration. New body, custom bumpers and roof rack, 4" lift, solid axles, shackle reversal,  buggy springs, chevy 383, SM465 tranny, CJ-7 top, AGR steering box and pump, new brakes and stainless lines,  MTR bead lock wheels, 37x13x15 SSR's, 33 gal. gas tank, ect. ect. To many new parts to list.

- he owns two total, #740 and another one!

  019740 RHD Dean Tampke, AK Alaskan Postal Dean owns # 730 as well.
I'm assuming at this point that Postals were built sequentially, so I've corrected the submitted VIN above to "01" vice "00".
  019748 RHD Brian Williams, CO RHD Alaksan Postal originally from Alaska. Full Float Dana 60 Rear axle, Mopar fuel injection, 35" tires, 4.10 gears, 4:1 transfercase, still painted white
  019750   Bobby, AK

I have a 1984 Alaskan Postal. I bought it here in anchorage for $750 from a mechanic who didn't seem to be too interested in it. My key set even has the U.S.P.S. stamped key plates with the number "94" printed on one and the number "3281025" on the other. Not sure what they mean? There's another postal covered in snow on the lot with a lot of the original equipment, but the owner isn't willing to sell. I am just getting started. Mine is in pretty rough condition, but I am determined to build her up just like my 81 Land Rover V8. I would really like to find an original postal top for it. If anyone has one, let me know bobbybosche(at)

  019752 RHD full htop Frank, NY (was AK) 'I drove, hunted, and fished for 5 years with my RHD (in AK) The full top gave that extra feeling of insurance while out in "bear country" 'Alaskan Postal
  019769 RHD 6cyl, 3spd auto Joe Herald, OH Full length factory metal cab side swinging rear door -all original still has factory space saver spare inside, mud flaps, no serious rust. Runs good, shifts quick, (mailbox to mailbox?) low differentials (4:10's?) 60k miles. Alaskan Postal.
I'm assuming at this point that Postals were built sequentially, so I've corrected the submitted VIN above to "01" vice "00".
  019784   Mark Fechner, OR Alaskan Postal. Was still delivering mail until 2009 in Port Angeles, WA.  It has 300K miles on it.

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4

019786 Mostly Stock AK Postal Scott Dyess , Anchorage Ak Alaskan Postal. This is my 6th Jeep, but my first Scrambler.  I have been checking out the 8’s on your site and others for a long time and have always been intrigued by the Alaska Postals.  I finally found one for a decent price and just had to pick it up.  The guy right below me on the list, Eric Walton, has been kind of an inspiration for where my 8 is headed.  The Jeep was not greeted too warmly when I first brought it home; poor running engine, excessively loose steering, extensive cancer, some of it simply covered in Bondo, paired with an OD green paint job insured that the wife wasn’t happy about the deal.  I couldn’t get her to drive it for nothing.

I worked on the engine and finally got it to pass IM testing so I could register it.  I then let it sit for most of the winter in the back yard.  This Spring, ’07, I pulled it into the garage, removed the hardtop and doors, replaced the front and rear turn signal assemblies, then installed a Rocky Road Outfitters Bolt on SOA kit, with Hydro shocks, as well as their OTT, Over The Top of the leaf spring steering kit and Old Man Emu steering stabilizer.  My brother in Florida donated a new set of Extreme Rockcrawler Steel wheels in 16X8 size, which I mounted with my half tread 285/75-16 Dunlop Mud Rovers, 32.5x11.5. I have some greasable shackles and eye bolt bushings at the house that I have yet to install.

A bikini top, locking center console, tachometer, a few trail tools, and a front end alignment later and now I can’t keep her out of the Jeep.  I am lucky if I get to drive it at all, especially when we hit the trails.

The future holds a lot of new sheet metal, a full roll cage, rear seating, sliding side windows for the full hardtop, a Mopar MPI conversion for the 4.2, Winch for the front, one piece axles for rear and lockers for both ends with new gears in the 4.10 or 4.56 range, and some 35’s or 36’s.

My wife wants me to paint it, and although as a veteran I love the simplicity of the OD green, I am inclined to agree with her and am thinking of a nice metallic forest green; rattle can of course.

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7

019787 RHD full htop Eric Walton, NC (was AK) Alaskan Postal. Full hardtop floor shifter auto trans ps pb Standard postal package floor shifter RHD and still has the mail bin installed. Recently driven from Alaska to NC, see the trip at 
  019789 RHD full htop Patrick Glenn Wasilla Alaska Alaskan Postal. 1984 Alaska Postal Jeep {right hand drive} I bought it for a dollar because the transmission was bad and the former owner didn't want to deal with it. It is in pretty decent shape otherwise, little rust and body is straight except for a dent in rear door, and engine seems to be pretty strong. Don't know much history on the jeep itself. The floor pan on drivers side is rusting through. I have replaced the transmission, and Jeep is running just fine.


Pic1 Pic2

019793 RHD Mad-dog Brady, WA Alaskan Postal Chevy 350 Marine Engine (boats, not jarheads), fully restored.
  019807   Jared P., MI Alaskan Postal Full "restoration" (loose term) planned, including new Throttle Down Kustoms frame & Willys-Overland tub, and possibly Dana 60s.


019819   Aaron Daniels, AK Alaskan Postal  5.5 inches total lift, full width swap and omnix 7' fender flares to be dont in about 2 days, factory foam still in cargo area, rebuilt 258 and auto trans, dana 300 twin sticked, 35-16-15 boggers.
  019848   Rick Jewell, AZ

Alaskan Postal I bought it from a Postal Carrier at a yard sale for $1000.00.

It was all there and still on the road. I'm going to mildly customize it. I would like to add power steering. Not sure what color I'm going to paint it yet, changed my mind three times so far.I have done body work for over thirty years, so no problem there. My neighbor has a mechanical garage and will be doing all the engine and suspension work. The guy I bought it from put the disc brakes on the back already. I would be happy to hear from anyone with suggestions for improvements. Anyone with parts for sale can contact me too bodmn68@excite

