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My Write-up on my Rubicon Experience, Jeephead's First-timer's Guide to the Rubicon

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Status update on Project Scramboneer:

Latest: Feb 03: In the midst of all the work, I have to patch the rust as we go.  My bed's floorpan has separated completely from the sidewall from the bulkhead to the rear corner.  Spot welded for now, will continue until it's all done.  Two holes in the right side rocker panel too.

frontbed.jpg (121962 bytes)bed2.jpg (125816 bytes)bed3.jpg (126964 bytes)bed4.jpg (125228 bytes)bed5.jpg (132087 bytes)

The culprit is the thru-hole in the fender (visible in pic #3) which allowed water in between the OEM crack-filling putty and the panels, then it ran down in both directions and rusted out the spot welds.

rrfender.jpg (123683 bytes)

The next thing was to tackle these two rust spots on the right rocker panel:

rsrocker.jpg (105940 bytes)rsrocker2.jpg (103577 bytes)

I don't have a "before" picture of this stuff below, but believe me - when you take a cutting wheel to your precious Scrambler for the first time, you will question your own sanity! (but I'm used to that). Note that you can see the floorpan through the hole.

rskickhole2.jpg (159715 bytes)rskickhole.jpg (159726 bytes)

Not bad for my first patch job, eh? More welding/grinding required of course, but it should work out OK.

patched1.jpg (135989 bytes) patch.jpg (180736 bytes)

This side had ~ no kidding ~ over 1/4" of bondo from bottom to top of the door sill!

bondo1.jpg (171432 bytes) bondoprint.jpg (129575 bytes)

Jan 03: Jeep stuff came to a halt with the arrival of our little Jeeper.  I am now collecting parts and information on converting the Scramboneer to run on propane. This write-up will be extensive, so there are other pages for this part.  The Write-up, and The Discussion (a.k.a. "why?").

Additionally, I will be adding 1" body lift from MORE, body protection and a couple of surprises. Stay tuned!

June 02: It was 1) the battery and 2) distributor connector 1/2 way unplugged.  It runs great, insurance is back on,  fuel pump seems happy with upgraded pickup lines. {insert stupid dating joke here} So at least it can move under it's own power.  It'll get back-burner-ed whilst I upgrade the tow vehicle (notes on this page) :P

May 02: Having some starting difficulties: it won't! It's not the starter or the solenoid, so either the battery or switch or wiring in that order.

April 02: When I dropped the fuel tank, those pesky carriage bolts had to be cut off, so here's my solution:

skid plate extension.jpg (145629 bytes)

As you can see, the skid plate gave one for the cause at the Rubicon Scramble IV - so did the rear diff cover.  The "K" is for my Kristoff Engineering, my ever-lingering "Plan B".

Also, upgrading the pickup side of the fuel pump. The output is 3/8" so figured the input should be the same. This may have contributed to the vapor locking from last year. Check out the size difference (she said yes, it does matter)

upsized fuel pickup.jpg (235733 bytes)

March 02: Just finished welding on patches thanks to some highly-skilled help.
ls_beforefix.jpg (194931 bytes) ls_hanger.jpg (194380 bytes)
Here's the left side rear hanger. Uhhh-gleee Yep. Pulled it off by hand.
ls_framefix.jpg (220108 bytes) rs_framefix.jpg (223122 bytes)
Boy can these guys weld! Might as well fix the right side too!
hired_help.jpg (239649 bytes) 'will work for beer' and then they brought their own!

'Hey, we're always up for drinkin' beer and weldin' on a 4-by!'

Sep 01: Still sitting in garage, waiting to see what happens.  Most likely, welding patches on frame (just get me to the Rubicon on time!) and fuel injection.  The rest will have to wait. 

Sep 01: Just got back from the Rubicon Scramble IV.  Bottom line, driveline performed as planned, but the engine developed a vapor-lock-like situation which culminated in our removing the hood completely :O  Here are some pics of the aftermath:
insulated fuel line.jpg (280328 bytes) bent fan.jpg (198783 bytes) frame crack ft.jpg (257899 bytes) frame crack side.jpg (215381 bytes)
Justin gave me some boiler insulation which helped alot, esp. after we took off the hood. Hood support dropped into spinning fan.  The yellow paint didn't protect it :O Frame crack, left rear spring front hanger. Frame was rusted already, so the added torsion of the ...-> revolvers on the rubicon wiggled it back & forth. here's what I'm left with. Time for a new frame!

lf fender flex.jpg (176193 bytes)

I nosed it into a hole, placing all of the weight on the left front wheel.  The tire caught the rubber fender and curled it under, taking the metal along with it. ouch.  from the scuffs on the bumpstops, the axle hit then went behind!

lf fender flex2.jpg (196192 bytes)

Good side pic of the buggy spring shackle reversal, and the damage that it (I) caused.

July 01.  After a few high-speed runs on a rutted and bumpy I-5 4-lane highway (keep in mind we're talking about a lifted-aerodynamic-brick-type Jeep, so high speed is 70 MPH <grin>) I am happy to report that the Scramboneer handles great!  It's no Mustang, but it gits down the road without white-knuckling the whole way.  Here's what I'm running currently: MORE shackle reversal with buggy springs, polyurethane bushings; stock pitman arm; shock absorbers in all 4 corners that are "toast"; no sway bar; revolver shackles in the back (not an issue until you're off-camber); Superlift Softride 4" lift; 33"x12.50" BFG Muds with 3/8" tread depth on 15x8.5s at 32psi; stock power steering box; steering damper and pivot ends are MOOG stock units; AMC 360 V-8 and 3spd auto TF727; stock axle gearing (vicinity 3.5x-3.2x:1).

June 01. Just went wheelin' at Walker Valley with "Scramblers NW" ... Here's how the buggy springs and revolvers worked out:  only damage done was 1) bent front driveshaft (contact with transmission .. again) (I have determined that the real cause is the driveshaft is about 1/2" too long at full compression) 2) tires hit inner fender well and exhaust pipes 3) RF brake line pulled a bit too tight and started leaking.  Guess I need to get some bumpstop and limit strap action goin' here.

Scrambler NW 1.jpg (126541 bytes) Scrambler NW 2.jpg (137206 bytes) Scrambler NW 3.jpg (129957 bytes) Scrambler NW 4.jpg (158794 bytes) Scrambler NW 5.jpg (114640 bytes) Scrambler NW 6.jpg (117474 bytes) after the run.jpg (253790 bytes)


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