  019852   Tom McCarthy, OR
I have an '84 postal that I had barged down from Anchorage AK a few years back when I read in my postal mag that they were auctioning them off, to be replaced w/RH drive Cherokees.  Total cost to Seattle was $2400.  Of course many more $$$$ since then.  I work for the USPS and use it on my rural route on the Oregon Coast.  If I had some pix would send them along.  It is now 'Malibu Yellow', an old Jeep color from the 70's.
I had two other CJ8's before the Postal, but can't give you any further info, sorry.  I know one was totaled (driver and passenger okay) and one is still running around town. 
As for comments - the postal is pretty straight Jeep except for the hardtop and doors, and a new power steering unit is about $1200.  Had mine rebuilt, which saved a few $$ but still not cheap.  The E brake is also a different situation.
I have been approached many times by people wanting to buy 'Nanook'.  A lot of them are wind surfers.  I have noticed quite a few immaculate 8's being used as the 'dinghy' behind motor homes.
A few years back, you couldn't give them away.  The Forest Service used them for a while around here and then auctioned them off with few takers.
I hope this is the kind of stuff you're looking for. People are now starting to realize how much more versatile they were than the 5's and 7's.  I really don't know why they didn't catch on when they were produced, other than the fact that all the smog junk and high rear ends kind of screwed them up.  A weber carb and non electronic distributor perks 'em up quite a bit though !
  019853   Allen, AK

It is, of course, RHD with the auto transmission.  I bought it from the PO in Ketchikan, Ak in 95.  It has 22K miles but the engine had idled so much it had to be replaced (6cyl).  The drivers floor pan was rotted away, I had it fiberglassed and all rust killed.  It had the mail pan but I replaced it with a new seat.  The sprayed-on insulation was the cause of a lot of rust because of moisture retention, I removed it.  All of the USPS decals had been removed with a wood chisel causing many more rust points.  It even came with the cargo net.  After replacing the windshield frame and glass, I had it painted dark metallic green.  The chassis is still stock.  I thought you might like to know the location of another PO Scrambler.  This one has a higher VIN than any other on the list.

The next six are in fact Postals, but I don't have VIN information on them, so I don't know where they go in the above list.


    Ted Robison Alaksan Postal


  RHD Richard Hamel, TN Alaskan Postal his website
Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4   RHD, 6cyl Garrett Fowler Alaskan Postal The pictures I sent along are not recent, I removed the hardtop not too long ago and switched to a full soft top (helps reduce weight). And currently the stock 6 cyl. is being bored .030 over, and an oversized cam, and header with improve the postal's oomph offroad. But as of now my scrambler sits on 36" Swamper SX's, with 4in Superlift springs, 1 3/4" ConFerr shackles, and JKS swayBar disconnects, with Rancho shocks complete the suspension. The axles were treated to 4.56 gearing, with Moser 1pc. axles shaft and a Detroit locker in the AMC 20 rearend. New seats, bumpers, and Hella offroad and headlights round out the mods. I'll send new pics once the I-6 is back in place and it gets a healthy coat of mud, until then enjoy these photos.
      Brad, AK Postal.  Destined for the torch, not worth saving. :(
      Fred "John Doe" Kodak, AK Alaskan Postal. Owner of Winter Raven 4x4

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4

    Brad White Anchorage, Alaska (but currently living in Khartoum, Sudan in Africa) Alaskan Postal Alaskan Postal Jeep named "Stamp" (pictures include before and after roof removal) VIN unknown (I'm currently in Africa and the JEEP is in storage) Body, frame, rollbar, and 999 transmission are stock, the rest has been redone in the past 2 years--- New 258 engine and everything under the hood replaced with OEM parts Dana 44's Chrome rims with 32 inch tires Rinolined the cab and bed New paint all around Added front left seat (replaced the Postal stock "mail tray" New lenses for all the lights (lots of little cosmetic stuff)   Thanks for making the great site!!!!
I've 'wheeled with Mike, so I can confirm that his Scrambler #26728, is not a Postal.  And now I've found 020200 on eBay.  Therefore, if Postals were built sequentially, the last one will be 020199 or lower.

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4

020200   eBay, TX #320478258007 ended no bids at $15,5000 4” Superlift with 1’ body lift. BFG MT 15x10x12.5 35’s. ; Steel Wheels, spare tire in new.; Hard ½ top and soft top with windows. Cab Soft top and bikini with bulk head. Tuffy console. Best top seats, front and rear. GT steering wheel. Tachometer. Panasonic radio satellite ready with rear speakers. Cobra CB; Custom full roll cage and rock slider guards. Bullet proof front and rear bumbers with 8000 lb warn wench. Rhino Line tub 4” fender flares. Tow bar and highlift jack. Rebuilt 258, bore 30 over, balance chromemoly rings, head decked, heavy duty valve springs, RV Cam, Mopar multiport fuel injection. 8k miles. Red Top optima dual batteries. Remote battery cut out switch. Borgeson heavy duty steering shaft. K&N air filter. ARB 17 to 1 gear box with brace. On board air compressor, Magnaflow exhaust. Conversion kit, Detroit locker, Warn Chromoly axels, 456 gears. 4 speed tranny, dana 300 transfer case with Tera Low 4 to 1 kit. Dana 20 rear, Detroit locker, Superior Chromoly axels, 456 graes. Custom ½” steel truss. Revolver shackles, front and rear with limit strap/ front.

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4

  021800 Laredo, A/C, 6cyl, ps, pb Ivan, TX All parts are still there. This one will be restored. I also have another 84 and an 82 model.

Rubicon Scramble IV

026728 L6 Mike Brink, CA Rebuilt 258, 4.0 head, Mopar MPI, cam, Borla headers. Jeep T18 (6.32), Scout D300 (4:1), D44/60, 4.11, dual ARBs, SOA with 35" BFG Muds.  Onboard air and shower.  Warn 9000i, full cage, aircraft altimeter
  022358 L6, 5spd, ps pb Frank Varnum, Lake Havasu City, Az AMC 401 V-8 with Turbo City fuel injection, Turbo 400 auto trans.,30 X 9.5 X 15 tires and 3.31 gears.  Everything else is stock.  My freeway flyer.

Pic1 Pic2

025993 PS, PB, Tilt, Intermittent wipers, AM FM radio, hard half cab w/doors, 6 cyl, 5 speed, highback seats, stripes Mark, UT Jeep was purchased in 89 from original owner.  He had used it to commute and thought he put it in 4wheel drive once during ice.  A cream puff...then.  Now it's 19 years old with 194K.  It's seen lots of trails in TX, CO, AZ, and UT and has more to see!  Just starting the rebuild and will put a OME lift on.  Oh yes, it has a Jeep factory winch!  It didn't come with it but I found it in AZ.  It's a Warn 8274 that is rebadged as Jeep Special Equipment - very cool. Still runs and drives pretty darn good for a vehicle it's age. The full soft top is looking a little worn after 14 years as this particular style is no longer made it will be a big $$$ item for a full custom one.

It now has 200,000 miles which it turned over about 40 miles from the nearest pavement in Canyonlands NP!!!!  Thanks to your site I was able to contact [another Scrambler owner] and purchase his hardtop.  It is now in the list of projects to get it restored so it can sit proudly on the Scrambler as one of its many useful configurations!


029159 6cyl, 5spd, ps pb Mike Abril, NM It is pretty much stock and has been kept up pretty good. My father bought it in '83 when they were coming out with the 1984 Model. He taught me how to drive on it and it has remained in our family ever since. Dad used it back and forth to work, and for hunting season, where it more than once proved itself! It is on 3rd paint job. Won't ever give it up, it's just to much like family!
  029777 6 cyl, auto Charlie, MN my project for the next few years
  030243 Blue, with side and hood three color decals.  Factory installed wooden side rails.  Black half hard top Heidi, TN I bought this Jeep brand new in 1984!  I drove it across country four times.  It finally rusted out so bad that I had to put it aside.  (but not until 1997).  I have recently had it completely restored, so will start driving it again soon!  I am so psyched to have my baby back.  Many a good trail, and good times had!  (and many more to come).

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

030247   CJ8TK, TX 97 g.c. 4.0; rancho 9000s; spring over; custom springs; 999 trans; 4.56 gears; front and rear lockers; bobbed body; roll cage line-x; tj flares

Pic1 Pic2

030259 PS PB Matt, KY I had seen a Scrambler while in undergrad and had no idea what it was.  After graduating, I went ahead and researched the vehicle.  One day I saw a CJ-8 on ebay in Miami and bought it five minutes later.  Paid to have it shipped up and drove it for a couple years.  When the clutch went out, I decided I should just go ahead an upgrade to fuel injection.  That went on hold after seeing the prices of kits.  But then I remembered good old ebay and found a 4.0 out of a rolled 2003 TJ with 3,000 miles on it.  Bought that for a thousand, wiring harness and all.  Three years later the Jeep has a new 4.0 installed, heavy duty clutch, 4" body lift, all stainless hinges/hardware, new bumpers, full top from North Carolina (that was a pain to go pick up), 4.10 Superior gears, one piece Superior axles in the AMC 20, rebuilt T-5 transmission, Rhinoliner on the entire inside, BF Goodrich 33x9.5 all-terrain T/As on Eagle rims, full stereo system, and a new paint job.  It's been a long time and a lot of work, but very much worth it. 
  030269 6cyl, 5spd Dave "Duna" Hodge, TN Bought this Jeep from my brother in '86...Was perfect in all respects until back-to-back overseas assignments left it sitting too long.  Now in the process of a rolling restoration, and hopefully a frame-off later on.  She was the stock blue, but I repainted it white.  Inside the cabs next...
  030784   Neil Snyder, CO I purchased my 1984 Scrambler in November of 2000 for $5000 from a young couple in Denver, CO with lots of miles on it, and all original, painted white. Last 6 vin. Numbers are 030784. Since I have owned it, I put in a throttle body 350 Chevy. small block, painted it Canary Yellow, lifted 6" suspension, 3" body, 8000# Warn winch, 12.5 X 35" BFG All Terrain tires, full sized spare on home built swing out mount on rear door, Atlas II, 4.3 geared transfer case with double shifter, stronger drive shafts front and rear, Dana 44 rear, 3/16" custom bent rockers, Bestop low back seats. Has factory short hardtop that comes off in the summer. I take it out and rock crawl with it on some pretty rugged Colorado back country trails. Each time it breaks, I bring it home and replace what brakes with stronger stuff. Probably the front end is next. The small block and tall tires really put the factory drive train in a strain.
  030789 L6, 5spd Tom Leedom, CO full stock + 12,000lb TX2 winch, just purchased from a 17 year one owner, garage kept (no rust *zero*), original full soft and bikini (both like new).
  031712 6cyl, 4spd    
  031721 6cyl, 4spd Chris Sabo, WY T-4, 114,000 on the odometer, PS, PB, It runs 31" right now but is due for 33", 2.5 lift and F&R lockers.

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8 Pic9 Pic10

  31 inch tires, 6 Cyl stock 258 Carb, Dana 300 t case, Dana 30 front, AMC 20 rear, Manual Transmission, Power Steering, Hard Top, Hard Doors - Full, AM/FM Cassette Javier Ortiz, TX What can I say, it's a Scrambler!!  Untouched except for cosmetics.
  035855 L6, 4spd, ps, pb Patrick, VA 4" Lift, 33 Swampers, Rusty but in process of being restored. Black paint, black interior




036772   Ivan, TX This Scrambler was built with trails in mind. It has the 4.2 L six with a 4.0 head and MPI. It has an automatic transmission, front and rear lockers, on board air, a Younger Bros. rear bumper and spare tire carrier, 4 wheel disc brakes, Warn 9500i winch, and full roll cage. The other two Scramblers I have are being restored to OEM specs. Ivan also has an '82


037938 righthand drive, L6 Michael Gilders Add-a-leaf, LPG, CJ-8 Overlander. What's it look like?

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7

038003   Brian, CA I got my scrambler from a kid that got it from his uncle for $1200 dollars. I seen this kid out jumping it in the fields behind his property. The next day I stopped him and asked if he wanted to trade vehicles. I had and 89 jeep Cherokee with a 6 1/2" skyjacker dbl flex lift fully caged inside new gears lockers , fiberglass front , skid plates, >exhaust ect. about $15,000 invested. At first he didn't believe me . I finally convinced him that I wasn't lying and that day I drove home in my new scrambler. The scrambler had some problems do to the years it sat at his uncles house. Like that the carb did not want to stay idle, the alternator was bad and all the hoses were rotten. But what really surprised me was that the jeep had only 69,000 mile on it. I contacted a friend of mine that knew the original owner, He said that he only used that jeep for hunting trips and local driving. After cleaning it up and putting alot of time into it I was able to bring the paint out like new with rubbing compound and wax. I had installed a full STC soft top, Built a shackle reversal / outboard set up / and front and rear bumpers, spring over , full width gm axles , 35 " tires wheels, B&M short throw shifter and alot more. I still have the hard half top that is still like new just a little faded.
  038523 Originally AMC 4-cyl., 4-speed Craig E., MI Planned double-duty plow/trail rig.  4" lift.  Soon to receive M.O.R.E. front frame plates (to reinforce for plowing), 258/T-18 ("granny low")/Dana 20 from a '78 CJ-7, Scout Dana 44 rear axle, 34" x 9.5" Super Swamper TSLs, authentic olive drab paint. 

29 Pictures

040364   eBay, TX #150403506168 - no sale 1984 Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler, believed to be finest original in existence, 1 owner

692 actual miles

Garnet Red/Red Interior, Hard Top and Doors, 6 cyl., 5 spd., PS, 20 gallon tank, SR Edition, 1 of only 4130 built in 1984. Original documents include, Window Sticker, Original dealer High Country Package sticker, Stock# windshield decal, Original title, original keys, owners manual. If you want the best CJ-8 here it is!

  040367 6cyl, auto Mike, VA She is still her original black in color with the orange decals.  I am very excited about refurbishing this Jeep and would love to here about any news or parts dealers you may know of
  041700 6cyl, 4spd, ps, 1/2 hardtop Andrew Brenner, SC Have owned it since 1987. all original except for tires and wheels. No rust, but the original brown paint is looking pretty faded. I hope to make some improvements and get her back on (or off) the the road again soon.


041718 6-auto,p/s. p/b, tilt wheeled "somewhat stocker" Bob and Paula Rose/ Roses' CJ Replay, IL Owned for about two years now. haven't determined model/trim level due to repaint and diamond plate dash installed before I bought it. It's from the salt belt, without a doubt, needs a tub. I'm a body fender repairman by trade, so that's right up my alley. I've installed diamond plate rear corners and rockers, Ramsey Rep 8000 winch and Hella lights so far, just to have some fun with it before the tub falls apart. (off?) I would like to hear from some other Scrambler fans in the area ,if there ARE any. My wife of 30+ years and I are longtime Jeep fans!! (Yaaa-we have LOTS):-)
  041725 L6,ps,pb Caleb, MO He says "this is the nice one" - he's got two
  042527 L6 Tara Mayo Had an engine fire, but has a no rust, to be joined with her '83 listed here also.
  044905   Robert Masters, MN Owns two Scramblers, the other is an '81
  046104 258, T-174, ps, pb, a/c Ralph Sikes, GA 8000 Warn, NO Rust!  Everything works except the radio.  Black on black.  Pretty much all original, Rancho 2" lift kit. Update: WARN 8274 4:10 gears Dana 30 up front with Superior big U-joint axles AMC 20 in back with Superior one piece axles Howell TBI TFI ignition upgrade 2" body lift 35X12.5 MT's Full Kayline soft top extended rear roll cage Scorpion spray in bed liner Custom rear bumper, jerry can, tire carrier Custom rock sliders Rear seat & 3 point belts added Yanked out the AC - sounds crazy I know, but tired of my knees being frozen while my feet and head are melting. Doesn't do any good with the full top anyway! Coming Soon: 2.5" or 4" springs belly up kit Klune V 20 gal poly gas tank

Before Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8 Pic9 Pic10


047391   Kevin and Donna Kaylin Webmaster note: As seen on ToughTruck Challenge 2000! A real celebrity! Here's what they say about it:

A stretched frame and body mods make for a 121" wheel base.  42" Super Swampers and lockers at both ends keep the Big 8 moving in the rough.  We worked hard together to come up with a unique paint scheme that includes a wild lime green base and purple tiger stripes. Their latest addition includes the Interco 21x44" monsters seen here

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 047392 black, 6cyl, 4spd J. B. Found it in South West Florida. Plan on a 4" lift w/a 2" BL, Modified AMC 360, 33-35" BFG M/T-R tires. Winch etc. 4bbl carb
  051079   Ken Rollins, TN I rescued this scrambler from an ungrateful 16 year old who didn't want it.  The parents didn't want to sell it but the kid wanted something else to better impress his buddies ( I do NOT understand).  Still, I could not believe my luck on finding a CJ-8 with a perfect body and no rust.  But I later realized just how lucky I really was when the water pump went out on the way home... and the engine caught fire a week later.  *ouch*.  Oh yeah... the look on my wife's face while my jeep smoked in the parking lot... *priceless*.  Still, I was fully insured, so happy ending and I get to redo it right.  So far, we've rebuilt the engine, added a BDS 2.5 lift kit, and sent the body off to a professional paint shop to be done in "light khaki metallic clearcoat" (2003 Jeep Wrangler color).  Finally got it back this weekend and now we're finally putting all the pieces together.  Check out the progress at my website.
  051095   Dean, NJ 4.2L. Auto. 110,000 miles. 3in lift. Fiberglass Tub. Headers. Dual Exhaust. Howell TBI. Disc Brakes ALL Around. Almost every part is new. Paid $2000 for it. Have about 7grand invested into it. Still putting it all back together but almost done. - - Scramblered - - jUST eMPTY eVERY pOCKET   :)
  055680   GA Blue paint. Burned. Parts Jeep. Salvage Jeep Co.
  056166   Michael, CA i'm starting the re-hab process, which will include a v-8. my plan is to make the jeep more of a desert/ rallye racer than a rock crawler. i'm trying to figure out what the best suspension system would be. seems like converting to a racing truck coil system would be outrageously expensive. i'm inclined to go with a moderate lift leaf system.

Pic1 Pic2

056860 6cyl, 4spd Phillip Shanks, TX 2.5 inch lift with old man emu springs and shocks.  Engine recently rebuilt with Mopar multi-port fuel injection. 
  056862   Jim Diamond automatic, tilt, wood sides, tack, clock, posi, chrome grill, bumper, fog lights, inter. wipers, RARE rubber bed mat (amc script) hd cooling, hd leaf springs, factory plow, hood insulation, two tone seats, 1/2 top w/sliding window, two tone stripes, ps, pb, sorry to say had to cut up jeep, plowed snow all of it's life, had 71k orig miles,3 spring mounts broke loose, no floors, drove for a whole year before it was to unsafe
  058371   Marc Davidson, Chocktaw, OK Dana 60 front axle, 14 bolt rear, 4 wheel disk brakes, Detroit lockers, High Angle drive line, 32 spline Dana 300 out put, 350 Chevy Vortec, 700R4, 44" TSL's.

External links to pics: 1, 2, 3, 4.

  061647   MO Hardtop ,Brown comepletly stock
  062293 6 cyl with a/c and short and long hardtop from dealer Shreveport, Louisiana I bought "Blackie" new in 1984, drive it daily for 4 years and occasionally ever since. Still looks and runs great and has a little over 46,000 original miles.

Pic1 Pic2

066753 258 engine, T5 tranny, half hard top, rear tire carrier, side steps, rear bed cover, 15x7 white wagon wheels (not sure which were options or standard equipment Jon Howard, NH Rescued from the beaches of Cap Cod and now waiting for its restoreation/modifications.
  066759 6cyl, 4spd, trac-lock Kyle Sweet Purchased in June 2001 with just under 49,000 miles on it. The engine and drive train are in great shape, but the body is rotten beyond repair. The frame appeared solid, but when I got it torn down, I discovered some holes and came to the conclusion that it was more time consuming and expensive to repair than to replace with a new frame. I am in the process of building it up for offroading. When I purchased it, it had a full hard top on it, but as part of my rebuild I have opted to return it to its original pickup form with the soft and hard half cabs. The body is a new fiberglass one from 4wd hardware and the frame is from advance frame works out of Montana. The hood, the roll bar and the tailgate are original. I had to go to Arizona to find a rust free original grille since mine was rusted out. I'm also planning on purchasing a set of wrangler hard half doors to run on it with my half tops. All of the sheet metal is to be coated in 2001 ford truck Arizona Beige Metallic. It will have a 4 inch Superlift suspension lift, a Teralow 4:1 in the Dana 300 and I will be equipping it with Rancho RS 9000s all the way around and a warn winch on a multi mount tray. There will be several other mods to improve its offroad ability... Bobbing it will NOT be one of them though. Pictures of my buildup are available on my website.


071099   Doug, Western Australia Worked 350 chevy Turbo 400 auto. Genie Headers 33" tyres.I have just picked this one up and plan to do it up. Will post pics of reconstruction in future


071111 RHD, Hardtop, 6 cyl, auto Peter, Western Australia G'day Chris,

I am the proud owner of a 1984 CJ8 Overlander which I purchased in 1995 from one of your fellow countrymen working in the oil industry in Australia. He was living in Perth Western Australia and working in Darwin Northern Territory and was trucking said Jeep back and forth, some 4250 km. This left little time to play with the Jeep so reluctantly it was sold, he even used to Armoral all the glass rubbers, as you know on an Overlander there's quite a few. Modifications headers 2 1/2 inch lift, wish list half hardtop (probably impossible in Australia) Weber carb, Rhino line tub, air locker front, 16 inch rims (can't get enough plies in sidewalls of 15,s as staking of tyres is a real problem here), touch up paintwork only a couple of rust bubbles. I have taken the lid off at the moment. The Jeep is used for prospecting in the North Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.

  071114 6cyl, auto Steve, Brisbaine Australia I bought [it] about 12 months ago, it was in very original condition but as we speak it is undergoing a pretty full on make-over eg: full respray , 3" lift kit, front reverse shackle spring kit ,10 x 15 " rims with 35" mud terrains, custom front & rear bars , winch & full roll-cage (just to start with) money kind of dictates the speed in which things happen. It has the factory 6cyl & 3speed auto still in it, will decide what to do when the time come


071128 6cyl, auto Nicholas Wilson, Australia Another Overlander
071132 Andrew Barac, New Sydney, Australia Another Overlander just finished main build from frame ,diffs,with 9"ford rear and Dana 45 up front both Detroit lockers ,2"lift 2" body ,motor's a 4.2 lt with a lumpy cam and a B&M side blower for more fun

Polished aluminum brush bar, twin driving lights. 6cyl 4.2 litre engine, tachometer, rally clocks, wheel arch flares front and rear

Andrew Barac, Sydney, Australia

The Jeep Wave!





            VEHICLE THE JEEP. 


  074178   NC Orig sold in Hawaii, brought to the states by a military couple, we purchased it from them while they were living in Virginia. They were getting ready to move to Texas. We were visiting my sister and her family and went out yard saleing on saturday. We came to their yard sale and saw the Jeep sitting at the top of the driveway. I jokingly asked them if it was for sale and they said yes. We quickly handed them some money down and I had to drive back up two weeks later to pick it up with my buddy's roll back. We live in the southern part of NC. It was worth the drive! It has a 4.6 liter straight 6 with an auto trans.
  076730 California Spec. 258, Manual trans, air, power steering, but non-power brakes. Silver with Spice trim. Terry Olin, MN Bought it in AZ in 1997, and drove from Minnesota to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina in 1998. 12 months, 15 countries, 40,000 miles to complete trip. Outfitting included custom bull bar with mounting for Hi-Lift. AJs full hardtop w/ sunroof. Full interior cage and bolt-thru mounted roof rack which holds two spares, a land anchor, and box for spare parts. ARB snorkel. Custom aluminum dash, Bestop seats, Wrangler tilt column, Tuffy security glove box, console, and underseat storage. Three jerry can (two gas, one water) rear mounting. ARB lockers front and rear, air compressor, shower, welder.

Pic1 Pic2

089618   Linda, CO I am the original owner. I purchased the vehicle from Pollard Motors in Boulder Colorado in June of 1985 new. I have recently completed a ten year process of restoration and the vehicle is fully stock. It is white with three color red/orange renegade package decals (new paint and reproduction decals match my original). The interior is garnet. I replaced the engine with the same stock 4.2 liter, straight six engine using my original block. It is now in mint condition inside and out with full rhino lining and full hard top. I also own the original half hard top and full soft top. The odometer reads 199,200 and I am anxious to see what the 200,000 looks like. I have lots of information regarding resources for finding hard to find parts. I have a full set of three color blue decals for sale for $400 new if anyone is interested. I will probably never want or need another vehicle. My husband drives a 1983 CJ7, so we are definitely a cj family.I finally finish my restoration to original condition as I purchased it 22 years ago.


092850 6cyl, 4spd, full hard top David and Melissa Wagner, TX dual jerry can holder, and a Superwinch, the rest is pretty much stock. Its black with maroon interior. We plan on building it up in the future including a 360 and TF727 conversion any tips on this would be helpful.

Pic1 Pic2

094679 RHD Overlander AC, Stereo, Lift, Tires Chad Coning, Perth, Australia Just purchased and on first day was able to take out with the Jeep Owners Club of Western Australia.  Had a full "handover" with the previous owner, and it is quite capable in current trim! Pictures attached.  The Mother-in-law just happened to be visiting us in Perth from Chicago.  I got her out four wheeling for the first time!
  094696 6cyl, 5spd Jean Adler, MN This one was a real mess.  The parts that were not rusted were light blue metallic but most of it was rust colored.  It now has a 4WD Hardware fiberglass body, fenders, hood, windshield frame, tailgate, you know, everything but the grille. It is painted 1995 Jeep dark green metallic.

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

095262 6cyl, 5spd -new owner-

David Kaley, LA

Much work on her but, body is going. 4 inch Spring lift (no body lift), 33 inch General Grabber Tires, EFI, MSD Offroad Ignition, Hand throttle, 1/2 hard top, Running a spool in the rear pumpkin :)

Had the desire to own one for awhile (I already have an 86 CJ7 you can see in the background of one of the pics), so after surfing for some months, I just bought this CJ8 off eBay and had it shipped from VA to LA.

  102843   Chris Chevy 350,700R4,Dana 300.  4" softride springs, shackles sit on top of Dana 44 and 60 axles.  Homemade everything else which includes custom receiver hitch/spare tire/extra cargo rack.  Custom rollbar, Dash, seats, brackets, wires, thingymajigs, and whatnots!  About twice as much sweat as money...  The list goes on like everyone elses



  107772   Jack Head ,UT Navajo Power Brakes!!, LockRight lockers, 4" Superlift w/ shackle rev, weber carb, Jacobs Ultra-Team, Rino lining, 33x12.50 BFGs
  109334 6cyl, 4spd Paul & Ronda, FL New break booster,  brake lines, shocks, muffler, radiator, fan, belts, rebuilt transmission, windshield frame, wiper assembly, tires, carburetor1984.

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5

111271 6cyl JC Oliver, TN

Pres, Scenic City 4wd Club

Jacobs ign. & clifford intake & header, weber carb, tj 6" fender flares,NV4500 trans,dana300 transfer case with 4:1 gear set,4:56 gears, soon to be 5:13s axles are dana 60s frt & rear with detriot lockers, twin shifters on transfer case,1/4" thick rocker guards & nerf bars & same protection on rear over hang, frt bumper is made out of 10" c channel, rear bumper is made out of 3x6x1/4" tube,9000lb winch, axle shafts are 35 spine iner & outers, woods drive shafts: not broke one yet! tuffy boxes, full size spare, tires are 38.5x14.50x15 super swampers, suspension is a springover with 1" rancho springs,9000 rancho shocks, full cage that I can still use factory 1/2 hard top, paint is krylon: color what ever is cheap! my tag # is NEVRDUN!
  111272 L6, 4spd, a/c Gabriel Sibert, GA 149,000 all original miles. I drive it at least 100 miles daily. I would really like to find a full hard top,but have found it very difficult.


119792 6cyl, 4spd, 1/2htop Brien Hornor Bridgeport, WV it has a new paint job and is in the process of getting a face lift. As a gift my parents got me a new fiberglass body for it. As much as id like to keep the old metal body, i have to give in. Ole mother nature has put the hurtings on the ole girl. The original 258 six cylinder lost 4th cylinder, so she inherited a '78 AMC 360 out of an old J10 pickup. She still carries the original T176 transmission, it is holding up fine. I lifted it with a 3 inch body lift and added 33/ 12.50 tires. It has power steering, power brakes, all drive train remains original, except for a few universals, shocks and tie rods. It has the factory hard half top, which may soon be replaced with a full length hardtop from AJ's in Pa. By the way, i know of 7 other scramblers here in WV. 

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4

    Craig, FL

it used to house a 6cyl and now it run a 304 amc with a lot of Edelbrock goodies inside and out. Also she sits on a 4.5" rubicon lift and 35x12.5" tires 4.56 gears and factory 4 speed with dana 300 transfer case, ox lockers F&R

  120711 6cyl, 5spd Tim H. "aftermarket wheels and larger tires"
  124821 258, 5-spd, ac, ps, pb, hard half top, rollbar mounted spare Brian Conley, CO My scrambler was originally purchased by the US government and used by the US Geological survey.  You can still see the markings on the doors.  I bought it from the original private owner in 1996.  I've been modifying it ever since for recreational use.  I've "bobbed" about 12 inches off the back. Is that a bad thing?  It currently runs a fuel injected 350 chevy with an automatic.  Also 35 inch tires, 5 inches of lift, lockers front and back, winch, Rhino-lined tub  etc...  Keep up the good work.

Pic1 Pic2

134835   Darrell Dodd, TX

AMC 360, Holley Projection, Edelbrock manifold, headers,  727 Torqueflite transmission, Dana 300 Case w/ Currie twin stick, Scout Dana 44’s f/r, with Detroit Lockers, Full roll cage with custom Hi-Lift jack mount, 10,000 lb Black Mountain winch.

  137814 6cyl, 5spd, Laredo, 90,000 mi. Tim Rose, NJ I bought it from the original owners unmodified and with all original paperwork

Pic1 PIc2 Pic3 Pic4

139455   Dave “Dancin Bear” Irving, CO I purchased this Scrambler in the lemon lot at Marine Corps Base Kaneohe Bay, HI.  It was bone stock with no top or spare tire rack. Vehicle had spent the first 20 years of existence in Hawaii. Used mostly in mud wheeling, and exposed to the salt air the body has rusted out.  I have cut out most of the bad spots and welded new metal in place.  I have since installed a Clifford 4bbl intake manifold with a Weber carburetor, DUI distributor, headers, heavy-duty 4-core radiator, 4-inch suspension lift, shackle reversal, u-bolt sliders, heavy-duty rocker panels and rear corners, installed 4:56 gears with Detroit Locker in rear, tru-track in front.  I cut out the fenders and installed TJ flares for the 35-inch BF Goodrich Mud Terrains.  First trail ride was 3-days on the Dusy-Ershim trail Northeast of Fresno California – Let us say this Scrambler rocked…  Plan to use this vehicle as a Father-Son project in the future and perform a frame up restoration.  See you on Colorado trails…


141641   Mike Coning, Australia Overlander
  141688 6 cyl,A/C,PS, Tilt, 5 Speed Fernando Rico-Cusi, VA

Mods: 8" lift, Dana 60/70, Lockers, 37" MTR's, TR Beadlocks, EFI, roll cage, Revolvers, Teralow 4:1

Will travel anywhere miles to Rock Crawl

Web Page:

  143143   Brent Treadway I inherited my fathers scrambler- my intent is to make it look EXACTLY like he bought it back in 84. Runs excellent- only 104k miles on it.  Most everything is original- ( including the shocks unfortunately)
  303095 L6, 5spd Dave Belanger, VT 1 1/2" lift, "ongoing project"
Pic1 Pic2 480334 Automatic Gary, MI

I purchased it from California, 55,000 miles, bone stock


    Toby "Mr. Beep" Kelly, IN Red with tan interior, bed cover, 3 tops, Tilt Power steering, Power breaks, Tach & Clock and side boards.  Runk bumpers, inside cab full roll cage, Fresh 258 with Weber, 125 amp alternator and various other accessories, Fresh T5/300, DANA 30 with TruTrak in front , 20 rear with 1 piece Mosier axle conversion Complete with ARB air locker and 4.10 gears on both ends, 33x12.50 BFG Mud Terrain's and a 4" lift. This weekend a friend (Kevin) will install a custom spring over conversion and mount a set of Detroit Locked, 4.10 geard DANA 44s. In the parts pile is a fresh AMC 360, fresh T-18/ DANA 20, new "RUSTY " bumpers 35x12.50 BFG MTs on vintage Anson 10" wheels or 35x14.50 Boggers on 10" Steel spokes , an external cage, on board air compressor and Warn 8000 LB Winch. Toby also owns an '81 and an '82
    L6 Leigh, TX  
      Ken Loder, UT 87' Wrangler engine. Original Red. Made for high altitude.Update: It now has a Spring/Over, 33X12.50 Goodyear MT/Xs on 16" chrome mod rockcrawlers, a Bestop (Full Soft-top), and runs the lic. plate   TAZ KEN Immediate plans include:   Dana 60 (4.10 rear-end), Dana 44 ((4.10 front end) ...when I find one), 4" SkyJacker SoftSprings, SlickRock Front Reverse Shackle,  and 35X12.50 Thornbirds   (all before Moab, I hope).
      Barry Shaw his website
    L6,5spd Barry Reade currently doing frame-off, has D44 front, moser 1 piece
    L6, 4spd Jack Rybak old man emu 2.5"; 33", warn winch


    Mike Saccente 4" lift, 4.3L Vortec, 700R4, 4.56 gears, 33" tires, North east Trailfest also. I made the cover of 4x4 and Off-Road Magazine
    L6/Auto, A/C C.J. Weishaar, MD President-Mudhunters 4X4 4.10 gears, Detroit lockers (front/rear), Holley 4bbl carb, 4" ProComp susp., 3" Body lift, Fiberglass body, one piece fiberglass frontend, Warn Full Floating rear axles/hub
    6cyl, T5 Chris Scott, CA 2 1/2" lift, RS9000, Poly body bushings, rebuilt 258 Jacobs electronics ignition, full soft top
      Dave Kasian red
    6cyl,auto,AC,pb,ps, Kyle Moore, TX 64,000 miles, silver on brown
    6cyl. 4 speed Justin Taylor, MD full hardtop, custom, homemade angle iron cattleprod of a bumper, not much rust, with backseat added.  with 50,000 miles on it. Brown color, but currently working on repainting it the same color. It's name is Skip.
    4 cyl, 5spd PS,PB Todd Abercrombie, GA 125000 miles, no rust. Half Hard top


  ps, pb, 6 cylinder, t5 tranny Joel Ramey 2.5" sky jacker suspension lift, moser 1 piece axles, 32.5x10.5 tires, 3.73 gear ragtop, 4.5k warn winch, detroit lockers, tan hard top (half), weber carb, 82k miles, soft ride shackles, 3 core radiator
      Corey Oxland, NH Done over with fiberglass in '95. It is metallic green w/a tan hardtop. It is a straight six cylinder, 4 spd and has 138k miles on it. Most of the parts under the hood are original, but my dad and I have replaced some worn parts. It is registered in New Hampshire. It is missing the decals and I am working on getting them done. It is a babe magnet.
      Espen Løkkevig Located in Norway, I am driving an overlander and here in norway there are 4 more cj-8. 2 or 3 of them are overlanders the others are regular scramblers. 
      John, OK I have an ACME full hardtop a 1/2 soft top and a bikini top. 55000 original miles 4cyl 4 speed
      Bill Looking to buy a 1/2 hard top
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20     Priambodo Budiwasisto, Indonesia Righthand drive, Pretty much stock, Hardtop, 6 Cyl., Driven daily, E-Z Clutch installed, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, I agree it is a very rare Jeep, may be I could seen one or two per year. overlander  
      Mark Hayman aka JeeperBloke, Perth, Australia overlander  it's classic standard black with blue and light blue striping and scrambler in dark blue and light blue highlights across the bonnet, I have a full black soft top and solid doors. Now for the nitty grittie: 258 rambler 6 cylendar recently rebuilt ( 3years) and "sleeved" new valves put in for the gas conversion and bored out ever so slightly, gas converted obviously, hydrolic brakes and clutch, completely rebuilt brake system including calipers, drums, lines and cylendars.(6 months) custom built fuel tank approx 120L to fit along the drive shaft so I could put the LPG tank in the original tanks place 80L rebuilt diffs both of them 1 year ago new blue and grey bucket seats rebuilt 4 speed gear box (3 years) custom exhaust system (to replace the old diesel turbo one that was there when I bought her) desert dueller 10r15' tyres with the white lettering 4 inches of "lift" 2 150 watt spotties on the front bumper 2 sets of headlights one of those dinky little seats for the back 2 4 inch split speaker systems in the dash Two 10 inch 200 watt speakers mounted in a box behind the seats 400 watt amp under the drivers seat 2 jerry can holders in the back corners rear spare tyre mount new full rubber mats with underlay on the floor air and electric horns am and uhf cb's mounted under the dash with loud speaker mounted in the engine bay and to top it off a sticker on my windscreen saying "ifyacanreadthisI'mtoofu*kinclose -sohurrythefu*kup" well that's about it, over here the scrambler is as rare as rocking horse shit, it is so rare the insurance company told me my baby doesn't exist and it must have been a custom "kit" job always remember:

real Jeeps are built, not bought

there's only one Jeep Jeep

it's a Jeep thing ... you wouldn't understand

a Jeep's crumple zone is your car!

    6cyl, ps, pb The Edgecombes  
      Clark Smith, FL  
      Paul chevrolet torch red 4 inch superlift suspension.  I have the original 6cyl with 115,000 miles, with the 4spd manual tranny.  It has little to no rust but needs a little tlc, I can't wait to start working on it again
      C.J. Weishaar, MD I did sort of a demon restore on it and made it into a very reliable/fun vehicle that gets mostly trailered to alot of the big 4 wheel drive events. The Website
    6cyl, 5spd Brian Ley, MN Also has an '82
      Mt. Pleasant, PA  
      Dwight, CT I bought it 2 days before Christmas 2000, and just got it registered 2 weeks ago. It's an '84 with a 258 6, 4 speed. It's lifted both body and suspension with 33 x 12.5's. I bought it for $1000.00 from a lady in Long Island who thought the motor was bad. All it needed was a water pump. It needs some bed work, but that's about it. Future plans- front and rear winches, Lots of kc hilites, and way future plans are a 360 v-8 whenever the 6 craps out. Possibly in the market for a second one I located nearby, but my girlfriend still hasn't forgiven me for this one.
      Dwight Bulpitt, CT It's lifted with 33's and has the half hard top currently on. I bought the Scrambler out in Long Island 2 days before Christmas, 2000. I just got it registered two weeks ago, and, being in Fairfield County, get pulled over almost every day. I have to divide my time between my two loves - Scramblers and Dodge Chargers (69), but have always wanted a Scrambler ever since I got the Hot Wheels car back in '85.
      Harold Hall, PA It's red, it's sold.



  6 cyl, Auto, ps, pb, tach Bud Edwards, TX 82,000 miles GM throttlebottle fuel injection, Electronic Ignition conversion, dual oil filter, dual gas tanks, dual olympia batteries, adjustable shocks, warn winch, diamond plate.
      Joe Mingledorff, GA

I am a student at Georgia Tech in Atlanta Georgia . Currently getting Dana 60’s front and rear, 4 inch lift springs, a spring over, 2 inch body, and 38” Super Swamper TSL’s on bead lock wheels. Right now the paint isn’t much to look at but it only has 65,000 original miles and no rust! I’ll send a pic or two once I finish with the lift. Someday when I round up enough money, it’s going to get a full paint job inside and out and maybe an engine swap to a V8 but until then, it’s just going to have to be huge! I’m a member of Southern Jeeps in Alpharetta Ga, and will pass along your site to the members with CJ8’s Happy trails!

      Jimmy Williams, GA Also has a 1981 and two 1982s!
    6cyl, auto Randy Storr, MO It is all original.  It has the original red paint and decals with the white half top. It has about 62,000 miles on it. The interior is perfect.
      Ryan I have owned my 84 scrambler for about 3 years now and one of the first modifications on it that I made was dropping a 427 rat motor in it. It is pulling 35x15 super swampers that has a brand new Ox trax locker with 4:10 gears and a Dana 30 up front. I put a Warn 9,000i winch on it. And let me tell you if you ever plan on putting a winch on a jeep please buy the plate no matter the cost. There is a M.O.R.E custom bumper on it with 5 Kc lights across the windshield. For the lift I went with a 4" bds-suspension. Man that rides smooth. I get alittle bit of rub out of it but nothin to chop the fenders over. Oh and you can't miss the bright neon green rims with matching Taraflex revolving shackles. I put a custom roll cage in it with 8 point tie together pieces. It is blue and I'm guessing that you won't miss me.
      NY Forest Green/rust with 1/2hard top, Cast aluminum wheels, 2 in lift 32's. I258 amc 20 dana 30 t176 dana300. One piece axles. Needs a new Tub, Rusted totally through in bed. New front floors Fabricated.
      Andy, AR My Scrambler is a 1984 that I purchased this week (mar 2002). I got it from an elderly fellow that had owned it for the last 12 years and said it was the first time he had ever priced. He told me that people always stopped him and tried to buy it and really did know why he priced it that day. It has the original red paint and white top and is very solid. It has a 4 cylinder which I'm thinking of changing to the 258. It has tilt wheel and seems to be complete and unmolested. I started buy components this week and I'm gonna start a slow restoration with being a daily driver as my intention. I live in Northeast Arkansas. I had previously owned a 1982 CJ8 and sold it some 10 years ago. I had looked for about 6 months for this Jeep all over the south and found it within 30 minutes of my home.
      Bob Whitney, CA "Just finished"
      Axel Weber, Nordrhein Westfalen, Troisdorf, Germany 6cyl. with Mopar Injection, 2,5" Rancho springs with Bilstein shocks, wheels  35x12,5 tires on 8,5" Wolfrace, Conferr shackles. My Scrambler is a daily driver and since i installed the Mopar injection it runs really good .
    6cyl, auto Willie Morgan Found sitting up in a shed for 2 years. Paid 1800.00 for it. in the back was a replacement soft top with doors and a windshield frame. Had been rolled and orig. hard top had been ripped off. Put in a new gas tank assy., had the motor completely rebuilt, installed the parts still in unopened boxes that were in the bed, put in new windshield and been driving every day for 3 years with very little trouble except for carb. Guess a weber is in order .put 5 white spoke wheels, 4 new tires could have sold it a dozen times. Really enjoy this cj8.
    6cyl, atuo Dan Short, NJ Added full soft top, fold-n-tumble rear seat, swaybar disconnect, 4" lift. + 2" body lift, 35x12.50 MTs, 4.11 rears, solid axles & lockrite in back. Winch, bumpers & nerf bars.
        5-speed manual,258 6cyl engine, removable hardtop, delay wipers, clock, tachometer, am-fm radio,4x4 w/lockouts, light blue with stripes,148,000 miles all original except for chrome wagon wheels and 31'" summit ct tires, factory height , loads of fun!!!!!
      Kate, Syndey, Australia Hi my name is Kate.  I am the proud owner of a 1984 cj8 overlander, and living in Sydney Australia.  I am trying to find out how many of these rare masterpieces were made. Mine is all original and in excellent condition.  If you have any info I would be very interested.  I would appreciate it if you were to register mine and leave my email for other cj8 lovers to be able to contact me. Thank you for your time.

Pic1 Pic2

    Robert Lockert, MS It has been a total build from the ground up. It started as a rag, some of the things it has now are 360 engine, 727 tranny, NP203 transfer case, m/t rims and tires, painted electric plum with checkered flag graphics, hence the name "purple haze" and too many other extras to list.
  xxx855 6 cyl James Suhl, FL one owner: me. this jeep was purchased new by me in 1984. in 1985 I had the one of the 100,000 engine fires that these jeeps were famous for. I rebuilt it myself. about 1996 I replaced the body complete front to back with fiberglass and a newer engine from a 1996 wrangler with 20000 miles the jeep went to key west fl in 1997and never left I hope rebuilt the frame brake and all else under the body as I go. I love this baby and cant sell it so may as well fix it
      Jerome Spiess, AZ On & Off Road use, was a daily driver for 6 years. Stock 258 Carburated-the only real source of any problems in the last 15 years. Dana 30 front, AMC 20 Rear, T-5, Dana 300. Full Hardtop, Hard Doors and Soft Half Hardtop Pickup Bed Divider

Superior axles, Detroit Locker Rear, Warn 8274 8000LBS 150' spool, Rear Springs Re-arched for 2-3 inches of lift, Front Add-A-Leaf for 1-2 inches of lift, Aux Lights, Rear Tube Bumper, Tire Rack with two aux 5 gal. tanks, 31x10.5 BFG All-Terain Tires that don't rub with the minor lift.

      Butch Clark Daily driver with 5.7 Vortec
      Ivan, TX Has another 84 and an 82 as well
      Ron Stubbs, TX I just bought a 84 CJ8, starting a complete rebuild.
      Don Chandler, UT

The original 4 cyl is gone and in its place is an ’86 Jeep 6 cylinder with Mopar fuel injection.  It rides on 32” Wranglers and a 1” lift.  Everything else is stock and, as usual, always draws admirers.  All I need now is a paint job.

      reported by Roger Phillips Chaing Mai, Thailand with original body with hard cab added by Thai military






Post '86

My pages start at:

Production data by way of Jurgen on the Belgian Jeep Page

1981 : 8355

1982 : 7759

1983 : 5405

1984 : 4130

1985 : 2015

1986 :  128


total = 27.792 ex.

I'm told that CJ-8s were built on exported licenses until 1990.  I have at least one 1990 registered, built in Israel.


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